“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…”

Hey everyone it’s that time again, and happy Easter!!!!!! So I have some funny stories to share, so here comes my week: On Monday I went to First Aid and I found out scary stuff! My teacher was telling us all about bites! Animal bites, insect bites, human bites, you name it! It was terrible! I had nightmares of being bitten by Rattlesnakes and waking up searching my bed! Serious! But here’s the first funny story: so my teacher told us this story about how she was on a call (she works as an EMT) and she got to this house (she didn’t really tell us why she was there), and she went into their basement, and she found… (remember this is in Utah!)… their pet Crocodile! They blocked it in with those guards you use for toddlers, it had it’s own pool, they fed it 20 pounds of meat a day, and they let their children go and play by it! What the freak?!?!?! Anyways, on Tuesday was my parent’s 22nd anniversary! Woot woot!!! And I saw this super funny video, which I will now share with you, please watch, and laugh as hard I did:  if it doesn’t work… just copy and paste the link. It’s totally worth it hahaha. Wednesday was a sad day for me. For one, my neighbor, Luwena passed away, which was sad, but I’m so happy that she now gets to be with her husband. That same day, a woman very dear to me also died. Her name was Betty. As some of you may not know, I lived at an Assisted Living center last summer, and Betty was one of the people that helped take care of me. I read her obituary the next day and somethings really stood out to me about her: she was a WWII nurse, she was super proud of her Scottish heritage and her red hair, her favorite color was pink, she loved her cell phone (it helped her keep track of her family), and she was always afraid of driving over bridges and every time she went to do so, she would grab her grandchildren’s hands, close her eyes, and say, repeatedly, “Face your fears”. I got to see this last one first hand. Betty was a diabetic and I worked in the kitchen, and every so often, she would leave her shots at the table. Every time I found them, I’d run down to her room, with the shot as far from my body as possible (I’m very afraid of needles), and then burst into her room and say “Betty! Take this!”. She knew about my fear and she’d say, “Batma’am! You did so good facing your fears! You’re my hero!” (I got the name Batma’am from someone else down there that was really close to my heart). Betty was so great, and I’m so sad I didn’t get to see her before I left, but I know she’s watching over me with her husband. Anyways, Thursday my roommate and I found our MacLaren’s. Most of you probably don’t understand this, but if you do, you understand how important this was. For those who don’t, it’s our new hang out place! It’s this place called Sparks down in Provo! It’s awesome! So happy! After my roommate and I went there, I went up to Sandy, and I hung out with a really good friend of mine! We watched White Collar (Super good! Totally recommend it!), and, as my mom put it, conquered the world (basically, we talked about everything, trying to find a solution for everything), which was super nice! The next day, my sister and I went to mall, listening to ‘Let’s Go To The Mall!’, which is super entertaining, and then went home and hung out with another good friend of mine, which was also super fun! We’ve both been crazy busy, so it was nice hanging out! Saturday, the Easter Bunny came, and gave me a lot of batteries. Awesome, right? Then I cleaned up the yard, had an Easter egg hunt, wore pink (it was Betty’s funeral), went to the Jazz game (where the bear walked straight up to my littlest sister and gave her a ball. And one of my cousins was there too, and if we had met up, there would have been too much awesomeness in one spot, so it wasn’t possible), and then watched the Weeping Angels with my family… Scary stuff right there… Sunday was Easter and I went to a homecoming for an old friend of mine and it was super good!!! It was also fun hanging out with them afterwards!

So this week I decided to focus on trials. This whole year has had trial after trial for me, and it’s been so hard. I had to make choices and do things that were hard for me. So trials have been a big part of my life lately. And I have just wanted to complain about all of them, but I have to tell myself that trials are given to us for a reason. One of my favorite quotes about this is:

And once the storm is over quote

 “And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain: When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.”, by Haruki Murikami. This is so true! Trials help us become more of the person we are meant to be! God gives trials to his children he thinks are ready for it. He doesn’t give trials to just anyone, because he never gives us anything we can’t handle. So if you have trials in your life, it’s because God knows you are strong enough for it. He knows you won’t just give up. He’s there when you need you, He never leaves you, but He gave you this trial so you can learn and become greater for it, become the child of God you are meant to be, and receive blessings. Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gives us trials! It’s amazing! Here is my most favorite quote of all time. I want to read it everyday, because applies to me everyday.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’. Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God this is withing us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” By Marianne Williamson. This is my favorite quote! This is so true about everyone! This is the reason we are given trials, so that we can show who we are and how important we all are! We are children of God, and our trials are to help us become more like Him! I love my trials! I know that sounds weird, but I know something great will always come from them, no matter how much it hurts or how long it takes! So this week, look at your trials and say “I can do this and I’m going to love it!”. Have an amazing week everyone!!!


