Good bye!!!

Hey everyone sorry I’ve been really bad at writing lately!!!!!!!!! I’m leaving tomorrow, so things have been crazy!!! Email address and mail address are on my Facebook, hope to hear from all of you soon!!!!!!



Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had great weeks!!! I’m going to try and make this fast, but I have pictures this time!!! But we’ll get to that! So let’s talk about the week: First off, happy April Fool’s day everyone!!! My phone and wallet played some awesome pranks on me and it sucked! That night I went to McDonald’s with my roommate and a friend, which is named Jingleheimer, for a very long reason. It was super fun! We just sat there and talked! Tuesday was another day full of bad news, but it’ll be fine! Wednesday was boring. Thursday a friend of mine in the ward brought over some earrings she made for me! They’re mini dream catchers! I love them! And then went to Sandy. Friday my mom went and got some surgery, then I hung out with an old friend, and then I went on a date with an old friend that just got home from his mission! My roommate had a flat tire, so we had to drive her to her concert she had that night, then we watched Tangled (Love that movie!!), learned how to change my roommate’s tire, and finally went to Apple-bee’s for dinner! WAY FUN!!!! Saturday is where I got all my pictures! On Saturday I drove all the way down to St. George with my dad, to see some old friends of mine. Now most of you probably don’t know, I use to live at an Assisted Living home over the summer, and I made a lot of friends and I need to say bye to them before I leave! Especially this one lady I adopted as my grandmother, I love that woman! She’s amazing! More on that later! So here’ the pictures my dad took for me!

DSCN0510 DSCN0511

The woman on the right is an amazing artist! The man on the left is young, but has MS and he’s amazing too, he’s traveled the world! He’s never seen without his sunglasses, which I just learned, because I didn’t know him until this day. If you can’t tell, these two were trying to have a scandalous photo ;).


The woman on the left is the woman I adopted as my grandmother, which would then make the woman on the right my adopted Aunt 🙂 They are both so amazing!


This woman has traveled the world too, and is the only resident I know of that drinks Mountain Dew! She’s also an amputee, but she is so amazing!


This woman was my neighbor for the last month I lived there, she is so spunky! We would knock on the walls in secret messages and everything!

DSCN0516 DSCN0518

This is me and my adopted grandma 🙂 on the right is our cars right next to each other. I’m going to miss her so much!

Now there are so many more people that I became friends with down there, but quite a few have passed away, but they are still so dear to my heart! When I got there on Saturday, my grandma didn’t see me walk in, so I decided to surprise her. So I went and got a lunch ticket for me and my dad, which I got from her daughter, and together we planned out the surprise: I was going to sneak in while she was having lunch and sit down and surprise her! Well I went to go get my dad and when I came back, guess who was there… My grandma. So I ran to hide, but she saw me and said “Get over here you! I saw you!” So I go over to her and hug her, and she started crying! She didn’t let go for a bit and she kept saying “I didn’t think you were going to make it! I was so sad, but here you are!” and I just felt so loved! For the rest of the day, she wouldn’t leave my side, until conference started and I promised her I would go and say bye. I ate lunch with her, my dad, and the man and woman in the first picture. All during this, my grandma was taking me over to other residents, some I knew and some I didn’t, and she would introduce me and tell them I was going to Peru. Right after lunch she turns to me and says “There’s someone I want you to meet.”. This is the only name I’ll give out on my blog, and the reason why is because his name suits him so perfectly: Sonny. I first got to finish my week before getting to him, because he’s part of the theme of today! Anyways, I went and saw Sonny, then I visited with the other women you can see above, and then an older couple, they don’t have a picture, because the wife hates to get pictures, and she had kinda forgotten me, but not her husband. Then I went and said bye to my grandma, I got her phone number and email address, so I’m not losing her! But she was crying again saying bye and telling me her husband would be so proud of me (we’ll talk about that soon). Then me and my dad drove all the way back to Sandy! Crazy day! It ended with me watching How To Train Your Dragon, with a good friend of mine! Sunday I went to General Conference (the morning session) with a date and then watched the second session in the Visitor Center. Then I went home, had dinner, watched my sister’s piano performance, watched Dragon Heart (love this movie!!!!), and headed back to Orem and here we are! Now to the theme:

Don’t laugh… But today I really want to talk about old people. Don’t laugh! This weekend, I rediscovered the reason why I love old people! Old people are just the best and I didn’t really realize this until after my summer with them! They are so smart and so kind! Even the grouchy ones, they’re super gooey on the inside! So I want to talk about some of the old people that really have influenced my life. The first one is my adopted grandma’s husband. This man was amazing. He gave me the nickname ‘Batma’am’, and we became super good friends. He passed away the day The Dark Knight Rises came out. He means a lot to me, both him and his wife. The lesson they taught me is their life story: They both were married before and had kids before they met each other, my grandma’s husband walked out on her and left her to raise the kids. For him, I don’t really know the story, but they got divorced later on, if I’m right. They met each other when they were 50! 50 everyone! They knew they were the right one for each other after the first date (I’m usually not okay with this, but this is later on in life, so I know they were on the right track haha) and they got married. They told me that that that was the most right thing they have ever done. The reason why this means so much to me, is for so many reasons. First: You don’t have to get married right away, everything happens in it’s own time, just do what you think would be best. Second: Heavenly Father puts trials into our lives to make us more into the people we’re meant to be. Even though it was a hard time for the both of them, they were so happy in the end. So there’s a great example in my life.

