Two weeks left in the CCM. Horray!!!!!

Dear mom and everyone,

DARY!!!!!!!! THIS HAS BEEN SO CRAZY!!!!! LITERALLY!!!!!! Also, welcome Grandma Diane to the email list!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLA!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much for the quotes and the poem!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! I love that quote!! Is not that quote the best thing ever?????? Totally brings the spirit everytime!!!!!! And today the pictures are: 1. me and Ibarra, AKA the first of the three nephites!, 2. My nasty yummy fruit!!, and 3. the roads, which is something I will talk about today. Anyways!!!! And Thank you for the pictures!!!! That was something I needed!!! Along with letters and emails from my friends!!!!!!! Love them everytime! Kinda jealous about Ironman 3 but I can see it in 17 months! and that sounds like a fun Mothers day… Kinda. A little awkward, but oh well right??? And that girl, Hermana Stevens, was amazing!!! Amanda, this girl wanted you to know that your book has touched so many lives!! It really has!!! I have almost passed it to everyone in the CCM!!! And Hermana Stevens left this morning at 3 to go to her mission….. It was sad, but it will all be ok. Thank you for learning Spanish!!!! I love Spanish!!!! I should let you know, that all those verbs mean, he, she, or you (formal) are doing those!! The verbs beber, comer, correr, and… can not remember the last one, mean to to drink, to eat, and to run, and you have to congugate them to fit the person doing them!!!! Confusing right???? but keep going!!!!! 🙂 I love the shakers!!!! I want pictures!!!!!!!! And Ethaniel sounds adorable!!!!!!!! I want to meet him so bad!!!! Just have to wait 17 months 😉 And good job Zach!!!!! I want to see you play when I get home!!!!! And I am so glad Kake is subbing in for me!!!!!!!!!! That makes me feel better!!!!!!!!


Anyways, here are some highlights from my week to share with you all!!!! First off, Emily!!! who is your anatomy and Physiology teacher and did you take it at BYUI???? Or do you know a Linda Buckley???? Let me know!!! Also this week, I finally got a blessing. I had realized that I never got one from my dad before I left, which made me sad, and then I decided I really needed one. It was amazing!!! Elder Estrada and Elder Zohner gave it to me. Basically, they said part of my Patriarticle (spelling?? who knows.) Blessing. I KNOW that priesthood blessings really worked!!! It worked for me and it was amazing!!!!!! So I have “obtained” a status in my district (for one day). I was known as the joke girl. I told the heaven with ducks joke, and made Elder Neuhaus the brunt of it, and everyone loved it! But my english sucks, so when I tried to tell another one, the delivery was completely off, so I lost it. Anyways, chocolate down here is AMAZING! Love it so much! I also got to see fireworks!!!!! AWESOME! And thank you Ash and Kake for the letters!!!!! I loved them!!!!! Also on Saturday, guess what I got to do…. I WENT PROSLYTING!!!! (Forget spelling!!!! I can not spell anymore!!!) It was so funny, we are all scared, it is our first time, and one of the Latinos, as he is walking out the door, turns around and says “I WANT MY MOMMY!” Hahahahaha!!!! Killed us! I got to ride in a taxi to the area, and it was so scary. but we will talk about that in a minute. I did not get to say a lot. Dang. Spanish is crazy. But I did get to help an old lady!!!! Out of me and my companion, I am the scripturian! I can pull scriptures out of nowhere!!!! I gave this little old lady a scripture about how Christ can help us through our trials, and she totally wants to see the missionaries again!!! YES!!!!!! I am also the new Sister Leader!!! Along with Hermana Black!!! Basically, we are incharge of the girls!!! Pretty cool! I also met my Mission President this week!!!!!! He is super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can not wait to get out there!!!!!!!!! On a sadder note, guess what I found out about on Sunday. Not Thursday, Sunday. I found out about President Monsons wife!! Yeah nobody thought to tell us!!!!! In the middle of sacrament meeting, this guy stood up and said something along the lines of “Our prayers are with President Monson during the time of the loss of his wife.” And EVERY girl in that room said “What!?!” and EVERY guy in that room said “Oh… Did not you know?” Super awkward…….. But it is ok….. Now on a strange note, I have a story to make you all laugh. So Sunday night, we all walk up to our room, me, hermana Black, Buckley, and Wolf, when Hermana Buckley says “You guys… What would you do if you came up here after classes, open the door, and turn on the light, and there was a man in here….”, so we created this situation: You come up from class, go to the room, open the door and turn on the lights, one of us is dead on the floor, and out comes a man from behind the bunk bed, with a knife, what would you do?…. Anyways, I said I would stand my ground and Hermana Black says “I actually have no idea.”… Guess what comes next… we create the scenerio, minus the man. Hermana Wolf is laying on her bed pretending to be dead, Hermana Buckley is hiding behind the bunk bed, and my and Hermana Black are out in the hallway. so we get all into it, open the door, and turn on the lights… I stand my ground, and Hermana Black runs screaming from the room all the way down the hallway!!!!!!!!!! It was so funny!!! Apparently she took it so far, that when Hermana Buckley came from around the bunk bed, she saw a big fat man, with a beard and moutace coming for her!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh the things we do. anyways, scary story!!! Today I had Interpol (basically go get your peruvian licence, which took us…6 hours. Kill me. But in the end we got McDonalds. NEVER has that tasted so good before. Some of the elders almost started crying.) and we were in this car. DRIVING DOWN HERE IS THE SKETCHIEST THING EVER! Look at that picture of a road. Now picture those everywhere (just so you know, that is a 2 lane road), and there are NO roads that make sense! You are literally cutting everyone off!!! We get so close to other cars, that I could lick them as we are passing them! We even got a guy to go read the Book of Mormon, we were so close!!!! Yeah, it is so scary!!!! I think I am praying the whole time in the car. I usually block that from my mind, because I do not want to have nightmares!!


