A week of miracles

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas and great birthdays! Happy birthday Sam Madsen, David Christensen (speaking of which… WRITE ME!) and Monica Caicedo (my mom in the mission!)! Hope everything was great and if you need anything let me know!

So you guys first! I had so much fun Skyping you guys! I hope you guys did too! I loved seeing your smiling faces and making jokes just like old times! Hope you guys had fun too! Good job you guys with your concerts! So proud of you guys! Sorry dad that you got in trouble for filming! And mom, I will wear my Christmas pajamas on New Year’s Eve, because that’ll be when I get them ha-ha and Dropbox should be working I hope….. I think I invited you! I hope ha-ha. Piano guys sounded awesome! Can we please go someday? That just sounds so awesome ha-ha. Well… That’s kind of it in your email, hope you guys are doing great!


So to my week of miracles! So last Tuesday was cute Brickman’s baptism! Super cute kid! It was for the ward, but we planned it and everything which was super stressful, but it worked out, he got baptized, and is so happy now! Wednesday was my favorite miracle (besides Skyping you guys) so we’ll come back to that one! Yesterday it rained so bad, it flooded! AGAIN! So everything of mine is soaked, but whatevs! It also hailed really hard yesterday, it felt like God and the angels were having a pellet gun war over our heads! We kept saying that they were enjoying their new Christmas gifts! We also kept saying prayers for safety, because we were hiking up high where there was lightening! And we were safe! And yesterday my planner fell out of my pocket… in the rain… and I didn’t know. By the time I found out, we were far from where it fell out. I was so afraid it got washed away (for all you missionaries now or in the past… you know how much your planner means to you ha-ha) and I was so worried! So we said a prayer and hiked back up to where we were. And it wasn’t there. I was like “no… tomorrow is changes, my comp is probably leaving and I have nothing… oh my gosh…” and then this random lady came out and said “.. What are you looking for?” and I told her everything and guess what. She randomly whipped my planner out of nowhere and said “Is this it?” and I tried to give her a huge hug, but I was soaked and she was freaked out. We tried to see if it was ok if missionaries visited her but she said no. But that was such a huge miracle to me! So HAPPY!  Prayers work!  Speaking of which… time for my favorite miracle…. So as everyone now know I have been praying and dancing for snow (speaking of which.. everyone here wants to know how much Native American I am because of what happened ha-ha so if you know, let me know!) and it’s summer here. But I had faith. So for the first few days of last week, it was hot during the day and raining in the night. Snow was not looking promising. I go to bed Tuesday night to rain and wake up… TO SNOW! I am so serious! People were able to make tiny snowmen! It wasn’t hail (which is normal here) but SNOW! Like snow at home! Everyone was amazed! Pretty sure they’ll talk about the Hermana that prayed for snow for Christmas and got it for a bit! Kidding but I was so amazed! SO HAPPY! 


So before I go, I haven’t gotten some letter, if I don’t get them soon I will write you guys,. Also tomorrow is changes! And my comp. and I have changes! She’s going to Abancay and I’m getting Hermana Tui’One (A gringa!) who I knew in Cusco! Just don’t forget that the Christmas season isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for all year! Don’t forget what Christ did for you this year and for all the love he has for you! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Talk to you all next year! 🙂


Hermana Irvine



Hee haw fam-How are you?

Hey! Christmas is this week! Did y’all know that? And by the way, I’m quoting a movie in the title of my email; I hope you guys can guess it! If not here’s a hint…. When dad goes to pick a Christmas movie, listen to his choice of movie and listen closely and you’ll hear it! Anyways, we’ll talk about you guys and then me! 