Taking Chances!

Before I start, guess what!!!!!!! In one month from today, I will be entering the MTC!!!! In Peru!!!! Sorry just super excited! So last week I talked about finding your own “batman” thing, did you find one??? If not, you will eventually! And I hope you’re still doing good deeds!!! Okay here’s my week!

So Monday I went to school, and I had my First Aid class, which I love and get epic stories from, and this week she told us this super funny story! If you’re the guy in this story, I’m so sorry, just know I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you! So here’s the story (I’ll tell it like I’m my teacher): “So one day I’m working out at Gold’s Gym, and I’m on the stair stepper. There’s this guy next to me on the treadmill  who’s getting married that weekend, and wanted to lose some weight. So I’m doing my thing, when all this sudden, this guy collapses, while he’s running, and hits the wall!! Everyone goes running over to him to make sure he’s okay, and he just says “Yeah I’m fine”, gets back up, and keeps running. Five minutes later, it happens again, and he gets right back up and keeps going! At this point, I’m silently laughing and holding back tears, because this guy just doesn’t know when to stop. So he falls a third time, the manager comes over and says “Go home”. Turns out the guy was super dehydrated, and he had all these scraps down the side of his face from falling on the treadmill!!”. Now just picture you looked like for your wedding day! Hahaha! Well I hope that gave you all a good laugh!

Monday night was really cool. This girl in my stake served her mission in Cusco, Peru, and came over to talk to me. I was happy to finally get some of my questions answered! It was so amazing! It helped me really get an idea for what I was going to be doing! I can’t wait to meet with her again, and make sure I’m on the track, with stuff I need, and with my Spanish! Tuesday my roommate performed in this dance thingy… I don’t really know what to call it, but two of her good friends came to watch her and we had so much fun! She did a dance to ‘Don’t Stop Believing!” and “I Dreamed A Dream”, and both were super good! I can’t wait to go to her concert in April! Afterwards we went to IHOP and my roommate ended up giving out her number to our waiter… unfortunately, nothing happened, but fortunately, what happened to me didn’t happen to her! Thursday is IMPORTANT! My roommate and I are having a competition. What kind of person would YOU prefer to date? A Batman fan, or a dancer?? PLEASE SEND ME YOUR THOUGHTS ANYWAY YOU CAN!! It’s a competition! It all started on Thursday… You know what? That story’s too long. Just answer the question haha. On Thursday, my roommate, a good friend, and I all went to the temple. I love going to the temple every week! It’s so refreshing! Afterward we went to Red Mango, super good. Saturday, I went home to Sandy, colored eggs (I made an egg that “looks” like me, a cusco/rainbow egg, and a “tribal egg” (P.S. Family if you’re reading this, don’t destroy my eggs yet!!! I want to take a picture!)… Anyways…), then I watched Breaking Dawn Part 2. Now before you get all “Oh so you’re one of them!!!!” on me, hear me out. I watched it because of one reason… There’s a scene where they show what the future could possible be like, and some of the dumb vampires and werewolves die. Yes it’s true and it’s amazing. It’s not real, but I waited so long, just to see some of them die. I was literally yelling at the screen: “YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL EDWARD!!!! HE DESERVES IT!!! YES!!!!”, so that’s my reasoning. Today was great too, I went to a girl in my old ward’s farewell, which was super good, she’s going to Brazil. Then I drove all the way back to Orem to listen to my roommates super good talk about her conversion. Afterwards, I hung out with some of my friends in the ward, which was super fun, because we played telestrations, which left us all crying in the end, and ate homemade fries! Love my ward!

