Hola everyone!

 I don’t have much to talk about this week, but I have a cool story for all of you! But first off-package: If you haven’t already sent it, could you put in a picture with me with short hair? Nobody believes me when I said I cut it like Rapunzel one time. Oh and please do watch the Best Two Years! It’s so much funnier now! PROMISE! And really… I am a child magnet. I told my companion I need to cut my hair short, because the children this week realized they can tie my hair in knots. Literally. So now I always have a clip with me to clip it up. Also, this week I am having all the photos I have taken put on a disk so I can send it to you guys, rather than a bunch of individual ones that cost a lot of money to send.  I’m glad you guys had fun at Lake Powell!! I remember I did a 20 foot jump I think, but never again! I love knee boarding! Good job you guys! Good job for trying new things and not giving up and sometimes succeeding, just keep practicing, you guys rock!


Ok so my week. This week I had a lot of meetings with the new president and we talked a lot about obedience. Apparently a lot of people can be disobedient in this mission, because it has only been open for 4 years. But it’s all getting fixed! So things are getting better in this mission! Also last Monday, I finally found people to play frisbee with me! And my frisbee got me a contact! YES! I am so proud of that small thing. Also this week, we got a family to go to the temple-for the first time! So we can only watch movies authorized by the church (this will lead to my spiritual thought) and so this week we decided when our penchinista’s family is watching TV, we would put in a church movie and this week it was 17 Miracles. So good! Anyways, as a joke, I told the other English speaking hermana with me that I was going to make a list of miracles in my life, and maybe my life would be made into a movie. But after I said it I thought about it-and guess what I did? I started to make a list of miracles in my life!


So at first they were the big things like the Trek car accident, and the Lake Powell incident with Emily, big things that you know are miracles. However, after that they started to become little things I never realized were miracles. For example, teaching the gospel in a different language, my first week being in Peru! Tiny things you might never think are miracles. I began to realize that my life was full of them; I just never thought to look that closely at them. So my challenge for all of you this week is to write down some of the miracles in your life! Start big! Big is easy, but after that, you will begin to find the little things too. It is so amazing! And maybe your life will become a movie one day :). Oh another thing-I also began to realize that I give miracles to people too, things that are so small to me, are so big to others.


Anyways love you all! I pray for you guys all the time! Also, Noe, I am so glad you got my letter! I can’t wait for yours! Dad where is your freaking letter?! Anyways, got to go! LOVE YOU!



 Nani Irvine



Scorpions, first aid and children



So I haven’t gotten dad’s letter yet… And my keyboard sucks. Also, we got our first missionary couple in Cusco! She took over my piano playing job, but I have my first lesson this week! Also, can I have more fun sheet music? Like John Schmidt or whatever you think of! Thank you!  I FREAKING MISS LAGOON! I hope you guys had fun! And Vernal….sounded like an interesting trip! But will you guys do the temple trip thing with me? I hope Kake and Ash had an awesome time at camp! Lake Powell-geez do all the fun stuff without me! KIDDING! Let me know how it goes. And Zach, use and abuse the only child time! DOIT!


So to my crazy insane week-this week started off with changes. Remember those Elders who were teasing me? They all left! It’s kind of sad now. But it’s ok! One of them went to Quillabomba, and the other two went to…. JULIACA! OHHHHHHH! (doing cool finger snap during that). Juliaca is the place of everybody’s nightmares! But with my luck… that’s where I’ll go. They just barely put sisters in there, because it’s so bad. But I got a new niece!!!! Her name is Hermana Tui’One, she’s awesome! But she speaks really good Spanish already. Now for my intense story. The use of my first aid skills. So this week, we visited a member at her little store (she fixes clothes), when her friend stopped by with her son. Her son was outside playing, when all the sudden we heard him screaming. He came running in with blood gushing out of the back of his head! He had fallen! So I jumped up, my companion took the friend’s baby, and the member handed me a cloth and I stopped the bleeding! YES! Thank you first aid! After that I cleaned it up, checked for a concussion, and the mom took him to the hospital! The only thing wrong with the situation was I didn’t have gloves, but none of the blood got on my hands, and thank you hand sanitizer! Now to the next part, the scorpion-It’s really lame, my companion almost stepped on a scorpion, but I was freaking out, because it was scorpion! A real live one! I wanted to take it with me, but I didn’t have a container for it. On Saturday, me and my companion got ice cream, and watched the best two years! They should make a sequel called The Best Year and a Half! I freaking love that movie! I feel like Elder Calhoun ALL THE TIME! Just watch it and listen to him speak Dutch, and that’s me trying to speak Spanish. So yesterday I finally got to try out the sacrament meeting with kids things. However, this was completely different. To start off, for some reason, little children flock to me. Literally. I go to a meeting, and the next thing I know, some kid is telling me some story and giving me candy! It’s awesome, but crazy. So yesterday, I wasn’t playing the piano, so I got to sit with the congregation. Two girls came and sat with me, gave me candy, asked me questions, and just went bonkers-so what do I do? I gave them a pen and paper. Then two little boys (brothers) come and sit by me, playing with my hair, going through my backpack.-everything. Afterwards, I just sat there and thought ‘That’s what it’s like to have kids…. spare me. But it was totally different! They spoke a language I can barely speak, and they were all the same age, so I would have had to have quadruplets to make that work! But I definitely got to try that out.