Anyways, I am going to go early, so I can copy down quotes!!! Please let me know how you guys are doing!!!!!! Here is some stuff for you in spanish!!!! Yo se que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santo de los Ultimos Dias es muy verdadero. El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios y José Smith es un profeta verdadero. Yo se que misiones son meyor cosa en el todo munda!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, there you go!!1 Until next time, ALLON-SY!!!!!!!


Con cariño,

Hermana Irvine



Dear familia and everyone, I love hearing from you

Dear familia and everyone,


I love hearing from you guys!!! Today my pictures are of me drinking Inca Cola, me in front of the temple and Elder Estrada and his monkey baby thing (Arizona).


So to address you guys, mom, I loved that email so much!!! It has helped so much!!!  I also loved hearing about John Matthews funeral, I wish I was there!!!! That is so amazing!!! But that was sad about his son…. And mom thank you so much for the bit about Maise. I read that on Mothers day and I started crying almost! That made me feel like I was actually doing some thing useful!! The Nova Virus ran its course through the CCM and only two of us remained untouched, Hermana Johnson and me!!!! THAT IS A BLESSING!!!!! Elder Estrada described it like this “When you realize that you are sick, you go to your room and you start praying. Hard.” So… I missed that boat!!!!! CONGRATS TO BROCK, ZOEY, AND DREYSON!!!!!! They will be awesome missionaries!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for all of them!!!  And cool story about Zach and the Garbage cans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see why he would be excited about that!!!! And Dad thanks for your email too!!!! Your email made me feel so much better!!!!! And everyone else too, emails and letter mean the world to me right now!!! I got three letters today, I have no idea who they are from, I have to wait until our new DL, Estrada, gets back from the outside world until I can get them, but I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Spencer leaves tomorrow for the MTC, that is so cool!!!!!!! Tell him I said “Bueños suerte!!!!!” And Amanda emailed me too, thank you soooooo much!!! I loved your picture of your name tag!!! Thanks for also telling me the name of my favorite fruit down here!!! Just so everyone knows it is Maracuja!!! Look it up!!!!