Now I’ve been so torn trying to decide what to write about today. Nothing really stood out to me this week, but there’s still so much I could say. Okay… I think I figured it out! Here it goes! So this week it’s really begun to hit me how close I am to leaving, and I feel like there’s still so much for me to do! I mean, there’s Festival of Colors, Boyce Avenue on the 13th (if you want to come, please contact me!), my roommate’s dance concert, and other things in between. There is so much to do!! I’ve been wanting to cancel things, so I can have some time to do whatever it is I want to do, but I realized ‘When am I ever going to be able to do this again?’. We only live life once, so let’s live it now! This week I had a friend make what I think was a wrong decision. It wasn’t a bad one, but I think it wasn’t the right choice. I just want to grab them, shake them, and say, “Why did you pick that? You have a limited time offer with this, and let me tell you, this will make you happier than that! Sure it’ll make you happy, but wouldn’t you rather have something you know is true, rather than something that’s just there for the moment?”. So we should do what makes us happiest now, and that’s something really hard for me to do. I have this terrible need to make everyone else around me happy, before making myself happy, which can make me sure indecisive. I kind of like to think of it as my “Ella Enchanted Curse”, because I ALWAYS try to make everyone happy! It’s terrible and it’s something I have to change. Anyways, back to what I was saying, we should live in a way, where one day we don’t say “Dang… I really missed out on that…”, whether it be doing something daring, such as skydiving, or dating someone you’ve liked for a long time and they like you back, or even doing small things, such as telling your parents you love them (I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!). You never know just when you won’t have that chance to do it again!


I know that this is so true! Everyday is a chance to do something, so make sure you take it! It could be gone in a blink of the eye, and you don’t want to look back and remember how you lost it, but rather to look back and think of everything you’ve ever done. Life is meant to be lived to it’s fullest, not to just cruise through it. What will you learn like that? Chances are meant to help us learn! So take chances this week and not let them pass by, because they may never come your way again! Good night and have a great week!

“Anybody can be a hero…”

So… I started writing a post, but for some reason, it didn’t save, so here I am… again… Anyways, here’s how the first one kinda went: Hey look who’s back for a third week, but is super late! Happy St. Patrick’s day!!!! This week was pretty good, I was on spring break, and it was my birthday!!! I’m 20 now!!! Wow I’m getting old… Anyways here’s my week!!!!

Monday was my brithday!!! I got all the seasons of M*A*S*H* (if anyone wants to watch, let me know), a legitimate hammock, my favorite chick flick (When In Rome), 3 Tim Burton books, a massage (… awesome…) and finally, a car shade that has eyes on it! I went to the eye doctor, and got an extra pair of glasses. That night I went to Training Table (so amazing… I love that place… if that place is closed when I get home, I will cry…) and Sub-Zero, with my family!! Super fun! Tuesday I went to the dentist, the DMV, and Wal-Mart. I also had to play the piano for my sister, she made it to this singing competition thing and she was at regionals, and I only had the music for less than 24 hours, and I totally sucked. I was bad, that one of the judges came up, stopped me, and took my place. However, my sister did amazing!!!! Another thing that happened on Tuesday was one of my best friends and roommate, went through the Laie temple! I am so proud of her!!! She is amazing! I love her to death! Wednesday, I went and got my massage (… amazing…) and then went out with my grandpa and his girlfriend, where I was slightly the awkward third wheel… but I was totally okay with it! Thursday I went to Ikea, my brother had never been there before (Speaking of my brother, quote of the day: Mom: (speaking to my brother) “So basically you come here, write down the number on the tag that’s hanging from the furniture, go downstairs, pick it up and buy it, and go home and build it.”, my brother: So you’re telling me you basically buy a pain in the butt…” hahaha!), then when to the Draper outlets, got my haircut, celebrated Pi day, and went to this woman’s conference, where Brad Wilcox spoke and it was so good!! He talked about the atonement and how we need Christ in our lives. So good! Friday, I went to the temple with a close neighbor of mine, then went to Cafe Rio and talked to a good friend of mine, and then went on a super fun date to Boondocks, got ice cream and hung out at the Whisper Dome, and finally watched Rise of the Guardians (I love this movie!). Saturday, I picked my roommate up at the airport, rode around on Front-runner  and then went to dinner with my family. Today I went to church, my grandpa and his girlfriend came over and had dinner with us, and now I’m getting ready for bed!