Mom I am so excited to Skype! Hope my newly drop boxed photos can hold over until Wednesday! YES I CAN NOW USE DROPBOX! Every week I’ll try to put photos in there until everything I have is on there! But it can only hold 2gigs so you have to take them off every week if possible if not, every once and a while ha-ha you got all the info I hope! and the package I should get it tomorrow or the day after, because the money had to go to the office and also a form I had to get notarized that they can (the people in Cusco) can pick up my package and send to me out here in Puno (8 hours away!) so tomorrow I should get it! They should be picking it up today. I loved Zach’s cute email! Mom you should read it! Also I love the new members of our family! Timmy and Steve right? I want pictures of my new little brothers! Also the snow… It has been raining every day since last Wednesday! Now we just need a little cold and then we got SNOW! And I heard about Egypt! That is so crazy! I know firmly believe that I will get snow this Christmas. Mom the glass story kills me ha-ha I love it so much so no more barefoot runs out into the garage! That was so funny. Also, is grandpa doing better? How’s Nancy doing? Is everything ok in that neck of the woods? Also…. HOW WAS SPRING GARDENS? Grandma emailed me today and I want to know how it went and how everyone is! Is Sunny still there? Who is there still? Anyways KAKE! Good job singing! I need a recording of you singing BREATH OF HEAVEN! That would be so pretty! And keep it up at Temple square, they probably love having you guys there! Mom also Trax killed me! Ha-ha I could totally picture that happening! Was anyone else with you? Ha-ha. That’s pretty classy. ASH! Good job with your harp recital! I bet those old people loved it so much! What songs did you play? And Zach! Break a leg with your concert too ok? FROSTED TEDDY BEARS! I forgot all about them! Ha-ha! Don’t worry not trunky. And you guys! You guys are so servicey this year! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS! I loved al your cute stories about how you helped give others Christmas! SO CUTE! That made me kind of a little trunky, but I loved it all the same. So now to my week!


So tomorrow I have my first baptism! It’s a kid who’s going to turn 8 tomorrow and so it doesn’t count for the mission, but we had to teach him because his parents are less actives, so it’s kind of ours but not really…. SO EXCITED! His name is Brickman Apaza Choke, his cousin is Angel, our newly activated less active! So excited! So here’s an update on my week, but some of it will be left out, because it’ll be a part of my spiritual message. So Tuesday was my p-day and we went… I don’t remember. OH to a museum on a boat! I TOUCHED LAKE TITIKAKA EVERYONE! Anyways Wednesday, we had Christmas dinner with the President, and it was so fun!!! I got to see all my friends I’ve made, have a white elephant swap where I got a wallet and I gave a cool green hat and then afterwards we all sang (oh dinner was SUPER good pizza! I confused all the elders because I ate all my pizza and one was so impressed that they gave me a slice of pizza ha-ha super funny!) And the President showed us a video called The Living Christ and it was so good! And gave us Books of Mormon to read and mark where Christ talks and the names of Christ, I’m already past the Tree of life! But that day we were running to meet the other hermanas to go to the dinner and I biffed it so bad! I was lying on the sidewalk and my knee looked like it had two knee caps and I could hardly move my leg! But it’s ok now, my penchinista put some stuff on it and now it’s just a giant deep bruise and a scrape! So don’t worry about that ha-ha I just thought it was so funny! Thursday…. nothing…. Friday…. spiritual message…. Saturday too…. Sunday….. Oh Saturday night we sang as a ward for all the other wards! It was so fun! But this cute girl (she basically follows me everywhere) started playing on the lights like they were a jungle gym and it was so funny! So while we were singing I had to pull her off them and show her where her mom was. Sunday we all sang again and had hot chocolate and… Fruit cake…. it’s weird because everyone loves it down here! So weird! 


