Hole familia y amigos!

So first to you guys, I was hoping you guys had a lot more to say than I do today, but we’ll get there!!!!!! First off, congrats EMILY! FREAKING! I wish I was there, but it’s ok! I just need a lot of photos! And write me!!!!!! Same with you Sam! I don’t ever hear from you guys! Anyways… Sorry the guy next me smells kind of bad and is playing Fire Emblem. Zach come here and teach him how to play, because he sucks. ANYWAYS! Yeah I heard that story about the missionaries! We’re kind of nervous what that might do to all of us……. But nothing will stop the work! Sounds like you guys are all ready to go back to school! And good job mom and ash! WAY TO GO! I can’t get up on skis. And you guys are feeling sick? We’ll get to that one in minute, but I totally know how you feel. 


So here’s my week. Me and Hermana Black are good now, we figured out all our differences, so we’re good now. But last Tuesday, it finally happened! …. I threw up. Don’t we all wish that sentence ended differently? I sure do. But it’s ok, I was down for the whole week (and I should still be down, but we’ll get there) I got a blessing, I’m on an antibiotic now (that isn’t helping), but I didn’t throw up again. But my companion went to Macchu Picchu and she hates to hike, so she hated it. But at least she got the chance to go right? Now time for the big news…. This morning an announcement was made to me and my companion…. Tomorrow…. Me and my companion…. have changes! I’M GOING SOMEWHERE NEW! Where do you guys think I’m going? I’m thinking Juliaca, but there’s Puerto (hot), Andahualas, Puno, Abancay, Siquani, and…I think that’s it. But my companion is going somewhere too, they’re closing our sector. AHHHH! So next week I’ll tell you where I am! But I still feel sick, I can’t quite throw this, but eh whatever. I can live, probably just a parasite or something. Kidding! I hope. But Really, I think I’ll be fine by next week!


So Spiritual thought. So lastly I’ve been thinking a lot about my mission and why I was here, because when Elder Cook talked to us, he told us how specific each of our missions were. He told us how even though they give out about 500 mission calls a Friday; it is decided individually for us. Sometimes they feel like we need to go to one place, but afterwards they feel wrong about it, and will go back and change it. Wow right??? I think that’s the same with each of us. We are exactly where we need to be and even if we feel like we’re 1 in a million, Heavenly Father looks at each us and knows exactly what we each need.


Anyways love you guys!!!! Can’t wait to hear your guesses!

Nain Irvine




A day late-but doing great!

Dear everyone,

I hope you were all worried sick about why I didn’t write yesterday. Kidding. I know you guys wouldn’t worry about that, but I am completely fine! I would send you pictures today, but I don’t have my camera for the day, but we’ll get to that. We’ll get to everything I want to tell you in a minute, but you guys first! First off, there is a guy named Elder Pope in Sandy? He’s from Cusco if you ever find him! And the Walker Family!


Anyways. Mom I got your letter and package (finally!) Also, if you’re reading this, send me your address and I will write you! And I also got your letter Noe! I’ll send you one next week! Same with you mom! And Kake! I like sending them all at one time! But also, I have a feeling I’m getting changed next week…. so stay tuned!  And yeah I remember about Brittany! Give me her address and I’ll write her! And Brock! I will write you a letter too once you get to your mission! It should be there when you get there; I’ll send it next week!  And Kake good job with the videos! I can’t wait to watch them! And sorry Zach about being sick, I hope you like Walking Dead! Also, how’s Doctor Who? I have terrible fear that one day my penchinista’s husband will be flipping through channels and I’ll see Doctor Who…….. Freak. Any way’s now to my week!