So…. time for my thought of the week. I will completely honest right now: I don’t fit in in Peru. Which is ok-and I will tell you why. I love Halloween and Batman. I’m more dangerous than almost everyone else (I cross the street, with no cars anywhere… when it tells me not to… OHHHHH!) and what I think is funny, isn’t funny. For example, after watching The Best Two Years, I tried talking like Elder Calhoun while speaking Spanish, and my companion got mad at me, because she thought I was being serious. And I tried to explain it for 10 minutes, but it wasn’t until I completely gave up and sat there for 10minutes did she get it, but it still wasn’t funny. SOOOOO I was really discouraged. But then I got to thinking that we just need to be ourselves, always. Even if it hard, or it doesn’t seem like it’s cool, just be yourself. ALWAYS! After I realized that, I felt so much better!


Anyways, thank you for the prayers, wish Grandpa happy birthday for me, and thank you so much for the email! LOVE YOU ALL!


Love, Nani Irvine





Hola everyone!


So to talk about you guys first! Let me know what you think of the Impossible! Amanda told me what she thought and I want to watch it SO BAD! Also, the dog peeing story is totally Karma! The new address is the mission home address! And I GOT THE PACKAGE! Thank you so much! I hope I got everything, I had to go down to the post office, pay them seven soles, and then they had to open the box in front of me and make sure it was all safe. So I hope I got it all! Also, we have changes today, and it sounds like all my friends I’ve made are leaving me! But I think it’s a joke, we joke about that a lot. But it is ok! I love everyone here! My companion is awesome and the investigators are just plain interesting ha-ha, but I love them! Thank you so much for the quotes! I miss my quotes so much! And Noe I love you so much too! You’re in my prayers too!


Now to my week. Every once and while I get hard weeks, and this one was one, but I tried to be positive and for every negative I thought of, I had to think of a positive. For example, “Ahhhh it’s so freaking cold!!! I hate it!!!” I would then think of “At least I have clothes that keep warm, and that it’s not snowing. Oh and my bed will be warm tonight!!” It’s been hard, but it helps! Last P-day I got to go sightseeing! I wen tot the Plaza de Armas and got McDonalds (as you can see in the picture) and it was so good! McDonalds has never tasted so good before! I also got a batman dream catcher, to make up for not having my lucky dream catcher with me!!! I had a few bad dreams (all of which were in Spanish), so I think it’s just me being weird ha-ha so I bought one that looks like Batman!!!! YES!!! Also you guys are getting my picture with batman!!!! What else… Oh we taught this family and their son is so adorable!!! They gave us tea (or was it fake coffee…) and when we were done, the little boy (6 years old!) came up to us, bowed and said something along the lines of “Let me take that for you” in Spanish! So adorable!!! When we went to leave he shook our hands, kissed them, then walked us to the door and gate and held them open for us!!! SO CUTE!”! However, he reminds me of Zach, because my companion told his parents that he reminded her of someone in Puno, but he was special needs, and his parents said “What are you talking about? He is!” but it was just joke ha-ha, but he’s funny just like Zach and is just as gentlemanly! I have actually been finding people’s doppelgangers here! It’s weird! I don’t have everyone yet, but Dad has one! His family is planning on going to the temple in a year! Woot woot! I also got to go to the Mission President’s office, and I loved it there!!! Everyone is so funny! But afterwards, we had to bring someone with us, and long story short… most awkward day ever, because my companion and her DO NOT get along at all. Kind of scary, But it’s all good now!!! Also I found a family who is going to call you guys when they get back to the states!!! I will let them deliver the news to you, but they made me so happy!!!!!! Now it is time for my spiritual message.


So this week my companion’s shoes broke. They were just these flimsy rubber things. They weren’t really shoes in my opinion; her feet were always so cold. And they broke. And we didn’t know what to do. Well I remembered I had an extra pair of shoes, I hadn’t worn very much. So I asked her what size her feet were, and guess what. They were exactly the same! So I gave her my shoes! At first I was really hesitant, because I knew I would need them at some point, but as soon as I had that thought I thought “What are shoes made for? To be worn. And she needs them.” She was so thankful and they actually keep her feet a little bit more warm! But afterwards I was thinking, what are the chances that we would have the same exact size of shoe. Slim. And then I realized that God made us a certain way, even our feet are made to what he wants, and sometimes we don’t like what we have “My feet are too big” or “my feet are too small”, but God was so specific when he made us, we don’t have flaws. We are what God wanted us to be. How cool is that? Anyways that is my thought!!!!! I hope you guys have a great week!!! Keep up the emails I love them!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!