So here’s the spiritual message. So like you guys, I have had a very humbling Christmas. Tuesday night me and my companion were at the chapel when our friend Felix comes up to us super worried. Turns out his wife gave birth last Sunday, but the baby had an infection and couldn’t come home. His wife has been crying and misses her baby so much and just wants him home with them for Christmas, but she’s in the complete other zone and we got permission to visit her as long as Felix came with us (oh they named their baby Dominic) to visit her. So we meet up with Felix to head over with him and we come to find out their baby needs surgery that night. That day the doctors had spilt ACID on his little hand! ACID! Yes you are reading that word correctly! His little hand was all burnt up, and it was so sad! When we saw his wife she came running to us crying. All she wants for Christmas this year is for her little Dominic to be with them. I almost started crying just watching her. Felix was crying too. I shared with them D&C 100:1 but changed the words to meet their needs and we prayed with them. The surgery went great and they’re hoping the baby can come back home today or tomorrow. Just keep them in your prayers please. So the next experience I have to share is with my cute friend here named Saturnina, I call her Satuka. Her son died a few years ago (long story… it’s super sad) and she just misses him so much and all of her family, she’s the only one left. She wanted us to come help set up her nativity (ok this is going to get funny for a second) so we came. Dude, I don’t think I have ever seen a Nativity quite like hers. Her nativity had your normal stable and your normal animals and people around it, but… picture two little coffee tables covered (literally covered) in animals. Her nativity had POLAR BEARS! A giant duck too! And a cherry on top of the Sundae…. A blender. Her nativity has a blender. Dead Serious. I will get a photo of it soon. Promise, but it really has a blender! I was laughing secretly when I saw it ha-ha, but Satuka… she has basicaly nothing. It’s her and her dog. She can barely breathe so she has problems getting around, but she always has this huge smile on her face and she always blows me kisses (we’re going to go spend Christmas with her) but she literally has nothing. Her bathroom is just a stone room with a stone toilet that doesn’t flush, you have to put water in it and I don’t know if that really even works. She has spent years collecting her little nativity for years, just buying little animals every year she can. This year she bought a pig and I think a swan. But it’s all she has. Literally. And she just started crying to us because of her son and how much she missed him. We told her he is always with her and never leaves her side. Now what do these have to do with each other? Sometimes we forget the true meaning of Christmas, but it should really be about our families and Christ. These people down here have little to nothing, but they know exactly what matter most, their families and Christ. I have learned so much from them. So this Christmas I have been thinking a lot about my own family, and yeah I’m far away from them, but I know that their prayers and their love are always with me, as mine is always with them, so don’t forget that this Christmas everyone! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! MERRY CHRISTMAS NOE, BROCK, IAN, SAM, FAMILY, GRANDMA DIANE, GRANDPA AND GRANDMA IRVINE, COUSINS, AUNTS, UNCLES, EVERYONE IN THE MISSION AND AT HOME; BRAEDON, AND JUST EVERYONE WHO NEEDS IT RIGHT NOW! Thank you so much for all you’ve done and I can’t wait to see you family this Wednesday at 12 (10 your time) love you!



Hermana Irvine 🙂

This week I had to change my name to Lazmi Irvine Zamora

HEY EVERYONE! How ya’ll doing’? Anyways I hope you guys are having fun in the snow or in whatever type of weather you have wherever you are for the AMAZING CHRISTMAS SEASON! So I got more letters this week, one from Ash and one from the Ivie family (Thank you so much I love that picture!), and dad has info on the package, but it is here! I hope its ok if I go pay for it ha-ha just let me know, but I’m going to do it today… just fyi. But now to you guys!


So moving sounds like fun! It really does. To move here sucks, because we don’t have U-Hauls and we have a lot of hills, so…. have fun right? Ha-ha. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with the Bird’s and the Jone’s! They are growing up so fast! I so want pictures of all of this! So cute! Sorry dad that probably didn’t have the best birthday, but mom said they’ll probably do something as a family for your family, so I hope that’s fun! MOM! Good job on driving that U-Haul! Now whenever you play the “I’ve never….” game you can’t say that you haven’t driven a U-Haul ha-ha. Yes everyone loves my cooking down here. If I married a guy down here I would never get complaints about my cooking ha-ha. I even have the elders making deals with me for cookies like “Hey… we’ll only go get your Christmas package if you make us more cookies…” and I usually do, but it’s awesome ha-ha it’s pretty funny. My snow dance! Tomorrow is the first day I will perform the first part of it! I am so determined! I WILL HAVE SNOW!  Ha-ha. And mom the foot prints prayer! That was in the thing grandpa sent with your package that one time and I have it on my wall! I love it! Thank you! SO EXCITED TO SKYPE!