So this week, since it was birthday, I thought I would tell you guys a little about me, just for fun! My favorite colors are blue, green, and black, and my favorite animal is a monkey. I love anything that’s nerdy, and I decided this week I’m going to open up a nerd store… I’m working on the details. Secretly, I plan for the zombie apocalypse, I have an escape plan for my apartment, and I’ve decided that I am willing to make the sacrifice… Zombies want brains, and I’m willing to become a zombie, so that I can kill those who don’t have brains (Justin Beiber, Nikki Minaj, etc…) for humanity. I hate Twilight, I think they have no reason for existing, and I only want to watch the last Twilight movie, *SPOILERS* just to watch some of those people die. I’m not all that girly, if you can’t already tell, and you will never see me wear the color pink. For some reason I’m really good at getting really creepy people to come talk to me, and having creepy dates, so if you ever need a good story, just come talk to me, I promise you’ll be entertained. I love to read (I really love reading, I’m an English major), and have four siblings, one dog, and one turtle.

Now there is something really nerdy and important to me that I really to focus on, because a lot of you probably know about this already, but this will explain it better: I  love Batman! He is the best superhero! A lot of people argue with me that he isn’t a super hero, but to me he is, but more on that in a minute. Everyone loves Batman, because he’s this rich guy, who gets all the girls, and is super epic. However, Batman means more to me than just that. Batman is just another guy (minus the load of money he has) who saw something he wanted to change in the world. He saw all the evil in his home city and he wanted to fix it. Bruce also knew that he couldn’t solve all the evil in world, but he was going to do the best he could do. Bruce was willing to give his all, to people that weren’t the best, and hated him, but he did it, because someone had to, someone who was willing to try and make things better. Everyone says that he isn’t superhero, because he doesn’t have a superpower, but doesn’t willing to give your all to a bunch of people that don’t deserve your sacrifice count as a superpower? How people do you know could do that? Therefore, he is a superhero to me! The reason why I have to talk about how important Batman is to me is, because he helped me realize everyone needs a little love and care. One of my favorite quotes from the all the movies is in the last one, and it says: “A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulders to let him know the world hasn’t ended”.

A hero can be anyone

ANYONE can be a hero. ANYONE. That means you and me! We’re all just like Bruce Wayne, we just have to take the first step. It doesn’t mean we have to stop crime, but to find something we want to see change in the world. For me, I want to let everyone know they matter so much. It helps people come closer to understanding themselves and know that someone always cares for them. Batman just is amazing to me! So this week, take the challenge to become a little bit more like Batman, and find something you want to change and take that first leap! I hope last week’s challenge worked out for you, so this week, try both of those challenges. You guys are awesome, I’ll “see” you next week! 🙂

“What I do today is important, because I’m exchanging a day of my life for it”.

Well it’s that time of the week again!! Look I’m actually kinda doing this!!! So today I’m a little more organized, so first I’ll talk about my week, and then about what has been on my mind this week.

So I have a friend and she got her mission call back in January and she got called to Albuquerque, New Mexico and on Monday she came to spend the night with my roommate and I, just so she could have some fun with us before going to the MTC (she reported on Wednesday)! It was so much fun having her around! She’s originally from Virginia and we were so sad to see her go in December, but so happy to see her before she left on her mission 🙂 We are so proud of her!!!!! On Tuesday, she came to school with me, and my roommate and I helped juggle her around (she has to be with a girl at all times), because her sisters were working, and they needed out help. It was so much fun! When her sister got done with work, we passed her off and helped her get her stuff down to the car, so here’s our last picture with her:


So amazing!!! Anyways, I should all tell you… I got a turtle over the weekend!!! His name is Pascal Rafael Tortuga! On Tuesday (after losing him several times in the apartment), I finally learned he just likes to sleep in corners, and trust me, that has made finding him that much more easy! In fact, he’s sleeping in a corner as we speak haha. So Wednesday, I woke up and ran to school. Apparently, I have a doppelganger that’s really girly and I just have to see me like that! Unfortunately, she never showed up, and I decided it’s because we’re from two separate time streams and if we were to ever meet, there would be a hole torn into the space time continuum. So that might be the last you ever hear about that haha. Also on Wednesday, a guy in my ward, and the rest of his group, were running for SBO officers, their name was… #Avenue! They were the best! I seriously thought they were going to win, but unfortunately, Ignite beat them. Oh well I know who was best ;). Also on Wednesday, my and my roommates had to say goodbye to one of our roommates. It’s a long and sad story, but we’ll see her again, so it’s sad that she doesn’t get to live with us, but happy because we still get to see her haha. Finally at midnight on Wednesday (Jeez! Wednesday was busy!), my roommate decided to make a candy board for her ballroom dance partner, because the next day and the day after, they were competing in Nationals (which they did very well in for their skill level!!!!!!!! Good job guys!!!!!!), and she wanted to say thanks for all the hard work! So I went to the store with her, at midnight, to buy a bunch of candy bars! Good times!

Thursday was really cool. I got to go to the prison with the young men and women in my family’s ward (I have never been before) and it was so cool to see this guys. They each told their story and answered questions for us. I really hope they all figure everything out, because once they put aside their problems, they have the potential to be great. Friday, my littlest sister came to spend the night! However, before going to bed, we went and saw…. WARM BODIES! So good!!! I really recommend it! Saturday I came home, and went and saw Dare to Dream (AKA Disney on ice!)…. AHHHHHHH!!!!! It had Tangled in it and it was so good!!!!! Now to Sunday. Today I went to a girl in my stake’s homecoming! She went on the exact mission I’m going on and it was amazing it hear her talk about the place I’ll be going to next month!

There’s the summary of my week. Now to my thoughts. How many of you have gone to the Facebook page called ‘Mitchell’s Journey’? I had just heard about it a week ago Saturday. I was on Facebook and I saw that a friend of mine had liked something on that wall and I went to go check out. I began to read and I came to find out that Mitchell (the boy this page was written for) had passed away that very morning. I began to read more into it. Mitchell was a ten year old boy who suffered from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and was very sick, but he inspired so many people. I thought that was so amazing. Most of the people who followed his story, probably didn’t even know him, but his story is known by so many, and through him and his family, he has inspired others to live each day to it’s fullest, “What I do today is important, because I’m exchanging a day of my life for it”.So I began to think about how one person can influence so many, but still leave us so soon. I kept thinking “He could do so much! Why take him when he’s so young and still has so much he could do?”, which is what I’ve been thinking about this week. Here’s a link to a video about Mitchell, it’ll show you how amazing this kid was/is!

Mitchell’s Influence

Now has anyone that’s reading this read the book The Butterfly Effect? If not, it’s amazing. It truly puts everything into a different perspective. The basic idea of the book is that every person, no matter how small they think they are, has an influence on the world, for good or bad. Every person on this planet has a reason for being here. There are no small people.


Everything you say or do, affect those around you. It’s like the idea of ‘Pay it Forward’. When someone does a good deed to you, pass it on to 3 people, and then those three people pass it on to 3 more people. Look how much good you just did! Now reverse it. Someone treats you rudely, and acting rationally, you act out hurting 3 people, who also then react to how you just treated them. Ouch right? So during this week, I really focused on being kind to everyone, and smiling as much as I could, because you know sometimes people just need that smile. After I went to the prison, I had so much love for those men, because something just went wrong in their past, where they just didn’t have the support they needed, and they all looked so weighed down. I just wanted to tell them that Jesus Christ loves them and he always will! He loves all of us and he never leaves us alone. Ever.  So back to Mitchell. After all my little deeds of the weeks, I though “My deeds are so little… Look at Mitchell! He affected the lives of so many! How can someone like me do that!”. I then realized, it’s not about the amount of people you touch, it’s the touch you gave them that matters the most. THERE ARE NO SMALL PEOPLE! You’re not small, I promise! God doesn’t send people down here for no reason, he has a reason for you and it’s as important as anyone else’s and never forget that! So during this week (or for the rest of forever) I challenge you to do little things to touch other people’s lives! Hold a door open, smile at people, call a friend that you think needs to hear you, or do whatever you feel that person needs, just remember that everything you do today, or that day, matters, and the things you do will not go unwatched. Have an AMAZING week!!!!

You are loved!!!

Hey everyone, guess who finally got a blog!!! This is so everyone can read about my life, and not have to stalk me! I will try to post every Sunday, but don’t get mad if I don’t, because nobody’s perfect!

