Do you need a sewing machine? Because you looked ripped.

HEY EVERYONE! I hope that pick up line brought a smile to all you faces! We all need to smile every day, so there’s what I hope is at least one smile today! But speaking of ripped…. as me and my gringa companion explained it last night “Our legs look like they belong on a marble statue of Hercules, because they are just that ripped… and that white.” There I hope you smiled again! I’m kidding they’re not quite that white or that ripped, but you get the point.   But to you guys first!


Thank you for the compliments about my writing mom.  I just remember what kind of emails I would want to receive and I try not to leave anything out about my crazy adventures here! Literally crazy, but LOVE IT! Yeah Yobanna was my companion for two days, because my comp was in in Lima for her visa and yeah she’s feeling much better now that we have killed the parasite! And yes. There are so many drunks here. It’s crazy. You learn to walk fast and ignore them. And our lessons are going good I guess, last week this cute boy was learning to say “I’m good” but he couldn’t really say it and ended up saying “I’m God! I’m God!” I was laughing pretty hard and his mom was too. I love your Pirate day! I wish I could have remembered so I could have been a Pirate too! But that also means it was Eric’s birthday, so HAPPY BITHDAY ERIC! How did your job interviews go? Are you guys officially moving to Utah? Keep me updated!  TYLER! We are officially in the same continent AGAIN! How does that make you feel? SEND ME YOUR EMAILS MAN! How’s Argentina treating you? What day will you officially be in Uruguay?? Keep me updated on that too!


Now to my week. Mom got your letter! I’m writing you back! However I don’t know where the post office is, so it might be a bit! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I didn’t forget it! That whole day I would be like “If only my mom were here to witness that weird thing that just happened” and I thought about you all day! Thank you for writing me every week! So this week we FINALLY did our first service project! I had to shovel dirt into a bag, which then had to be carried to someone’s house on the top of the hill. My back hurt afterwards, but it was so worth it! I also thought of some other things I might need…. Leggings (for the cold), and two or three mood rings, just send Zach to the nickelcade and have him win some or something.  Hermano Carlos keeps stealing mine. 


So time for my spiritual thought and a story from my week!!!! So yesterday I was just having a rough day, just a day that we all have sometimes, and I had to play the piano in my ward (like usual), but I was having that hardest time and I couldn’t do it. I played two times and I literally gave up afterwards and refused to leave my seat to go play. Well the first time I did this, my friend Hermano Carlos was sitting right behind me and my companion with a less active we asked him to pass by for, and he realized what I was doing and starts saying “Earbean (because nobody here can say Irvine)… Earbean…. The piano… you need to play it… it wants you…” and all this stuff and I just sang and shook my head furiously, basically saying that I refuse, kind of wanting to cry because I felt really stupid. The last time this happens he does it again and this time I turn around to give him a glare and just as I do it, he starts looking around like he has no idea what is going on and I start laughing, because I hadn’t found a reason to laugh today yet, but I have to try and keep singing too. Well afterwards he’s just talking to me because he realizes that I’m having a rough day, and I show him my mood ring and my Lord of the Rings ring, and next thing I know is I just see him running down the hallway saying “I’ll give these to you after church!!!!!” and then starts rubbing the mood ring saying “AMOR AMOR AMOR!!!!!” (I think it’s because he’s trying to date another girl in our ward, but I’m not really sure…. he’s 32 have I told you that?) and I’m just laughing all over again, because everything is just so crazy in my life it sometimes seems like. Well after church we always have to meet with the Bishopric and other people that have presidency callings and talk to them about the work, (Billy Joel is playing right now…. Love it.) And Hermano Carlos is there and my companion is the one who always talks and I never do, and he knows this. So during the meeting he mouths to me “Talk or I will keep these rings… forever….” and so I talk a little bit afterwards and whatever, but apparently that wasn’t good enough, because next things I know I look over at him and he’s polishing the rings saying “Precious… Precious….” and I have to fit every nerve in my body that wants to laugh. But anyways, long story short… he still has my dumb rings. But the moral of the story is, just because of those funny moments he made happen, my whole day got better, because I was starting to be happier. And he doesn’t even know the impact of that! So I try to smile once a day again and not let a day like that get me down again. We are here to be happy and our happiness can influence those around us!! So don’t forget to smile everyone! Just picture a crazy little Peruvian man whispering precious or something, but don’t forget to smile! Everyone needs to report back with one thing that made them smile this week, because, like I said, our happiness influences those around us and I want to be influenced by your happiness!