Anyways to my week! I have made some really good friends here, Latino and American alike. I have been having a hard time here and they have helped so much. Last P-Day however…. I had to change my name. My name was Laxmi Irvine Zamora. Why? Because I went to Sillustani! They’re like these giant tombs they have here, they are so cool! If you can look up pictures, if not, don’t you worry I have photos. I had so much fun with all my new friends! Elder Estrada even rode a llama that day! That is now on my bucket list, so everyone get ready! It will happen! Sister Leaders came this week and guess who my comp….was HERMANA BLACK! We owned it! IT’s so weird to see how far we have come from being companions in the MTC to now! It really made me feel like I have accomplished so much! What else…. Yesterday we had interviews with the president and it was so good! I felt so good afterwards, especially because of some of
the things that have been happening down here, but I feel so renewed and ready to take on PUNO AGAIN! (Imagine Eye of the Tiger playing in the background everyone… kidding). But today is my P-Day I’m going to some cool museum with mummies in it from Sillustani and then I will make more cookies for my giant Christmas dinner tomorrow with the president! I am so excited! But now to my spiritual thought.


So Sunday I gave a talk to my ward about being humble and how this can help missionary work and I started talking about the Prodigal son. We all know how the son made a wrong decision and fell off the path, but he came back and was welcomed with the open and loving arms of his father. But I focused more on what the other son does. Afterwards he’s talking to his father and he says to his father (in my words) “What about me? I have been here the whole time, doing everything you have asked, and yet you throw a huge fiesta for your son who left and sinned and not for the one who stayed and was faithful?” A lot of times we think that, we sometimes think “Why is everyone so happy that blahblahblah is back at church? I have been here the whole time helping out and I get nothing.” or when someone comes to an activity or lots of different reasons. And it’s natural to think like that, but we have to be humble! We want these people to come back! IT’s not about us, it’s about the Lord and his work and part of it is helping these people to come back! So after the son says that the father says “Yes you have been there, and you will have your reward, but your brother has come back into the fold, another has been saved, and we need to rejoice in that fact.” We need to remember that “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” and that every soul means so much to God, even ours! We are not forgotten, we will receive our reward, and we just need to continue to be faithful, diligent, and HUMBLE! So remember to be humble this year and give your love to everyone around you, not just those you want to, but to all 🙂


LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I pray for you guys all the time and I want you to all know how loved you all are! Never forget your worth! “Never be cruel, never be cowardly, never give up, and never give in!” Have a great Christmas everyone!


Hermana Irvine 🙂

The creation of the snow dance!

HEY YOU GUYS! This week was a really rough one, but I am writing you guys now and I am so happy still! HI NOE! I miss you so much! We have Chinese food down here all the time (and I know it’s nothing like Japanese food, but it gets close enough) and it makes me miss you! I will write you a letter soon with a song I wrote for you… it’s more just a joke ha-ha but I still miss you! ALOT! Hope you’re doing ok let me know if you need anything ok? I’ll even fly to Japan for you! But anyways! On to you guys! OH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Hope your birthday was amazing! And happy birthday Grandma too!


Ok mom when I read the title of you email I was like “…Do I want to read this?” and after 1/50th of a second I was like “Yep. Let’s read about how EVERYONE was throwing up!” Ha-ha it was slightly funny, but I also felt really bad. Hope you’re all ok! I’m really glad Zach doesn’t have appendicitis (or however you spell that). Sorry Kake about your eyes, they should be fine soon! And mom the recipes! I’ll tell you that story in a minute, but… everyone loves American cooking down here! It’s awesome! They actually like my cooking down here! Sounds like there’s some good movies coming out, write them down for me!  Yeah riots are crazy and scary down here, but at least it’s not like Juliaca. In the words of Hermana Wahlen “… Puno has lame riots compared to Juliaca. In Puno they burn trees, in Juliaca they burn people!” That was me quoting Hermana Wahlen, not my words. Don’t worry it’s really not that bad, but they did burn a tree ha-ha. Tourists were crying because they were so confused ha-ha. Sounds like you had fun with the Jones! AND you guys went to Polar Express! How cool! Hope you had fun at least ha-ha. That sounds really fun ha-ha but I guess that’s because down here we just do things differently. BUT here’s my week!


