Guess who has an accent… English!

Hey everyone! Yes I do have an accent now, I can’t really say names anymore… basically if your name has an h or an r in it, it now will sound slightly Spanish. I found that out this week and I got really excited and then realized that when I go home… I will sound so funny, so please forgive the English in advanced. However, first to you guys!


Hey mom, thanks for doing that for me that helps out a lot, I’ll take care of the rest when I get home :).  Sorry the video made you miss me, I was hoping for funny, because I was being a chicken, which I thought Ash would like. And mom… I just want you to know that everything is fine here, before I start into my week ok? I only tell you this because I know you will want to know, but I’ll send you a personal email with a few more details, just keep the missionaries in your prayers ok? 🙂 Sleepy Hollow… I SO WOULD HAVE GONE! I’m sorry you guys had to do some much for it, but I am so happy that Ash loved it! Good job Zach on track! YOU CAN WIN STATE I KNOW IT! And Kaitlyn…..I am so sorry I forgot to write you back, I am in the process of a letter for you, and I will answer all of those questions, but for now keep the missionaries and Gil Lazo in your prayers! Dia de los Muertos… It actually means day of the dead and they do celebrate it here! IT’s basically two days of Halloween, so guess who loves it!:) But here they believe that the dead enter the city and live with them for the whole month of November, and they have food placed out for them and everything for the month, it’s actually really interesting! I like it! Dad, thanks for the story about Brigham Young, I really liked it. That really helped a lot. Actually, thanks mom and dad for all your support, I just really need that right now and I am so grateful for it. Thank you so much.  Dad, I already knew about Neil, because you guys avoided the question 3 TIMES! Its ok I understand, I really hope Neil can help out that couple get to school and back, he helped me out a lot:).  The talk…. I was so freaked out; I just kept reading scriptures so I could keep looking down! But apparently every third week I have to give a talk…. hope that fear goes away soon…. My new apartment… They don’t have heating down here, so it’s a little cold, and it’s really small. Our bathroom is just a tiny room with a shower curtain in the middle of it for the shower, and for it to get hot you have to flip a switch, it’s kind of cool. But to the baptism…


Now for everyone that I forgot to tell, I ALMOST had my first baptism! His name is Gil Lazo and he is 83 years old! He is so cute, always makes sure we’re safe when we’re leaving his house, because they tore up the whole road in front of his house. But like I said, I almost had my first baptism. At the very last minute he ended up traveling to Cusco! FREAKING! But next week Sunday he will get baptized for sure! He is so ready! He has had all the lessons and he knows these things are true and direct words from his mouth “It is my goal to go to church every week” and before he left he asked for the direction to the chapel in Cusco! So cute, he only has one tooth haha. Well this week the lights went out (I’ll get to why in a minute) and they were out for two hours!! Just picture the whole city being dark! I could see the stars so beautifully! The only problem was when we had to help little old Saternina to her house in the dark. You know that movie insidious when the guy is walking around in the darkness in the land of the dead and he can hear everyone around him, but can’t see them because his light can only go so far? That was basically us. It was especially freaky when we heard a big dog in front of us, running at us, and it turned out to be Saternina’s dog coming to protect us. That was a good laugh! But it was pretty at the same time, because I could see the stars so perfectly! It made me think that sometimes that’s what it seems like when we have trials. We can either stare at the ground and think “Ugh I am so alone and it is so dark. Nobody wants to help me.” Or we can look up and notice the beauty that’s above us and realize it’s a gift from God and He’s helping us to realize there is so much outside of ourselves. Anyways moving on! MOM! Go to Eleanor’s Bakery! It’s a Gluten Free place and it’s owned by some family of my compie! Also, for the record, I was a district leader last night! How many rules does that break? Kidding! It was only because none of the elders had minutes to call each other so we had to be the bridge and talk between them all and our Zone leaders called us District leaders’ haha. 


Now to the news I have been holding off on… Mom if you have heard anything in the news about the striking in Juliaca, don’t worry we are all safe. The mission President has been taking very good care of us, he has made us very aware of the situation and wants us to be very safe, so don’t worry, just please keep those missionaries in your prayers, they can’t leave their apartments right now, and they’re kind of freaked out (reasonable right?) but that’s why the power went out, they have been striking straight for almost a week, nobody can leave or enter Juliaca, and that somehow cut the power to Puno, because we’re only an hour away. But everything is ok promise! The lord is on our side and your prayers help us so much!


Anyways there was a spiritual thought in here about the
stars and trials, but now I have to write you another quick email, can’t wait to hear from your guys again! LOVE YOU!