Anyways, here are somethings I wrote down to talk to you all about!!!! First off the showers. When you take a shower here, you go from Antartica (that looks ways wrong… oh well, spelling is out window at this point) which then quickly transfer over to the fires of Mordor. Especially if someone flushes the toilet while you are in there!!! And then you go back to Antartica. It is a cycle that SUCKS! Also, my CCM president… Before I start, how many of you have seen Monster House? If not this will make no sense to you. Anyways, he is the identical twin to Mr. Nebercracker!!!!! DEAD SERIOUS! It is awesome!!!!! And the poem I mentioned a few weeks ago, After All We Can Be, I know it might be hard to find, but try typing in the name of it and about there being holes and needing to build a ladder. That poem is the reason we should be missionaries in our own way, whether it be by serving a mission, or serving those around us. It is so important!!!! Find it and read it if you can!!!!  I love to study my fifty books I carry with me ALL THE TIME. My whole district asks me all the time if I really need all those books and if I am really going to read them all, and everytime I always say yes. Because I really do!!!! I usually have 3 to 4 books open at once! I love it so much!!!!  This week Hermano Ibarra left us. He is trying to become a medical student. Anyways (he is one of the three nephites) right before he left he told us about this girl he likes. She WAS engaged to this guy, but she had doubts and called it off. Anyways, he told us he got an answer that they would be so happy together, and we all said “THEN DATE HER!” and he said “She has her agency. As long as I have my answer, I can wait forever for her to get her answer, because I got my answer and I can not force her to have to the same answer”. Dang. I think that can apply to so many things. Ok can you guys send me some of my favorite quotes??? Here are a few of them: the first one from Spiderman 2 “Henry knows a hero when he sees one…”, the second is about a guy in a strom, and it is not about how you survived it, but that you are different then the person who first entered the storm, and the last one is from Treasure Planet “Youve got the makings of greatness in ya!”, they are all in my purple quote book!!!!! Also, Grandma Dianes email is in my blue journal, could you send me that? It is on a sticky note!!! I promised to email her!!!  Also I know what I want for Christmas! You remember that Book of Mormon book that I read? There is now a D&C one!!!!!!! I am not saying send it to me for christmas, but can I not have a christmas wish list for when I get home????? Hahaha. Ok cool facts about Cusco, a scripture, and then I will go!


I was talking to one of my teacher about Maccu Pichu, he had been there, and he told me a few things about the temple of the sun, moon, and stars. Look up pictures if you can!! Anyways, there is a brass plate there, on the brass plate there is a picture of a man and a woman holding hands, in front of a tree, and in the sky you can see the sun, then to the right, the moon, and even more to the right, the stars. What does that make you think of????? And the next cool thing is that in that temple, there is an altar. If you walk up to the altar, look left and right, you can see windows on both sides. What is beyond those windows? Another set of windows. And beyond those windows? ANOTHER SET OF WINDOWS! Now what does that make you think of???? I truly think that there is a very strong possiblity that Macchu Picchu had a very prominent role in the Book of Mormon!!!!! Here is the scripture: 2 Nephi 4:15-16. Sorry my email is not as good today, I had so many emails to read!!!!!!! And sorry I do not email you individually, I really do care, I just do not have time!!! Keep writing me though ok???? Also mom, I did not get those photos!!! I am hoping you meant in the mail!!!!!! Anyways, ALLON-SY!!!!!!!!! This next week will be LEGEN- WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Con cariño,

Hermana Irvine


SURPRISE!!!!! This is the best I could do

SURPRISE!!!!! This is the best I could do for Mothers Day since I could not call!!!!! I love you!!!! I love you all!!!!! But I am sending this email to only you, because it is Mothers Day!!! Everyone can read it, but I want you to feel special!!!!!!