So let’s do this in an order. Monday…. That was a sad day. It started off with the new companion of Hermana Wahlen (she’s in my district), Hermana Liza (completely new to the mission), fell and dislocated her knee! Ouch right? So that put her down. Also remember Gil Lazo? We went looking for him again and his wife came out and chewed us out bad. She said it was because of us that he was sick now and that he never wants to talk to us again. But we know it’s not true, it’s his wife not wanting us to talk to him anymore. But we know that if he doesn’t get baptized in this life, then he probably will in the next, seeing how he’s sick now…… Oh well everything has a reason right? So Tuesday I went on divisions. Hermana Wahlen and I(the two girls from Sandy!) went out while our comps rested (my comp has been having some pain in her chest from her car accident) and we hiked my sector (Manco Capac) and her sector (Huascar), it was crazy! SO MUCH HIKING! Loved it! Friday was CRAZY! So Hermana Wahlen and I went out again and we were hiking up this hill and there was all this construction, so it was hard to hear. As we’re going up, we feel someone push our backpacks, and we both turn around thinking it’ll be a friend and what do we see?… A giant garbage truck! RUNNING INTO US! We both screamed and ran for our lives! Afterwards we were laughing so hard because we just got hit by a truck! Ha-ha so funny. Then that night we were running around like crazy, trying to teach people how to make Gingerbread houses and we also made… NO BAKE COOKIES! We found some really peanut butter (only a little bit!) and THEY LOVED THEM! All the women were talking about how they were going to make them for their husbands and how much they would love them! So everyone wants me to go cook for them again! In fact I am doing it again tonight with the Young Single Adults and teach them how! SO EXCTIED! So Saturday I had a really cool experience but more on that later! But it was also the day the Relief Society presented all their stuff they’ve been making (Yes there was a giant gingerbread house and No Bake cookies there!) and they sell them! I have so many pictures, it was all really nice! I had so much fun it made me feel like I was home again! Sunday we had the Christmas broadcast which was so nice! But it was so funny because when the children sang in it with Russell M. Nelson, it was in English. So they guy translating got on for a second and started singing it in Spanish, but he couldn’t sing at all! SO FUNNY! And there was a kid in there that winked at another girl, I loved it so much it was so funny ha-ha. But also this week I have decided what I want to ask Santa for Christmas…. SNOW! Everyone tells me it’s going to be impossible since it’s the summer down here, but I have been praying for it and, since I am part Native American, I have been creating a Snow dance (like a rain dance, but with snow!) and I have to do it a week in advance, there’s four parts to it and so I will start on the 17 doing one part every day and then on the 21st (Winter Solstice) I will do the complete dance and do it once a day until Christmas and I will also be praying! Everyone thinks I’m literally insane, but we’ll see what they think when we have snow! I will also make a video! Don’t you worry about missing out on that embarrassing moment!


So spiritual thought. I was super sad this week and super down for many reasons and I just wanted Christmas to be here and just feel like really loved. And my comp was down too because she had been sick and it was just a rough week. Our cute little investigator that has 11 years (May Lu) got baptized in to the Catholic Church. It was hard. But we were just down when we passed by for this family that’s less active (the family of Angel) and they want their 8 year old son to be baptized this 24 and they want to come back and everything! I was so happy and I just realized that yeah I’m in a hard situation, but I need to get over it. Everything will work out and I’ll be home soon with the people I love and I just need to buck up and take it. Thank you so much for all your support and love!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!


Hermana Irivne

Happy Thanksgiving, last week everyone!

Like my title says… HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Just wanted to start off and say how thankful I am for all of you and for your support with everything and just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU ALL! Now first to you guys!