Hermana Irvine


Welcome to…a week of fiestas….again!

HEY EVERYONE! Don’t you love how every week I can talk about fiestas? I don’t, they are so annoying. When I get back we will fiesta in different ways then they do here. AND there’s another flipping dance thing coming up. Yay. ANYWAYS! To you guys!


I have to see the costumes! Zach will be an epic Dr. Who; does he have a sonic screwdriver? Can’t leave the house without one! And I wanted to be a weeping angel sometime, so I have to see how Ashleigh does as that! And kake should totally be Amy Pond to go with the theme! But Pippi would be pretty cool too! And the Reese’s did not melt! Even if they had I would have still eaten them!   I CAN’T WAIT FOR DIRTY DASH PHOTOS! And yep I heard about the government… that was weird to hear. So what do we have now if we don’t have a government? I don’t really understand that I’ll be honest. (KAKE THIS IS FOR YOU! AND NOE!) Les be honest….. HAHA!  Zach I am so proud of your running! Just know that where ever you go, you can run, just make sure you make the choice that makes you happiest and I (and the whole family) will support your choice! Congrats to Shellie! I hope she’s happy! And that made me sad to hear about Pascal, but I am happy that there’s a cute little girl who wanted him and is willing to take care of him, so that makes me happy 🙂 But what in the world happened to Neil? I still have no idea. Ok moment of honesty about the Halloween dance. Pretty sure that story… MADE MY DAY! THAT KILLED ME! HAHA! Dancing is pretty weird now, but it is cool that we all can dance and have the fire alarms going off at the same time! Ok ok ok I’m good now. 


So this week, like I said, is a week of fiestas. Called “El Señor do los milagros” or in English, “The Lord of miracles”. Dude. Everyone is flippin drunk. I had a guy call my companion a Hermana and me an Elder. We even had people chasing us down in the streets saying (translated) “You preach about Christ! TEACH ME!” and “Jose Smith! I KNOW THAT MAN!” and a lot of other weird things that make us chuckle later on. Another funny story, we went to call the Elders in a different zone and one Elder picks up the phone and thought we were Sister Harbertson, the President’s wife, and said “Hola Hermana, so it started this morning….” and went on about all the problems his body started having that morning. I won’t give the details, but I ended up jumping in and saying “No no no, this is the Hermana in Manco Capac!” … he was really embarrassed afterwards, but it was good laugh. We were also at our penchinista’s house and there was this little kid sitting with us, and one of Zone leaders walked into the room, looked at him, and said to me and my companion, in English, and quietly “… Who’s the fat kid?” it was so funny! But they all play Slenderman down here, which makes me laugh quite frequently. Also Hermano Carlos (Hermano Carlos, if you’re translating this, like you do ever week, this is for you: LADRON! Da me mi tarjeta! Ese es un regalo de mi mama en la mision! Si usted no tiene por futbol a las cuatro hoy…. D y C 50:46.). Anyways, Hermano Carlos went looking for all of the favorite songs of me and my companion, and it sucks! It made us so trunky. But its ok, one that he found was Gifts and Curses by Yellowcard… love it so much. Also, did you watch the video on Facebook? That’s embarrassing. 


Anyways, spiritual message. Yesterday I had to give my first talk in church in the whole mission! And I had to talk about missionary work. Of course as soon as I was up at the pulpit I started to get really nervous and freaked out and could barely talk, BUT my friend Nestor stood up (he just got his mission call to Lima Central, he leaves November 6!) and talked about how privileged he felt to serve a mission. That gave me a whole new perspective on missions. Yeah I just had tried to talk about it to all these people, but Nestor was a true testimony to all these people, because he was one of them, putting those things into action. It was so cool! So amazing! Anyways got to go, going to waterfall today and playing soccer with lots of people in the ward, but I will talk to you all soon!


Love Hermana Irvine

Puno,gotta love it!

Dear everyone!!!!!


So I have decided I don’t really like the way I write, so I thought that when I read your emails, have some questions and I will answer them the next week in total detail!!! I was thinking of doing a ten thing, so for example: Ten people that have taught me a lot while being here, Ten fun facts you normal wouldn’t know about Puno, Ten things that I have really thought a lot about while being out here, and then the next week after thinking about it I would answer it!!! Just let me know what you think!!! Other than that, to you guys first!!!!!!


