Kenzie finally got sick!

Hola everyone!!!!!!!!!


So this week was different from the rest, because I FINALLY GOT SICK! It sucked so bad!!!! I will now tell you why. Because I got sick, while have my girl issues and it last a good few days!!!! I literally wanted to die! I would be walking around my companion, (looking for a corner incase I needed to throw up (WHICH I NEVER DID! HA!)) and I would turn to her and say “Mate me” which means ‘Kill me’ hahaha. But I am alive!!! They drink a lot of Tea down here, and last night they gave me one kind I had never had before called Muña and I was like “Please… Don’t kill me…” and it was SO GOOD! I loved it!! And I am feeling tons better today!!! YAY!!!!!!


Next thing on my list is FELIZ INTI RAYMI!!!!!!!!! Inti Raymi is Quechua for Fiesta del Sol, which in english is Sun Festival. Pretty cool right??? I get to go!!!!! Now before you go looking this up on the internet, let me tell you a little fact about this…. This is not for Ashleigh’s eyes or ears. Here it goes: Today they will sacrafice a llama! Like legitimately sacrafice llama on an altar and I get to watch it! WEIRD!! Definately in a different country!!!!!


Last week I said I was going to go to a waterfall, we ended up going to some ruins!! I will send the pictures next week hahaha. But it was so cool!!!!!!I love my Zone!!!!!  And last week I had major internet problems sorry for the lame emails!!!!! Now time to disturb you al MUHAHAHA. The bathrooms down here are very different. For example, this week my and companion both need to go to the bathroom and so we went to member’s house. The bathroom was literally a wooden door that covered a bathroom carved out of the stone, and to flush it, you had to take a bucket of water and dump it in there haha. Next door was another bathroom… where you have to squat. Hahaha Peru is kinda gross, a lot of places don’t have soap. To disturb you more, we were walking across the street, and the streets have these huge gutters you have to hop over. Anyways, they decided to clean them out this week. They literally had a giant pile of brown… stuff that smelled like crap, chilling on the side of the road. It was so gross!!!!! I am so glad I don’t have that job!!!!!!! And the pile wasn’t small, it went up to about my thigh. And there were at least two piles. Just be disturbed. I also went to my first baptism!!! Unfortunately, none of the poeple were for us, but it was still cool!!!! They even had a lady who had a weird cast thing on her leg (the kind with the needles that go into your leg…) get baptised!!! So amazing I love it!!!!!!!!!!


Anyways, sorry mom about your foot…. 😦 I will pray for you. And ANGIE!!!! That is so sad!!! I feel so bad!!!!! Tell her I love her and I’ll pray for her SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But it sounds like you guys are having fun!!!! INKA KOLA IS THE BEST!!!!! SIEMPRE!!!!!!!!!  Now to the word siempre (this is my thought for the week) in spanish the word Siempre means Always. What’s so cool about that right? BUT it not only means always, it also means forever. I really like that, because in spanish when I say “Jesus Christ is always with you” I am also saying “Jesus christ is with you FOREVER.” How cool is that???? I love the word siempre, just for that reason!!!! So now when I say I will always be there for you, I am going to say I will be there for you SIEMPRE, because it is that… cool!!!!! Anyways love you all!!!!!!!


Hermana Irvine, ALLON-SY!!!!!!


Ttio, Cusco, Peru

Dear everyone,

Sorry mom about last week! I didn’t know!!!!! So sorry!!!! Ahhhhhhh those soo much to catch up on!!! Let me start back in the CCM, and I will tell you stories, fast style, and then if you want to know more about it, you have to ask me question!!! So 1. Elder Estrada had a wart in his hand, one of the Elders had a super First Aid kit, so he operated on Elder Estrada’s hand with 6 shots and a scapel. Pretty gross. But funny. 2. Our last night together we all sang Mas Cerca Dios de Ti, which sounded awesome, and I have it on video, so I will show you sometime. 3. So… One of the Latino Elders in the CCM fell in love with me, and I didn’t even know, until he sang Don’t Stop Believing, to me (he learned english through music) and yeah. The morning that I left, he woke up super early, just to make sure I could get the letter he wrote me. I didn’t read it until I knew he was somewhere else, and I got super freaked out when I opened it and saw a picture of my eye that he had drawn telling me he loved my eyes… oh and he wrote me song… Yeah…. It was weird…………. ANYWAYS! Now to the mission! 1. My companion is awesome! I knew she was going to be my companion before they even announced it! As soon as they did, she ran up to me and gave me a hug and was so excited! I was sitting there like …What is going on… Where am I going… Who are you… It was so funny! Hahaha. 2. My mission is Ttio, Cusco, Peru, so I am in the city! However, that doesn’t mean it’s all nice. It’s totally ghetto looking, grafeti all over the place, dogs everywhere, garbage everywhere, and it’s kinda gross. But I LOVE IT! SO MUCH! I am also opening a new sector, which is so hard, but I love it! 3. The water is only cold down here. So my first shower, the water felt warm on my hand, but when I hopped in… I literally hoped right back out thinking “I’m going to die!!!!! It is so cold and I’m sick and and and…. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”, but then I figured out the water is warmed as it comes out, so if you turn the water down to a drizzle, it’s super warm. But that was the only thing that made me want to go home right away hahaha. I am also surrounded by spanish 24-7, which is awesome, because I understand so much! I learned more here than I ever did in the CCM! 3. I might have a baptism soon!! AHHHH!!!! So excited!! It’ll probably be in July, because they lady is living with a boyfriend right now, so we have to figure that out. 4. I went on an exchange with the Sister Leaders, and I got to go to San Jeronimo 3 (which is where Cori Hoffman served!) and it was more poor than Ttio, and I had to use my dog thingy! The dogs were scary! 5. I have been talking to my grandma in the mission ALOT! She helps me so much! She’s from Highland and went to UVU, and she gives me so much advice! She is a sister leader, and it was with her that I figured out some of my goals and what I want to do in my mission, like the goals I set and everything. 6.So the ward is super nice! It’s about 50-50, actives and non actives, so we visit alot of non actives, which is nice. Also, they don’t have anyone to play the piano during sacrament meeting, so guess who the new pianist is….. Yep wish me luck hahahaha!