Love, Nani Irvine



Another week in Cusco

Dear everyone!!!!

How are you all doing?????? So I will start off with me and what I forgot to explain last week, the dog. So last week I and my awesome companion were teaching this police officer out in the street. About half way through I felt sometime warm and wet on my foot. Yes a dog just peed on me. I stayed calm, because it was the middle of the lesson, but I kept my eye on the dumb dog! And I kept thinking, it’s ok later you can just wash it off, it’s ok. Well when we went to go leave, I looked away from the dog for 5 seconds (literally) to shake the guy’s hand, and it peed on the other foot! Everyone was asking me why I didn’t just kick and it was because I was saying bye to the guy! Good thing that dog ran after or I would have kicked it! Anyways, to this week!!! There’s a movie I think you guys would like, it’s called Lo Impossible in Spanish, and so I’m thinking The Impossible in English? Anyways, it has Ewan McGregor in it and I heard it was so good from my penchinista!!!! So watch it and tell me what you think!!!!! Also, my companion thinks I have the coolest thing ever, a mood ring. She wants one, so if it’s possible could you send one to her?? Also, our address changed… its Misiòn Cusco Av. La cultura 2417 Frente la Urb. Santa Ursula La capilla Mormona Cusco, Peru. Anyways, I hope my package makes it!!!! Last P-day we went to Tiron and it was super cool!!!! I will try to send pictures! Also, my investigator from last week (Gladys) we gave her a date and she said no, but we’re working on her! But her son is sort of a member (it’s very complicated…. he believed what the missionaries said and felt it was true, but he doesn’t believe anything is true about this church and he believes in the saints… very weird…) (oh we’re working on him too) they got a new puppy and I thought it was cutest thing ever!!!!!! Anyways they let me name their dog!!!! Guess what I named it!!!!!! ….. BATMAN!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I officially have a picture with Batman!  Also Gladys has been teaching me Quechua!!!! I need to practice before speaking it, so another week I will try. I also got to celebrate the 4th of July down here!!!! They made cupcakes!!! YAY!!!! And my penchinista’s family had guinea pig so wait till you see that picture.  Disturbing story for you, I helped my companion make chicken for a family for family home evening (SOOOO GOOOD!!!!! I have the recipe don’t worry!!!) But it was so unsanitary. So we handle the chicken, and without even washing our hands, we started onto the next part. Everything was contaminated and afterwards there was nowhere to wash my hands, so I had to eat with gross hands (I washed them under freezing cold water, but that was the best I could do…) and I was so grossed out. But I am not sick!!! PRAYER TRUELY WORKS!!! You have no idea how many prayers I said over the food while we were making it. Also… There’s a new law being made in the universities down here and there have been a lot of protests and a lot of police officers… kind of sketchy. I have no idea what is going on, but from what my penchinista showed us on the news… it’s bad. Like I watched a group of guys beat a police officer with 2X4s, so if you know anything about this, please let me know. Also, today I had to practice giving someone a baptismal date with my companion… and the Zone leader. Freaking 3 elders volunteered us!!!!! I was so embarrassed!!!!! AHHHHH!!! But the elders that volunteered us chanted my name like this “Ear-Bee-Nay!!!” and I just wanted to turn around and say “That’s not even my name!!!” Glad we’re all friends.




Nani Irvine

Hey I don´t have a lot of time

Hey I don´t have a lot of time today, because of our new president! HE is so cool and he can talk English with me with helps out ALOT! However, we don´t know what the rules are yet, so we only 30 minutes today instead of 60.  Yeah sanitation is sketchy… I only get to wash my hands in the morning and in the night, and sometimes that is with soap… gross… Inti Raymi was EPIC! Literally! Turns out they really don´t sacrifice a llama, but they do purchase a real heart and burn it. Which I watched! It was so cool! I was all in Quechua! But to get there, you have to go to the Plaza de Armas (which I love!) and then go up and up and up! Like it is a constant walk uphill! But it´s up at the cool wall place! My Spanish is improving! This week I was translating a lot, in both languages! So I hope it keeps improving! I finished Jesus the Christ. THAT BOOK IS AMAZING! I love it! OH this week we celebrated my companions half birthday with super good pizza! Loved it! And we had our first investigator come to church!!!! We are hoping for a baptism, because I think she really found a home in the ward! Anyways gotta go! Love you! And I am sending that letter today!


Love, Hermana Irvine