So to start off, I had this huge story all planned out for you why I didn’t write yesterday, it had pictures and everything. But like I said I don’t have my camera, but we’ll get there (don’t worry I still have it! Just not today!) So here’s the story: I’m so sorry I didn’t write yesterday! Cusco had a huge cold storm come through! We were at our meeting, all freezing to death, with frostbite on our hands and feet. If you scroll down you can see my hands. Yeah my pinkie broke off because of the cold, but we have to wait for it to pass before I can go to the hospital to get it all taken care of. However, a few of us were brave enough to face weather to write our families and that’s why I’m here. And it’s so hard to write… Ok how was that for a story? Down below you would have seen a picture of my hands pitch black in my gloves and what looks like a missing pinkie.


But here’s the real story. So last p-day we all played volleyball and while we were playing we were quoting Brian Regan (MADE MY DAY!) and I finally got some respect! Kidding. Afterwards, one of the Hermanas’ asked me to dye her hair black and the gloves were freaking HUGE! So I put some Vaseline on (because we thought that would work) and I dyed it. Without gloves. My fingernails are still black, but all the paint is gone I just have to paint my fingernails red. But I went to a member’s house and he gave me some Turpentine and a steel scrub brush and told me to scrub. Yes I have cuts all over my hands, but the black is gone! My penchinista’s husband almost washed my hands with Gasoline, but it was gone before we could. This week I also sang in the missionary choir, because a seventy was coming and we were going to sing to him. Well turns out we had to sing yesterday for something a little bit bigger than a seventy….. Elder Wadell, Elder Tad R. Callister, and Elder  QUENTIN L. COOK (yes that’s right) came! It was so amazing! At one point he needed someone to read from Preach My Gospel (In Spanish) and my little hand shot up and I got to read in front of everyone in Spanish! YES! I felt so amazing for 30 seconds! But I have so many spiritual thoughts for you guys I don’t know where to start…. Oh I forgot! I don’t have my camera, because my companion has it, because she’s at MACCHU PICCU AS I WRITE! WOOT WOOT! Hermana Black is my companion today, just like in the CCM! WOOT WOOT! But last night I was so mad, because we woke up at 12:30 thinking she had to leave, wandered around in the dark for half hour, called someone and found she leaves at 2:30! So then I had to wake up an hour later and take her to the bus, where everyone was, looking like a freak. Yep. But I’ll talk to you guys next week!! LOVE YOU!

Nani Irvine

Gift and Curses

Hey everyone!


So first about you guys! To answer your questions, my companion gets released this October. October 8th to be exact, she is always reminding me.  She’s going to go to Macchu Picchu at the end of this month! I want to go, but I want my Spanish to be TONS BETTER! Also, mom, my penchinista wants to be friends with you on Facebook! Her name is Maria Eugenia Solis Zuñiga, she only speaks Spanish, but her son and husband speak a little English, but just use Google translate or whatever if you want to talk with her. The story about my baptism ends really sad… But to that later, it ties with my spiritual thought.  It’s cold, but winter should end soon, but it’s always cold here unless you’re in Madre de Dios (Puerto) or Siquane (I think…). Puerto is hot, and Siquani is normal. No mano… I haven’t heard it. I’ll try it out and tell you what happens. The Visa thing!!!!!! I was in the MTC when they sent the test group! Hermana Tui’One is one of them and we still don’t know if she got her’s yet. I want to see the new temple movie! YES!  Sounds like they had a lot of fun at EFY! Can we please do that tour? And the cows! That KILLED me! But when I first read the name of Kake’s cow I was like “That’s a mistake… Don’t date him…”, but I’m sure he’s great! And if they do get married, then Grandma Maisie really will be her grandma!  Zach!!! Was she his cow? Because if so, that is SOOOOO PERFECT! I freaking love it! I want a Doctor Who shirt for my nerdness.  How was the wedding?