Another one was the woman who passed away last week. That woman had spunk! She was a red head! I was told that she knew she was going to die, because she was so sick. So she called in her family, and planned her whole funeral! She told everyone what to talk about and what they couldn’t talk about! She stood so strong for what she believed in, she always had a strong personality and it made her so lovable! She made her voice heard! I want to be like her so much, because she was so strong! She was not someone who was walked all over!

My last one is Sonny, I mentioned him above. I just met Sonny this weekend and he’s a hero of mine. Here’s how my visit with him went. So before I met him, my grandma told me he’s from New Zealand, he’s a Maori, he’s been a bishop of the LDS church three times, and he knows President Monson, personally. My first thought was “Dang… I’m going to feel so inferior to him…”, but when I walked through that door, it was such a loving environment! When I walked in, there was a lady there with a little girl, and there was hardly anything in his room. My grandma introduced us to him and he instantly was telling us how grateful he was for this Assisted Living home (he’s going to bless it in a few weeks) and how much he loves all the people. He has such a huge heart! I want a heart that huge! Anyways, he then told us he was going to sing us a song that he only sings to certain people, and he sang it in his native language. So beautiful! At the end, he said something else in his native language, which he went on to explain was a war cry, that had been turned into a blessing. He then told us how he came to know the war cry: when he was a little boy, his father (who was 7 feet tall!) came riding up to him on a big, white horse, took him by the hand, and pulled him up onto the horse, and taught him. Dang. That would be amazing.  Anyways, he goes on to tell us how he became good friends with President Monson, and quite a few years ago, when he was just an apostle, they stayed together for three days on the island of Samoa, while they were there, they talked about assisted living homes back in the united states, and other things (ironic, right?), and then told us he was writing a letter to President Monson, that was going to have a picture of Sonny and his home teaching companion, both of whom were using walkers at the time, walking to the ward members houses down in Hurricane. With the picture he was going to say “This is how we do home teaching down here in Hurricane”. Wow. I don’t think I’d be going out walking like that if I had a walker. Anyways, other things were said, and he praised my grandma up and down about how amazing she was (which she is) and how the place felt like a temple to him. He then said something that really stuck with me. He talked about how he saw a light around my grandfather, my real one, and how he saw how great of a man he was. This was harder for me, because I’ve only seen him as this hard shelled kind of guy, that has a type A personality. When he said that, I felt so bad for thinking those things. I mean, who am I to judge? I’m just seeing what I want to see, and this man, who didn’t even know my grandpa, is able to come out and say that. So I’m going to try and fix that in my life. Anyways, I’m getting ready to leave and he did two things that caught me off guard. The first was, he turned to my dad and said “You have done so much for me. What can I do for you? What do you need?”, my dad didn’t know what to say, so he said “Just stay healthy, okay?” Dang… This man is a stud. The second thing he did was when I went to give him a hug. He had given my grandma a hug, so then it was me. So I go up and give this guy a hug and as I pull away, he grabs my hands. He tells me he’s going to pray for me while I’m on my mission. Then he gives me one of the most powerful blessings. This guy didn’t know me, and he starts off by saying “I call down the powers of heaven…” and I just sat there like… Wow… this is amazing. I think I could have sat with him for hours. He gave me courage to go on my mission, not like I was chickening out, but you get to a point where you start to get kind of nervous, thinking stuff like “I’m doing the right thing… right?” and things like that. After talking to him, I was  like “YEAH! Let’s do this!” After we left his room, my grandma told us he’s very sick. He just has a lot of illnesses right now. I just sat there like… This man is so spiritual, so strong, so loving, so willing to give, and so… amazing, and he’s sick? How does he keep going? How can he sit there and keep this up! And I’m not saying this guy isn’t just a little sick, he’s so sick he has to go to dialysis 3 times a week, along with other problems. He is the kind of person I want to be. Everything is so great about him, and he puts everything before himself, he never tells people how sick he is, he just continues to do the work, and not have others worry about him. His personality is so sunny, that’s why I had to tell you his name, Sonny. He is so amazing. Never forget this man! There’s so much more to the story, but that’s all I have room for!

So here’s to a new week! Here’s a song that you can listen to about old people, it’s really good, but kinda sad, but it seemed very suiting for the post. It’s called Ellsworth, by Rascal Flatts. Have a great week! Let me know if you need anything!