Keep up the emails everyone and keep up those smiles! Noe I am so proud of you and all the smiles you have every day, even though you’re having a rough TIME. Not just a day! Keep it up ok? And remember…. you’re not fat, and our dad (Batman) is very proud of you and saying that’s my girl 🙂


CHOW! Nani Irvine! 🙂 <—– DON’T FORGET!



Still in Puno and loving it!

Dear everyone,

Sorry I got to be fast!  First you guys!  CONGRATS ABBIE!  You will do so well in Lithuania!  Congrats Stephen on getting married! Congrats Echo on the baby girl! And Elliot is in Puno Central, I’m in Bellavista, so we’re neighbors. I see him sometimes. Thank you for the address! Other missionaries reading this (or other people) if you give me your snail mail addresses I will write you with a few pictures! YOU GUYS! THAT DIRTY DASH THING MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD! Please send me photos!!! I am so happy you guys are representing me by being my flag! I hope people didn’t think you were gay, because you guys were a freaking rainbow. Zach you are so CUTE! I love your response to that question, make sure to write that in your journal and never forget it ok? 


So to my week really quick! Weird things I have heard this week: A drunken guy saw me and my companion and said Good morning to us, but… for morning his voice went really deep and creepy! It was so FUNNY!  Another, a guy called us Malditas, and I looked at him with a straight face and said I don’t understand, but he basically called us wicked. But worse. Don’t look it up. And the last thing is two people have called us Satan. Fun stuff. Not really but I can’t help but laugh. I have also seen 6 DEAD BIRDS! This week. 3 were in one day, one of which was in front of our door. The 4th one was in front of our penchinistas house, and that freaked me out, because that was exactly how the first one was…. ANYWAYS!!!!!! We started teaching classes for English and piano this week, and yes I am the pianist for this ward too. But freaking Hermano Carlos plays too! But he always comes late so he doesn’t have to play and I suck. So I will make him play before I leave. He has become a good friend here, he is always helping me and my companion with our Spanish and he has even offered to help with Quechua, which I might need help with. I bought a book so I can learn, and I have a BoM in Quechua too, so hopefully I will be trilingual! I am also helping the primary learn songs to sing in Sacrament in October. THEY ARE SO FLIPPIN CUTE! Love them all! But cool story, my companion before (Hermana Caicedo)… remember how I celebrated her half birthday with her? So this week the elders said I had gotten something from her. SHE REMEMBERED MY HALF BIRTHDAY! She wrote me this cute card, with a stuffed animal, a keychain of a frog (sapo) and a rose! I MISS HER SO MUCH.  I can’t believe she’s going home soon!  Make sure to find her on Facebook when she gets home! 


Spiritual message: As I have said before, I have made some truly great friends (Don’t worry my friends from before the mission (NOE!) they still haven’t taken your places in my heart!) and I have been so surprised. All I want to do is help them in every way I can. I love them so much! They have been so great to me and they help me with so much! This is something I always want to have with me, I want to be able to help a person in my shoes and love them just as much as they have loved me. It is so life changing and I never want to forget it.


Well that’s it for this week. Oh one more thing. This sector was so made for me, because…. IT’S IN THE SHAPE OF THE BATMAN SIGNAL!  Kinda. But still! EPIC!  Love you all so much! CHOW!


Nani Irvine


Cold hands, Warm heart

HOLA! Amazing week! But to that later! I am sitting here typing this, with a soaking wet back, my new batman shirt (THANK YOU MOM! I GOT YOUR PACKAGE AND I FREAKED WHEN I PULLED IT OUT!), and flour all over my back and the biggest smile on my face! We had this super fun activity at our meeting this morning that involved water, flour, eggs being cracked on heads, and the scriptures. But anyways! To you guys first!