Conference… so good! Those three are good one’s not to miss! Holland is my favorite (as usual), but I also really liked Uchtdorf! The theme…. hm…. I would guess obedience like you said and just doing the things that we should be doing and enduring to the end. And that’s is so true mom we have so many members, but only a few come  when I play the piano, even if I play one handed, I can’t even hear them singing. We barely have enough to do the sacrament and the bishop always calls on the same people to give talks, just because they always come to church and are dependable. But we do have an amazing ward don’t get me wrong, just a lot of work with less actives. We find a new one every few days that nobody even knew about. It’s surprising. And my mission story… turns out he is the son of a less active family that we have been working so hard to talk to, and he won’t even come to family home evenings when we have them with the family, so I had no idea who he was. But guess who was at church this Sunday. He was! And he was participating in all the classes and everything! I just wanted to give him the biggest hug! (I gotta a feeling by black eyed peas just came on. I forgot all about this song.) Ah well. After the mission I’ll come back and give him a hug. Congrats to Kate Theler Hope they’re happy! Ugh. Parent Teacher Conferences for Kake are the worst.  Kidding! They’re always just so sappy! Which can be good and what phrase did you learn for her Good job Zach on varsity! You didn’t tell me that you twerp! Ugh. Haunted Circus made me trunky. But it’s ok! I’ll be there for the next Halloween event, love Halloween! Take me to the Haunted Circus when I get home! Is Zombie Apocalypse open this year again? SORRY! Focus. That was a distraction. I just remembered when the clowns chased Noe down last year. Ok focus. But good job on the 50 mile bike ride! So proud of you guys, did you do it in the morph suits? (Ugh now it’s Justin Beiber….. I think I will shoot the speakers…) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE QUOTES LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Those are definitely going in my scriptures. (DANG IT! Trunky song! I need to focus SO HARD now!)


Well mom I got your package! THANK YOU FOR THE REESE’S! I ate one and almost cried they were so amazing! I don’t have any now because I spread the love around to everyone. I think my favorite was when Hermano Carlos ate one for the first time. He should go on the commercials. He stopped in the road and his jaw dropped and he said “What is this!?” and then started licking the wrapper and when I asked him if it was his favorite candy he said “Well it doesn’t exist here, but… I wish it did.” So good! (FREAKING! ANOTHER TRUNKY SONG! THIS NEEDS TO STOP!) But there weren’t Dirty Dash photos, so excited to get those! But this week I was thinking about talking about some of my friends that I have made and the influence they have made on me, but I don’t know really know now.


Figured it out. Spiritual thought. Don’t back out on promises. Something that I have really learned here is don’t back out on promises. Every time we invite someone to church or to baptism and it doesn’t work out, it is so hard to try and work with them. And it hurts to see them not progress and it hurts your feelings. It’s kinda like they lied to you. So I have made it my new goal to always be completely honest and keep all my promises to the best of my ability, but that can hurt. I’m going to try not to say things to people just to make them happy; I will give them the full and honest truth. I won’t frost it, because frosting might be good for the moment, but let’s all face it, frosting is not good for our health. So it might be what we want in the moment, but in the long run, it doesn’t help. So everyone try to be so honest with everyone in all your doings this week.


Thank you so much for all you do! I will tell you a funny story really fast! So I have a notebook I have been passing around in the ward for everyone to write in and today Hermano Carlos gave it to me with drawings (really good drawings too!!!!) of superman beating up Batman saying thathe is the senior companion and batman needs to be more obedient and batman is agreeing to all of this. Well I told his to go read D and C 50:46 (go look it up all you!) and he responded with some other scripture and then I said “Well… go read 2nd Kings 2:23-24 and he started dying of laughter, so go read it! And if there is a video of me being a chicken on Facebook… I blame hermano Caros. i lost a game. Anyways, more on that next week! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!


Nani Irvine


Well this week was striking!

HEY EVERYONE! It is so good to hear from all of you! I love reading your emails and hearing about all the fun things you are all doing, whether you be at home or on a mission! Well first you guys! Mom thank you for all the things that make you smile 🙂 I really hope Amanda and Eric can get everything figured out soon! It kind of sucks being in limbo not knowing what could happen next! I also think that’s also why Abbie isn’t leaving on her mission until February. How is Ian handling it?  I pray for them all the time. I love them so much. How is Liz doing? I hope they know how much they are loved. CONGRATS KATI! I am so happy for you! Dad…. good job for mom’s birthday! The picture on the back of the car was perfect! How long was it there for? And nice job with the gift! I have got to see pictures! And mom it’s ok about the Piano Guys 🙂 Let me know how it goes! You guys should be jealous, because I get to listen to classic Peruvian music everyday in the streets, so HA!  I am kidding 🙂 but don’t worry mom, I’m fine with it! And yep… Zac Efron was here… Yay…. finally out of Rehab. Ha ha kidding, but only slightly. All the girls were going crazy here trying to see if they could see him randomly in the streets, but me and my companion were going to give him a nice gift called “The Word of Wisdom” and “Law of Chastity” Pamphlets (What is that word in English? I can only remember it in Spanish which is folleto ha ha). Kake!!!! I am so happy you had so much at homecoming! I will write you next week, I don’t have a lot of time, but I am printing your email so you should have a response next week!