Thank you so much for being my mom!!! I can only write for 15 minutes so I can not tell you cool stories, but it is ok!!! I miss you so much!!! Last week in Relief Society, we watched this broadcast from last year, and it was when Sister Ann Dibb went to the Provo MTC to talk to the missionaries about being a missionary. As soon as it started they were being all Relief Society like (which is a good thing!!!) but I just wanted to lean over to you and say something silly like “Yeah… you would never see this in Elder Quoram ever…” but I could not!!! It made me sad, so it has been so hard not being able to do little things like that every day!!!!


I wanted to let you know, I have made a friend!!! She has been here two weeks longer than me, but I was telling her how I have a hard time getting along with girls, and she said “Same here!! I came from a family of 4 boys, and I can not do the girly thing at all!!!!!!!!!!” It was such a relief!!! We just talked for half an hour (I was suppose to be in bed, but I got up to go to the bathroom before going to sleep and that is where we started talking), just about anything!!! We talked about how much we love old people, she worked with them too, and just other things!! It was so nice! She said the most helpful things to me. I felt so good after that!!!!!!!!!! Last week I also said a prayer asking for help in knowing what to do, which helped a lot too! I always know I will have someone with me now, because Jesus never leaves your side, you just have to start talking to him and asking him for help! another thing I realized was this: Did you ever notice how my P. Blessing never says if I would or would not serve a mission? I was thinking about it and I realized it was because Heavenly Father wanted me to make the decision. He was telling me I could do great things no matter what, but the greatest things I could do were by serving a mission, but I had to realize that for myself!! It was so amazing!!!


Well I am almost out of time, so here is my favorite scripture: 2nd Corinthians 12:9-10 (it is the one on my plaque!) and it says “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessitites, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ´s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.” Such a great scripture!!! Never forget it!! I love you!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Con cariño,

Hermana Irvine

week 3-still at the MTC

Hey everyone!!! I hope you get the pictures!!! I can not send a lot but here are some good one!!! I will send you pictures of my favorite fruit next week, you guys will be so grossed out!!!! But it is so good!!!! It looks like frog eggs in an orange!!! Anyways, I will now respond to all of you guys at once since I am cramped with time!!!! Oh points of business!!!! First, parents you know what to put and what not to put on my blog (names and personal stuff), so I will leave that to you!!! Second, to send me letters you have to do it through pouch!!! That is until I get out in the field! And thirdly, here are the names of my district, so you guys can look them up! I will even try to put faces with them!!! So the group photo of guys and girls is the one I am looking at!! Left to right it goes Elder Porter Zohner (Elder Idaho Falls), Elder Ryan Neuhause (Elder Tennessee), Elder Shawn Estrada (Elder Arizona), Hermana Malorie Black (Hermana Provo, my companion!), Me, Hermana Linda Buckley (Um… I think she is from Meridian…), Hermana Felcia Wolf (Hermana Pennsylvania), Hermana Caroline Johnson (Hermana Paradise), Hermana Sadie Stodderd (She might be Meridian or Idaho…), and Hermana Jackie Adams (Hermana Colorado). So now you guys can see my district!!1 We got two new people this week, but I don not have photos of them, but their names are Hermana Chantel Sheets, and Elder Cameron Dorson. And mom my email stuff is mckenziemay or and the password is the same one for my yahoo account!! Possible with an ! mark at the end. Dad has it. Now on with the E-mail!