I am so glad you got that! Did you follow my directions for it? I thought those songs were great for those pictures are they on Facebook now? And Ash when you come, I will show you were to get those kind of  shoes and then you’ll be epic, just like me! And for the parasite….. they had to check a certain bodily output and do some tests on it. I hope that makes sense. But I haven’t had to go to the doctor’s personal, and I am doing great! Hermana Wahlen is still here and rocking the cold better than I can, but not important! We can all live through this!  Thanks for that one email, ask Emily for her info please!  And Noe! I love you so much!  I read your emails every week and I pray for you every day! You are so strong; I know you can do this! Write me soon so I can talk to you and send you words of love! Not romantic words (even though we were couple of year), just words to let you know how loved you are! And I was thinking about you guys coming here, and I was wondering if you guys would want to come back after I came home and got released or if you guys just wanted to come straight here, either works for me! But let me know how far along you guys are and if you have any problems, I could probably talk to some people here to work out something! The Uros…. Right as we were all ready to leave, they changed the rules and nobody can go to the Uros now, which is sad, but I can always come back with you guys! I’m trying to also learn some Arumay (or whatever it’s called) so when we go I can talk to them! Kake… I just have quote for you, the one from Spiderman 2 I just love so much, just give up, a bigger dream will come along and you can ride that one into shore, but be strong and know that you have people (like me) that pray for you every day.  And Kake! I am so happy you’re going to homecoming! Send me pics! And Zach good job with Cross country, you keep rocking it ok?


Now to me. So I forgot to tell you, but along with the car accident that happened, one girl asked me if I was from Mexico. YO=U GUYS I LOOK MEXICAN! I CAN OFFICALLY GO LIVE IN SPAIN! Anyways h just thought that was funny. Me and my companion also started a quote wall with all the dumb things we say (Ablalababa come down from the banana tree…. What you want us flacitas in the back of this car? What about some winays!)… really dumb things we say… anyways! She also almost got robbed, but my companion is a boss and grabbed the guys backpack and said (in Spanish) “Hey this is mine!” so he dropped it and ran. Also one morning I went to put on my jacket (because it’s so flipping cold!) and thought I had a wrapper in my sleeve, so when I pulled my arm through I went to look at the wrapper and guess what… it wasn’t a wrapper… it was a freaking DRAGONFLY! What the crap right? I threw it and said “WHAT THE HECK!?” so we swept it outside and it stalked me for two days…. weird and creepy right? Last p-day one kid got a package with candy and we all had a party! Amazing. Um what else….so this week one university had a fiesta, where they walked literally through our whole sector, dancing, all day… literally. It did not stop until the next day. And guess what else that means. DRUNKS. Everywhere. I have never seen so many drunken people in my life! They would try to talk to me and my companion and we would either ignore them or speak nonsense so they’d leave us alone. Which was interesting, kind of fun, but nothing dangerous don’t worry!!!!!!!!!! I even got a lot of the dances on video so wait till you see them!!!!!!! Mom you might get a little sick, but just try to bear through it ok?? I’m trying to weave through crowds at the same time and yeah. I even got a gorilla man on those videos… good times. But time for my spiritual thought and for why this week was so good!


So this week, Thursday to be exact, me and my companion were in the chapel, when a bunch of people in the ward came in (two of them are now my friends on Facebook (or should be) one is Jobanna and the other is Carlos Zamalloa or something like that,(we just call him Carlos Mayonaise) and we were all just talking and laughing, when I just had this feeling come over me. This had never happened to me in Cusco, but I just had this feeling of so much love for Puno. So much! I haven’t been able to get this smile off my face of how much I love Puno! Every time I talk with the people here or I see the new friends I have made here, I just don’t want to leave! I want to end my mission here! I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE! I love it so much! I might actually cry when I have to leave, but I hope that isn’t for a while. That’s why I called this email ‘Cold hands, warm hearts’, because, their hands are all so cold, but they love each other and us SO MUCH! I think the colder the place is, the more loving the people are 🙂 who’d have thought I would have found a home is almost the coldest place I have ever been right? But now I really feel like I have a real reason for being here and I feel like so many of these people were meant for me to find. I love Puno so much! When you guys come, we might have to stay here for a few extra days just so you can feel the love here 🙂


Anyways love you all! Never forget who you are! BE BOSSES!