Ok to me. So this week was rough, but I just want to mention the things that made me smile this week. They’ll be random, but they all made me smile. So this week me and my companion were eating suckers, and for some reason my was… what’s the word?… Well mine was more gone then her’s was, and she said “How is that possible??” (this is all on Spanish of course) and I said “I have no idea…” and then I thought and laughed and said “It’s because I have the gift of tongues!”   Bytheway, I hope these make you smile too. Most of my stories involve kids. The rest happened yesterday. So yesterday, the little boy who literally ties my hair knots, Glader, found me at church and starts trying to waltz with me. Literally. And I am just laughing saying, “I can’t dance! I’m a missionary!”, while this is going on, my ZONE leader walks out and see this. Yep I was embarrassed, but I was laughing too much to care. There was a baptism yesterday and my companion went to the bathroom, which is right by the baptismal font door, and one of the Elders went to baptize someone, but I thought they were going to go into the girl’s bathroom, and I said “No!”, and he said “…What….” and I told him I thought he was going into the girl’s bathroom and he said “No I’m going to baptize someone!”  After church yesterday, one of our investigators couldn’t go to church, so she sent her children with us. Well after church we lost them, and we’re running to their house to see if they’re there, they weren’t and we go running back, and we find the daughter, but we’re still missing the son. So I look around and I see him (we’re outside) at the complete other side of the church and I shout “Rhy!” (that’s his name) and he turns around, sees me and runs to me saying “HERMANA!!!!!!” and jumps and give me the biggest hug!!! So CUTE!!!!!! I also tried praying in English out loud, which failed miserable (I almost switched into Spanish and I couldn’t remember some words in English) so I finished in defeat and my companion just laughed and laughed and told me that was just sad. Last story, today while waiting for the chapel to be open so we could have our Zone meeting, the elders were standing on the grass talking, when all the sudden… the sprinklers came on! It was so funny watching them run.


Ok spiritual thought. So this week I was thinking a lot of the song ‘Gifts and Curses’ by Yellowcard (One of my favorite songs! But I couldn’t remember the words, I just remembered the title), because something happened. So our cute investigator that wanted to be baptized, called her parents, who said she couldn’t be baptized. After that we tried to talk to her, but she literally would not talk to us. She wants NOTHING to do the church now. I was so discouraged. I remembered my blessing in the MTC how I was going to have a hard mission and I thought “Great. There goes my curse again.”, but afterwards I kept thinking about that and guess what. It’s not a curse. It’s a gift. And that gift is going to bless me so much, even if it’s hard. And I just have to keep remembering that. It’s been hard, but I know I will receive blessings. Anyways that’s it for this week! LOVE YOU ALLLL!


Love, Nani Irvine





Dear everyone!


Hola! So this week I finally learned that being obedient really does bring blessings into your life! Not that I wasn’t obedient before, I just finally got to see some MAJOR blessings from it! I also finally bought a super warm jacket; I am SOOOOO bringing it home with me! But first to you guys!


Thank you for the package! And it is ok about the Reese Peanut Butter cups; just make sure you have a big bag for me because the peanut butter down here is CRAP! It is so freaking disgusting! I HATE IT SO MUCH! But it’s ok. And the Spanish, Brayden is right! I have learned it so fast! I can understand everything now; I just have problems getting the right words out! And mom don’t give upon Rosetta stone! It will work, it’s hard to grow accustomed to hearing Spanish, especially when it’s fast, just give it time, have faith, and don’t give up! Oh and technically… I have 14 months left I leave at the beginning of October (my companion counted it out for me, because she’s so trunky) but the weeks are slow, but the changes are so fast! I want pictures of their EFY! I want to go there too! And let me know how Ashleigh’s camp is, but I bet she liked being the only at home, because everything is all hers!


Ok so to my awesome week! One of our families came to church finally! And they liked it! YES! But here is the story I really want to share with you….. So this week we were teaching one of our investigators about the Book of Mormon and it was our second time with her. After she read the second to last paragraph I asked her what she thought and she said “I believe… I want to be baptized.” OH MY GOSH! I almost cried! She will be our first baptism! But here’s my spiritual thought kind of. So this week I began to realize that all the problems I have seen and had in my life have helped me helped others with theirs, because I know someone that went through that or I went through it. It is so cool! Everything really does happen for a reason! Anyways LOVE YOU ALLL!


Hermana Irvine