Well this week has been chaotic! On Tuesday, I helped my roommate and her ballroom dance partner take pictures so she could be accepted into the dance program at UVU. During that time, my cousin called me and just talked to me. As some of you may not know, I have decided to serve an LDS mission and I got called to Cusco, Peru (it’s right by Macchu Picchu (super cool place by the way!), go look it up if you don’t know what it is) and I went through the Draper temple on February 23rd and it was so amazing!!! I absolutely loved it!!! Anyways, my cousin called and she just was asking me how it went (she couldn’t come, she lives in Idaho) and asked me if I had any questions. That phone call really helped me feel better, especially because I haven’t heard a word from my mission president, so I feel like I’ve just been guessing about how I should be preparing and what I should be bringing with me, and my cousin served in Brazil, so she was able to help with some of those questions. Wednesday I went to school and during my first aid class, my stomach started hurting super bad (girls you know what I mean…). It got so bad, that I was still after the class left (thankfully, there wasn’t a class after mine) and I almost started crying, because it hurt so bad. I called my parents and my dad came and picked me up, which was so nice of him!!! I owe him big time for that!! I’m just so thankful my family is that close by, that they can help me in my time of need. Thursday I went with my parents to the Jordan River temple with some questions on my mind, and I’m still working through some, but I’m so grateful that my parents are working with me and helping through all this. Friday was the best day!!! In my family, our parents take us out on a date twice a year, once with my mom and the other with my dad. Friday night I went out with my dad and we went to the Mummy exhibit in Salt Lake City! Oh it was amazing!! They had mummies from Egypt, Asia, England, and, my personal favorite, Peru! All the mummies were cool, but I had two favorite, both of which were from Peru. The first one was this woman, she was mummified in a very unusual way, her legs and arms were crossed, which was very rare. However, that wasn’t the only thing unique about her, she had two children’s teeth, one in each hand. When I first read that I turned to him and said “Oh my gosh… It’s the Tooth Fairy. She died and that’s why parents now have to be the Tooth Fairies!” (sorry if I ruined your childhood), and my dad just laughed at me. The other one, is one I am definitely going to ask about in the next life!!! There was a woman and her child mummified together (the picture is down below), her child is underneath her head, but is missing his head, hands, and feet. After they had been put to rest, 100 years later, they people went and placed another child with her, this one was bundled up. Why do they not have any other family with them? Who was the second child? What is so important about this woman?

Mummy woman with children

After we saw the mummies, my dad and I got some dinner, and he kept telling me he thought it was creepy, and that he was invading their privacy (because with a few, it really felt like you were), but he thought it was amazing, and I agree. I love hanging out with my dad!!!! Saturday we had family photos, and everyone kept making fun of how short I was!!! Almost everyone is taller than me, and it’s now supposed that my youngest sister will be taller than me, but I’ll look cool walking around with them, because I’ll look like I have bodyguards :). Finally we come to today. Today was so amazing. Lately, I have been so stressed with things in life. As only a few of you may know, my grandpa is really sick, and he should have gone into the hospital over the weekend, but he’s stubborn, so he didn’t. I still love the guy, but he has me worried sometimes. Anyways, I just have so much in life going on, and sometimes, I get really overwhelmed. Today was Stake Conference and they kept talking about that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you. Oh how true that is! I know, without a doubt, that if I didn’t have them in my life, helping me, and guiding me, I wouldn’t even make it through a day!  Something I have been trying to do, is put more faith in God. Sometimes, I just want to take my life, in both hands, and shake it and say, “Why don’t you make sense???”, but I’ve begun to realize that if I put my life in God’s hand, He already knows what needs to happen. It makes sense to him. He has a plan for me and He knows what He needs me to do, even if I don’t. So every morning I give my life over to Him, saying “Let me find who you need me to help. Help me to be able to focus on what I need to do. Help me through my day, and overcome my stresses. Help me be, who you want me to be”. God will never leave you I promise. I have a quote that helps define this: “God always has something for you, a key for every problem, a light for every shadow, a relief for every sorrow, and a plan for every tomorrow”. So during this week, always remember that God loves you, He will never leave you, and if you put your life into His hands, He can see the whole plan, and He can help you. Have an amazing week!!!!!!!

God has a plan