Love Nani Irvine



This week has been one of the craziest weeks ever!

Dear family and everyone else!


So first to you guys! THAT’S HER! The red head you saw in that picture! Her first name is Bethanie Horlacher, she’s awesome! And MOM! You know Hermana Wahlen! Remember when we met with Cori and there was one girl’s mom that was with us? That’s her mom! And her mom has this cool way to do packages through this carrier woman, so if you can talk to her and see how it goes and if it’s a better way to do things! Did you get my letter? And the cold…. nope it’s always cold. My first day here it snowed, which it hasn’t done in let see… 10 years! FREAKING! And today it was hailing. I’ve brought a curse with me. But they have this cool place (get it?) that you can go to on Thursday (we can only go once every change/transfer) and buy warm clothes for super cheap! For example, boots for 30-40 soles, which in dollars, is less that 20 dollars. Yep that’s a steal of deal. And I love YOPO! I should have done YOCO, but it’s actually a possibility to do Puno twice, there’s two zones in Puno and it’s common to do both hahahahaha, but whatever! I still like it! And my companion being sick… we were only inside for one day this week, which was ok, it gives me a lot of time to study! Love it! But this week we started to kill her parasite, so hopefully things will be better! She hasn’t had a whole lot of pain since the day she was down. So I hope it gets better! And it is only us in the apartment, which is small, and really cold, but you got to love it right? and we kind of got a new penchinista, we share a penchinista with the Zone leaders right, but not for dinner, because that area is dangerous at night, so we have a different penchinista, but if this month goes good with her, we’ll switch all meals over to her! She’s really nice, and they have one of the nicest houses I have seen here! So that’s really nice. Yeah I can talk to Hermana Caicedo, but she hasn’t written me back… so I might have the wrong email. She’s supposed to call me. Anyways! YES! You’re back in Young Women’s! I bet that made you happy! But I feel bad for those poor girls, the program just got a little crazier. Again. And god job Ash on getting into that play! And don’t feel bad that your part is small; sometimes the smallest parts make the biggest difference! And that’s coming from someone who is out in Puno and is pretty sure is playing a small part, but knows it’ll make a difference! And I LOVE Sleepy Hollow!  And good job Zach with Cross Country! You’re going to rock it! You’ll get to first place, I know you will! And good job Kake on Seussical! I have heard that that play is super cute! And I love your guys’ experience with prayer! The temple one was cool, because that would have been sad if you couldn’t have gone after traveling all that way, and the one with dad was super cool, because I know what that’s like! But my favorite was the one about the screw, I laughed, but I knew that the power of prayer is true from your experience.


Oh Hermana Wahlen’s mom’s number is 8015506070. Anyways! To my week. Actually first, today for p-day we’re going somewhere EPIC. The Uros! And now you’re thinking, what is that? I’ll tell you what it is. THE FLOATING ISLANDS ON LAKE TITIKAKA! AHHHHH! Super excited for that! Just FYI. But now to my week. So this week, Hermana Horlacher had to go to Lima for her identification, so I had to find someone to stay with me. I picked Yobanna, she’s the girl who just added me on Facebook  she made me translate your message to her and then translate her message to you guys into English for you, it was fun. Kind of. And I kind of got the chance to train! I really think that in this next change I will be training. But that’s just my guess, I always make guesses like this way early on, but it was really fun. I didn’t really know the area very well, since I have only been here for almost two weeks, only one week at the time, so that was hard, but I was able to help her learn so much about what it means to be a missionary! Hopefully she’ll serve now, but that story is complicated. Then Hermana Horlacher came back… WITH DUNKIN DONUTS! Made my week! But she was sick, so we were inside the day after, which gave me time to study. And then we taught a few people and did some missionary stuff, but time for my other big story, but that’s part of my spiritual thought.