So first off…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEIGH!!!!!!!!!!! I heard all about your party, I hope you had so much fun!!! It sounds fun!!!! And… CONGRATS EMILY!!!!!! Tell Josh I am SOOOOOO FREAKING MAD AT HIM! Why did he have to wait until I was gone for over just a week???? I mean really!!!!!!! But that is a super cute engagement story I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you guys!!!!! (Your names shall be… Mr and Mrs Yell (Call get it???????) it is just so people do not stalk you through my blog!!!) Another congrats is needed also… CONGRATS TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going tobe an awesome missionary in Uruguay!!!! When you get home we can speak Spanish to each other and be totally ninga!!!!!! Also congrats to Michelle Eyring!! I bet his a great guy, I just hope they get sealed in the temple someday!!!! Tell me how it went!!! And thanks dad for telling me about Brother Matthews… That so sad, but I know he has a great mission ahead of him in heaven 🙂 but it is too bad he is gone… Another congrats goes to Kake!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! WAY TO GO YOU GINGER!!!!!!!! 😉 🙂 I mean that in a completely loving way! And good job Zach!!!! you are an awesome addition to the percussion team!!!!!!! Or band. Whichever it is called, they are so lucky to have you!!! And thank you for the letter, I just got it last night!!!! I loved it so much!!!! Thank you for wearing bow ties for me!!! I loved you Allon-sy at the end!!!!!!!! I said it out loud when I read it, because it made me so happy!!!!!!! And let me know how that awesome bracket goes!!! Also speaking of letters, if I have american stamps I can send mail directly from the CCM mailbox, or I have to go to the post office! And if you send mail through the pouch you only need an american stamp! Noe!!! I miss your guts!!!! I loved you e-mail, congrats to Micah!!! She is going to be awesome!!!! And congrats to Kristina too!!! That is a long engagment, but I think she can do it 🙂 and Sam and his woman better get married before the year is up!!!! He is going to be old soon!!!! (Sam I mean this in a caring, joking way. Hahahaha.). Keep the emails and letter coming, I absolutely love them!!! However, it takes a week for letters to get here, so do not write me my last week or I will not get it!!!!! Also, family, my friend Elder Ian kilmon has been email my yahoo account. Could you email him and give my new address so I can read his emails????? Thank you!!! And there is one of you that is getting this email who has not written me… you know who you are. You are in trouble.  Anyways, here is my past week.


Ok everyone I am going to be completely honest… This has been the hardest week of my life. Not because of learning the language or the gospel or anything… it is the girls… Nobody likes to talk me… I have almost given up everyday I have gone to bed. I go to bed thinking I can not do this every night. Every morning I wake up and try to have a positive attitude and think that maybe today will be different. It never is… Can you guys pray for me? It has been so hard. But I know that through faith and Heavenly Father I can make it through this. Just 3 more weeks right? Everyone, thank you so much for being my friend back home, I do not know what I would do without. And sorry my wording is funny, there is no apostraphe on a spanish keyboard, only accents, so I am trying to say words without them hahaha.