 I did get to watch the Relief Society Broadcast, but only in Spanish!!!! Which is fine, still loved it, but I never saw Brittany 😦 Good Luke with the 50 mile bike ride! I just realized I typed Luke thinking that that’s how to spell luck…. sad…. OK! And yes I watched conference and I loved how we are all watching conference at the same time but we can be in different parts of the world! AMAZING! Girls just want to have fun just came on the radio…. again…. ha ha. I also watched Spanish in straight up Spanish, of my own free will. I preferred it that way. I was the only gringo that stayed there! YEAH! And yeah I didn’t understand it all, but I understood enough to receive answers to my questions, and more 🙂 but could you send me an English ensign of conference? THANK YOU! 


So to my week. Like I said it was striking. Literally, there were a few strikes this week, more than usual. There were more strikes than there were fiestas, which is shocking here. Last week I went to this giant statue on the mountain of a Puma! I thought of Ian when I saw it, because I know he loves Pumas (Ian if you’re reading this, write me!) but I also forgot to tell you guys an awesome story. So a few weeks ago, me and my companion helped this little Winay (woman) and had a huge bag tied to her back and I ended up tying this bag to my back and I ended up being a Winay for a good bit of time! It was awesome! While this was going on, we passed Hermano Carlos who just shook his head and laughed at us. So we had this investigator, who turned out not be in our sector so we gave him away to the elders, that was very interesting… He smoked marijuana all the time and… he kind of had a thing for me and my companion. So we taught him once, with Hermano Carlos, and afterwards gave him to the elders, because that was not a good situation. Well afterwards, we kept running in to him and he didn’t want to listen to the elders… he wanted to listen to us. So we told him we would present the elders to him one day. So we finally did. And he bought us all soda. and my companion can’t drink soda right now. And so we did this crazy glass swap thing during our lesson! And he never knew! I would chug as much as I could and trade with my companion and chug some of that and afterwards I was so sick of soda! Then he asked us “Do you guys want more soda?” And we and the elders all said “No! No we’re good thank you!” It was pretty funny hahahaha. And this week was conference! YES! SO AMAZING!


So I went in with a few questions and I tried my best to understand all I could with 6 months of Spanish. And I actually understood a lot surprisingly. But here are some of my cool experiences I had. For the very first session pm Sunday, one of our investigators came!!!!! it was this 83 year old man named Gillaso!!!!!!! And he loved it so much!!!!!!!! We’re trying to get him committed to baptism, he just wants to make sure he is doing what God wants him to do, but we have the hardest time trying to find him during the week. But it’s ok, we’re getting there!!!! Also during that first session, I was sitting next to a member (Yobanna), a less active, and a guy who didn’t want to serve a mission. Well Yobanna was talking to him when she passes me his bible and tells me to write why I decided to serve a mission. So I did. In this random guy’s bible. And I told the whole story about everything that was happening before the mission and about my blessing in the MTC, and then I told how much a mission has changed my life. Afterwards, Yobanna read it and she said “I want to serve a mission now. Thank you.” and gave the bible to this random guy, and I have no idea what is going to happen, but I am so happy I wrote all of that, because that is my testimony of my mission and the blessings it brings. I loved Holland’s talk that really touched me, especially because of my blessing in the MTC and just everything that has happened while being out here. I want everyone to know how much I love you, especially you my family!!!!! Love you guys so much, you guys have helped me soooo much!!!!! Everyone in my home ward, I love you guys so much too, you guys have helped me get to this point by the examples you have set! All my friends I have made before and during the mission, thank you so much for the support you have given me and for helping me through everything that has happened! Everyone on missions, you are so loved!!1 Don’t forget it and keep up the good work!!!!!! Thank you all my friends at Spring Gardens (GRANDMA!!!!!) for being my friends for one summer and for staying my friends afterwards and helping me to learn so much about this gospel in my lives. If you feel like you weren’t addressed, just know that I love you too!!!!!!!! And I you probably do fall into one of those categories!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!


LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nani Irvine