So Spiritual thought. So yesterday, my companion had the impression that we had to visit this lady, who lives up this stairs, and then up these hills, but we knew probably wouldn’t be home. BUT we followed it anyways. So lesson 1, ALWAYS (SIEMPRE) follows the spirit! So we start towards the stairs when we see the weirdest thing. There is car at the top of these stairs, and then it started to go down them, but stopped. And I say out loud “What the freak are they doing?” So we go up there and find out it’s an emergency. Some guy was trying to learn to stick shift drive (because that’s all they drive down here) and almost went down a whole freaking thing of stairs. So we start running to member’s houses and knocking on doors, but nobody was home. We finally found this cute little old woman, who had her son call the police and then came with us to the site of the accident. Nobody was hurt FYI. So we finally get another car to come pull this other car back up the stairs and into safety, but we’re missing ropes. So they find one rope, ONE ROPE, and it looked so weak to me. I just started saying “No.No.No. Nononononononono.” And I start to panic. They then pull out a rope that looks the same as the other one and so now they have two ropes that look weak. I just turn to my companion and I say “We need to pray. RIGHT NOW.” so we go down this ripped up road and pray. We come back, they have now tied one rope between the cars and the other one has 3 or 4 people on it, ready to pull. They put me and my companion in the back of the 2nd car for weight and believe it or not, we got that car into safety. So lesson 2, the power of prayer works! Just like you guys testified this week! Don’t forget those two things!




Love, Hermana Irvine



Where in Peru is Hermana Irvine?



Well to start off I got your letter dad! And I sent off one to you guys and Noe! The one to you guys has pictures on a DVD, but you have to follow my directions! And I am feeling better, my poor new companion has a parasite, so I was kind of worried I had one, but I am feeling tons better now! And I am so glad they’re catching those men! I don’t want people to think badly missionaries. Now you guessed Puerto…. I wish that’s where I was! I am in the 2nd coldest mission (Juliaca being the first (My guess was wrong!)) I am in…. Bellavista…. PUNO! It’s so flipping cold, it snowed my first day here! I’m officially not being trained anymore, but I’m not the senor companion, just a junior, which is cool. Hermana Caicedo is in Sacred Valley! And they actually didn’t close my sector, they split it between two sister leaders, who are now training Hermana Black and Sheets to be sister leaders! But ready for my new companion? Your jaws will drop. Her name is… Hermana…. Horlacher! Now I know they haven’t dropped yet, but now they will. She’s a GRINGA! We’re two gringas together in a Spanish world, and we’ve been in Cusco the exact same amount of time (she was a visa waiter so she’s been on her mission since December) We are FREAKING OUT! But it’s so good! She’s a cute little ginger ha but we’re a lot alike! I just hope we can do this! We have a lot of hope and faith! And if your jaw still hasn’t dropped, just know that this is SUPER RARE. We’re basically a test project ha.


Anyways now to life in PUNO! It is so cold! But before that my sad story. So me and my companion figured out where we were going, and I wasn’t supposed to leave until the next day, because a 70 was visiting us and I was supposed to stay in Cusco until after the meeting. Well plans changed. I left that night. My companion grabbed me, gave me a hug, and cried a little, got my ticket, and I left at 10 that night. I got to Puno at 5 that next morning. Yep… really sad…. I hope I see Caicedo before she leaves! Anyways, back to Puno. Super cold. You would laugh at how fat I look all the time because of all my layers. And the roads here are dirt and rocks. Pretty cool actually ha. Everyone can basically speak Quechua which is cool and one of these P-Days I’m going to the floating islands out on Titicaca! WHOOOOOOTTTT! I get to look at the lake every day and it is so beautiful. I love it! Puno beautiful but so cold! We also invited our first person together to baptism, hopefully this will work out! Anyways, spiritual thought. So when I first got to Puno I was frustrated, because I didn’t feel as connected to these people as I did with the people in Cusco. Well that night I basically told myself to get over it because this is where I am now. And I hated the cold and I told myself to get over that too, I can go to Puerto a different change, but this is where I am needed. Well the next day was so good, because I put all of that behind me, and I really do know that this is where I am supposed to be.


Anyways until next week, love you all!

Nani Irvine