So besides that, CCM is great!! I am learning so much!!! I can almost do a temple endowment session in total spanish!!!! And it is so amazingly spiritual down here!!!  The boys in my district are amazing singers!!! On sunday they did a musical number of Nearer My God to Thee, but in spanish, acapella! It was so amazing!!! I want to record them for you guys!!! This week I also had to apply for my Peruvian ID, which is kinda sketchy, because they shove papers into your hands, telling you to sign them, and for all you know, you just sold your soul! So skethcy!! but the CCM would not let them in if they were doing that right???? Also, I have heard amazing 3 Nephite stories down here!!! One even happened to some people at the CCM!!!!! But I should let you know… I have met two of them!!! Not really, these two are such spiritual giants of teachers that they just have to be Nephites!!! One teaches us, while attending Medical school and he is so smart and wise!!!!!!! He even responded to Zedekiah!!! (go to 3 Nephi 19:4, find foot note C, there is no footnot C, but go to the reference!!), the other speaks Spanish only, but we still understand him every time!!! It is amazing!!! So last week I told you about the Hermana that hurt her knee, and this week she did it again, this time she got a blessing in Spanish. It was amazing. We could understand what they were blessing her for and everything! She got her knee checked out and she tore her ACL. She is going to have surgery when she gets home, but until then she should be fine, just no running and stuff like that. Also, everyone left this week, so guess how many are the CCM!!! No really guess!!!! You are about to die because there are under 25 of us here now!!! Take that provo! All the latinos and most of the Norté Americanos left this week to their missions, and we can now sleep!!! Latinos love to party!!! At midnight of all times!!!! It is a killer!!! But one of the latino elders, right before he left, gave me and my companion letters. After he left we read them and he drew us a picture that said “Friends Forever”. Turns out everynight he was talking to the guys in our ditrict about us and kept telling them he thought we were flipping gorgeous. Yep… But I think he mainly like my companion, because of her soccer skills, they call her Messi (look him up). Anyways, that is some news from down here. I do not have a lot of fun stuff, because for me, it is hard to have fun, when there is no one to have fun with, but I am learning so much. I love this gospel and I know it is true, or I would be home by now. Just for the record, I have only cried once, so do not think that I am in total misery! I just do not get along with girls very well, and I know it and I  am ok with it. I feel like I chould give you guys a scripture!! Read Ether 12: um… I can not remember the reference…. Just go to that chapter and look for a verse that talks about praying to know these things are true!! It is an amazing scripture!!!!! I love you all so much!!! I can not wait to her from you guys, please send me pictures!!! And quotes!!! I just bought a notebook today for quotes!! Oh did I send a picture of Inca Kola???? It is their amazing soda down here!!! It tastes just like Bubblegum serious!!!!!! So good!!!! Also, I found ties for Zach and dad!!! All the girls, just wait!!! I will get you stuff, but i can not pack too much, so they will have to wait!!! So everyone, please please please write!!! I love hearing all about you guys!!!!!!!! And please send pictures!!!!! And letters if possible!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much being awesome everyone!!! Until next week! ALLON-SY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Con cariño,

Hermana Irvine (They pronounce Err-Bine hahaha)