Ok so to answer your questions. Thank you for emailing Elder Estrada for me!!!!!!!!! I really miss my quotes and everything!!! Also any kind of music works!! It’s just for me to play and have fun with, but since I am the new pianist in the ward (Oh I forgot to tell you!!! This lady asked me to teach her son English! It is SOOO hard to learn and I never knew!!!!) I might get to teach some people how to play, but I have no idea yet. So disney, church, anything you think they might like to hear down here!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! And thank you for the clothes! I am going to go to the store today hopefully, and I have no idea what is there, but I need a warm jacket, because when we’re doing laundry, it takes a few days, so I kinda froze for a few days hahaha but it’s ok!! Oh and I am almost better!!! It’s hard to get better down here, because it’s so cold!! But it’s ok!!! Un amything else you asked…… Oh I can’t send memory cards home.,.. They’ll be stolen… sorry… I’ll see if my grandma can help me! Oh and I’m already an aunt! It’s crazy! Today we are going to go to a Waterfall and I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I got your letter mom, I am going to send you and Zach a letter today hopefully, I have no idea where to go. So we shall see. Also, I love hearing about home!! Keep it up!!  And Trader Joe’s eh? I still haven’t been there hahah but I love Pirate O’s!!!! And yes I actually am jealous of Ashleigh’s retainer hahaha. I can’t wait to see the house when I get home!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I’ll go now thank you so much for all you do and the prayers and the quotes and the scriptures!! Let me know if you need anything!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Irvine!!



Week 1-Out in the mission field

Dear Mom and everyone,

So because of time, I have to take pictures of your emails and then write you about them next week so next week will be better!!!!!!!! Yes I am now in Kuzcotopia!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Oh and to explain como….. it means what in english hahaha sorry I say como all the time, because I don’t ever understand hahahahahaha sorry!!!!!!!!!!! So to address some things, one, I have no idea how to send pictures, so no pictures… but I will send a text card home to see if it’ll survive, so I can send you the memory card ok?????? and yes I got your package!!!!! Ilove it!!!!! I love how you wrote toothbrush on it but it was the complete oppposite of a toothbrush hahaha. So here in Cusco, I am the only English speaker, so guess who is learning spanish fast!!! I even  think in Spanish!!!! I have to focus when I am typing or I might switch over, it’s crazy!!!!!!!! An dI love my companion!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so amazing!!! She loves to give me things, so for her half birhtday (her birthday is December 28th) I want to get her stuff!!!!! but we’ll see what I can do!!!!!!!! She’ll be home by the time it is her birthday I am so excited for her!!!! I love her!!!!!! Also, can you email, he has some of my quotes and I can not email the elders in Cuscoi, so is it ok of he mailed them to you and then forward them to me??? All the quotes you give me, I pair up with a scripture so keep them coming!!! I love them!!!! NOE I NEED YOUR MISSION INFO POR FAVOR!!!!!!!!!  So the rings were a hit! Thank you so much for them!!! Little kids lpove them!!!!!! Also, the missionaries down here love my mood ring, everyday they have to put it on and watch it change colors hahaha. So I think that is it… I will write better next week promise!!!!! Until then… wait!!! I invited my first person to baptism this week!!!!! And taught a super small lesson in English!!!!!!! thank you so much for everything you guys, I can’t wati to read your emails!!!!!!!!!!!! Send me more pictures! Even ones of me when I was little, these people love pictures!!!! Thanks!!! And pictures of you guys!!!!!! TAHNK YOU!!!! And you don’t have to send this stuff right away, I can live with them for a good few months thanks!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 :):) 🙂

Con amor,

Hermana Irvine

Hola familia!!!! I made it!!!!! I loved calling

Hola familia!!!! I made it!!!!! I loved calling you, that was so much fun!!! Sorry it was super fast, and I couldn’t hear you very well! It was crazy!!!! But I made it and I met my new companion!!! Cool story, when we were sitting there waiting to know who we got paired up with, I was looking at all the sisters, and I thought ‘That’s my companion!’ and it was!!!!! Her name is Hermana Ceicado and she’s black! She’s from Ecudor and she is so funny!!! We already fought… about batman and superman!!!!!!!!! She is awesome!!! I am so happy to have her!!! I  will tell you more about her on P-day!  I love my new companion!!!! She is so sweet!!!!! Anyways, just wanted to let you know I made it I will talk to you soon! Bye!