Hola everyone!!! I have so much to tell

Hola everyone!!! I have so much to tell you!!!! I don{t know where to start, but I have an hour!!!! Just so you know, my P-days are on Tuesdays and I usually go to the temple first (and I get to go shopping!!!) before email, so there you go!!! Also,… my english is getting terrible. I can only say certain things in Spanish, because I can´t remember what it is in english!!! So I´m sorry I´ll try to stay away from those!!!
So here´s a quick review, I hope this answers all your questions!! And this is going up on my blog, so I´m going to try to stay away from names!!! So Wednesday I said bye (so sad!!! The ginger kid is so cute!!! He better write me a letter soon!!! And little batman can wear my clothes, but don´t ruin them!!!!! Gracias padre!!! I loved your email!!! You too madre!!! And tell Cake that I hope everything is ok!! Also, I don´t have my partner in crimes info to talk to her, so someone give me that!!! I miss her!!!!!) and I met… An FBI agent!!!! So legit!!!!! Anyways, I met up with 2 hermanas there, Hermana Paradise, and Hermana Provo (she´s my companera, I named everyone after where they´re from!! And sorry there´s no apostraphes so I have to use accents!). After we got to Georgia, we found another Hermana, Hermana Pocatello, and we all got food! Once we got on the flight, we met up with ALOT of people! We met Hermana Colorado, Elder Tennesse, Elder Idaho Falls, y Elder Arizona. They are the coolest!!!!!!! We´re all in the same district! We´re like family, but I´ll tell you about that in a minute! So like you all know, it was during these flights that we placed two Libros de Mormón and a proclamation to the family (that was me and Hermana Provo!!!). I finally finished Unbroken, AMAZING!!! You should all read it!!! I also saw Cuba and Panama! Pretty legit! We got off the plane at 10:45, and had to go to immigration, to prove we weren´t immigrants. Elder Arizona forgot some stuff, so we kept telling him they were going to take him down a dark alley and deal with him there, it was pretty funny. We finally left at 11:30! AHHH! So late! And I ate this weird purple stuff… It was good, one of the latino hermanas gave it to me! We got to the CCM at 1:30, so I didn´t get to see a lot of Peru until today, so we´ll get there! Also I met Hermana Pennsylvania y Hermana Meridian! Everyone you have now met is in my district!! Along with people in Provo who don´t have their visas, but everyone I met on Facebook doesn´t have their Visas yet, except for Hermana Provo, me compoñera!
The next day I got to sleep in til 9, amazing! For breakfast (everyday) I eat yogurt with cereal, that first day I tried it with milk, but… yogurt is better. Lunch is pretty good, we eat rice and bread at every meal! I never really know what I´m eating, but it´s usually pretty good!  I also found out on this day that the food makes everyone sick at some point, even the latinos. Yeah… We openly talk about though. You either have the Nuncas, or the siempres (don´t look those up, unless you really want to know), and we apparently will never have a normal experience in the bathroom ever again… Sorry for the details, but it´s a huge topic down here hahahaha. Hermana Provo es me componera, which we found out when we moved in, it tells you on a piece a paper, along with your schedule and where you will be living for the next sies semañas. Oops sorry six weeks! Yeah I´´m here for six weeks! Soooo long, but soooo short!!!!! We also decided that we are all living Nacho Libre down here, just think about it… There are boys and girls, but we can´t have a romantic relationship, we all speak spanglish, we eat bread… all the time… and we go around saying “You need to be… Baptized!” hahahaha sorry super funny!! Just watch the movie and you will understand! Elder Tennesse is our District Leader, and he´s super good!!!! Me and me compoñera are kinda similar, we went exploring and found a way out… Not saying we´ll use it!!! But we found one hahaha.
AHHHH!!! I feel like I´ve been here for a month at least!!! I feel like everyone is either gone or missions or already married!!!!! I told me compoñera on the second day that “it feels like any guy I have ever liked is now married and is about to have their second child”, because it feels like I´ve been here that long!!! It´s insane!!!!! But I love it so so so much!! Anyways, one of my teachers is Hermano Tello and he is amazing!!! He is so good!!! He taught us how to play head, shoulders, knees, and toes in spanish (cabeza, cara, hombros, pies (head, face, shoulders, and feet!), and lots of other things!!!! We had activity time and Hermana Paradise got hurt, she has a tendon problem with one of her knees… what´s that called???? I can not remember for the life of me!!! Oh well… My other teachers are Hermano Ibarra y Hermana Cepeda! Amazing the both of them!!!!!! That night, they helped us learn how to teach investigators, with Real fake investigators!!!!! In spanish!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! I did it!!! Second day and I was teaching in Spanish!!! Be impressed everyone!!! BE IMPRESSED!!!!!! It´s so hard, I can not explain how hard it is!!!
Day three, I began to realize how weird the Elderes are in my district!! One morning they were discussing the creation of . … weird right? They decided someone was writing an important document and they got a dot of ink on the paper, so instead of starting over, they just claimed it was now part of the system and it was to be called a period… Um?? But it gets weirder. That day Elder Tennesse (Our district leader!) tells us about his friend in Hong Kong who had to eat monkey brains. DO NOT READ IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT EASILY! That image you have in your mind is wrong. Let me explain. They take the monkey, strap it under a table with a hole in it for it´s head to stick through (yes it´s still alive), where they cut the head open and pour burning oil onto the exposed brain. While it´s alive. I was horrifed. I died. Anyways, Elder Arizona decides he wants to do it and then imitates the monkey. OH MY GOSH! It was so funny, but so wrong!!! He´s flailing his arms around, making monkey sounds, but dying monkey sounds! AHHHHHH!!!!! Don´t worry, it´ll get worse… Anyways he then proceeds to do this weird dance, apparently he created it. It will never be repeated. Anyways played ping pong, totally suck at it, and got ready to teach our first investigator, which was last night, so monday…. Super excited!!!! But we´ll get there!!!!
Sundays here are AMAZING! Best day yet!!!! It´s super spiritual all day, but I´ll get there!!! It was also Hermana Colorado´s birthday!!!! She turned 20 yay!!!!!!!!! But time for my favorite story. After lunch, me, hermana Provo, y some of the Latino Hermanas, went outside to sing hymns in Spanish. We first sang Praise to the Man, afterwards we sang Happy birthday to Hermana Colorado, but we began to attract people. We then sang A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, which attracted even more people!!! The last song we sang was The Spirit of God, and it was so amazing!!! We had the hugest group and we´re all singing in Spanish and on the second verse, all the Latinos sang and us Americanos sang the Chorus in English!! The spirit was sooooo strong!!! I loved it so much!!!!! Afterwards we had more spiritual classes, such as a temple class which was great! However, the spirit got ruined when we went to go watch a video. We were late, but it was ok, and we walked in on the end of The Book of Mormon video… What do you call it in English? It was the one they use to show (still show?) at the Joseph Smith Memorial… Anyways, at the end of it, there´s a monkey… which made sounds that sound exactly like Elder Arizona… We all lost it, and tried to make it seem like we were all crying… Yeah spirit= gone, but it was a good bonding moment? Hahaha. That night we had fondue!!! Be jealous!!! I wrote Yo (draw picture of heart) Ustedes, for all the kitchen workers, in the chocolate on the plate!! It was funny!!!! …. ALMOST OUT OF TIME!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! I got to know the girls better, two have guys waiting for them, and Elder Arizona has a girl waiting for him, he baptized her!!! Super cute!!! Can you please send me the poem called “After all we can be”, and I totally recommend reading it!!!!!! Elder Arizona had another weird moment, he asked us all “What what you do if you had a baby and the doctor comes out, and says ´here´s your baby´ and it has a tentacle for an arm and is saying ´Kill me!!!!!!´”  …. we´re worried about him.
Anyways I tought me first kinda real investigator!!! I did most of it in Spanish!!! The gift of tongues is so true!!! It´s amazing!!!!!! The thought of the week is “This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it- or use it for good, but what I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it! When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone ofrever, leaving in its place somthing that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, and not loss; good, and not evil; success, and not failure, in order that I shall not regret the price that I have paid for it.” Dr. Hartsell Wilson. I know this is this so true!!! Everything we do everyday is so important, don´t waste it!! It was not until I was here did I realize how much time we really have in a day, we have so much!!! Use it to learn as much as you can and it will benefit you forever!!!!!!! The temple was amazing just FYI!!! LOVED IT!!!!!! Adios until next weeks!!!!
Con Cariño,

Hola Familia!!! I made it!!! I´m in a

Hola Familia!!! I made it!!! I´m in a totally different country!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I have lots of stories, such as getting in at two in the morning and seeing 6 to 7 police cars on my way to the CCM! I also got to eat my first foreign food that night, I have no idea what it is called, but it was purple mush! It needed more sugar!!! I also have pictures to send you and I have my name tag!!!! I also met an FBI agent at the airport! SUPER COOL! Our group of missionaries were able to place two Book of Mormons, and me and my companion placed a Proclamation to the Family! Last night while I was riding the bus to the CCM, I was starting to write my email, but it was so funny, because I was writing it in Spanish!!! I had it all planned out, Hola familia, coma esta? Es muy bien en Peru!! Son muy bonita, muy verde!!! Pero es muy calor! And I go on with other stuff. But it was all because we meet up with missionaries that only spoke Spanish, and I started thinking in Spanish! Super weird!! But cool!!! Anyways, I will write you on Monday with a lot of cool stories!!! Until then, Adios!!! Love you!!!
Coñ Cariño,
Hermaña Irvine
P.S. Nobody can say my name! Super funny!!!