Now some random things before I start… Have you guys seen Frozen? Some people have written me about it and said it was really good, just wanted to know what you guys thought! Also, ok mom this one is a stretch, but my penchinista wants to make gingerbread houses but she needs the recipe this Saturday! So here’s the plan. if you can’t do it, then just send a recipe to me next week and we’ll have fun with it, but here’s the plan if it works. So first find a recipe. Second, me and her husband are friends on face book, according to her. Third, send the recipe to Oscar (That’s his first name, last name is unknown to me) and fourth they will translate it all into Spanish. Oh and frosting too! If you can do that AWESOME! If not don’t worry we taught her how to make snowflakes too 🙂 Anyways, on with you guys! GOOD JOB KAKE! Sounds like you did good in the musical! Did you have fun? Did you like it? How were your green eggs and ham? I think I would be too disturbed to eat it ha-ha. THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPES MOM! They are so perfect! Also, thank you for the peanut butter that I don’t know I’m getting yet 😉 Thank you for the prayers for Gil Lazo. We haven’t been able to talk to him for awhile. His family doesn’t like us a whole lot, so that’s been really hard, but we have an… appointment (forgot the word in English ha-ha-ha) with his son tonight! We hope everything goes well and we convince his wife that there is a God! Also Ruth… She is now in Lima 😦 She won’t be back until January, but everything we teach her, so always says “Ok I will do it.” And she does. For example, she likes coffee and wine. After the lesson, she said “Well if God says it’s bad for me, then I will never drink those things again.” And she hasn’t. Too bad she’s in Lima now 😦 We’ll get her when she gets back. Guaranteed promise ha-ha. And Jesus is getting baptized this Sunday, we hope! And that was a funny joke mom ha-ha that made me laugh pretty good ha-ha. So sorry dad, Jesus is not getting baptized on your birthday. My leg is great now! No problems now, but yes I guess I was kind of brave, even though I almost lost it in the doctor’s office ha-ha. And 3 soles is like…. a dollar and 25 cents ha-ha maybe less. And the flood! Hermana Wahlen explained that beautifully! And yes. We see quote a lot of drunks, rain, drunks, giant Christ’s, drunks, and snow. It’s so crazy! But love it ha-ha. Congrats Amanda and Eric on finding a job in Boise! I’m so excited for you guys! Way to go you guys with finals! Just keep going don’t give up, they’ll be over before you know it! Ha-ha Ash I love how social you are! I hope you’re studying with your friends and helping each other out and not just talking about Boys and how they are covered in COOTIES! And Zach! I really hope you like Alta! Just keep being you ok? And that was so nice of you guys to go help out the White’s. Even though I had a slight heart attack when I heard Robert was up on the roof too, but I am so happy you all got down safely and alive. I always pray for them. I really hope they’re doing good. Keep me updated ok?


So to my week. I forgot to tell you guys about the primary program! OH but before I start I got some letters this week and a package! Let me list them off and if yours is not listed, them I will keep my eye out for it! So I got the package with the leggings in it mom (my comp wanted to pay for one of them because she’s been cold too, so I gave one of them to her for Christmas…. early… but I should be fine, thank you so much!). I also got one of your letters mom, keep me updated on that one situation ha-ha. I also got Randy’s, the Ward’s missionary letter (loved the pics!), Brock’s Halloween letter (loved the pumpkins they are now on my wall!), and Ash’s letter about play practice! I will write back soon! Let me know if I’m missing any so I can watch out for them!!Ok so to the primary program. they made me play the piano for them, the only problem is that there are only a few children (less than ten) so the piano was louder than them, so I could only play one handed and very very lightly. And then it got so funny. So first off, this cute girl gets up to bear her testimony about the Savior and just starts crying. Well then she’s supposed to sing ‘Jesus wants me for a sunbeam’ and she is just crying during this, I felt bad but at the same time, it was slightly funny. Then this other boy gets up and he’s suppose to sing ‘Follow the prophet’ and he’s doing really good, acting very professional up there, but then without even taking a breath, he starts belting the song at the top of his lungs up there! I was trying to find where he was so I could play with him, but he was just running with it. I saw Hermano Carlos’s face and he was laughing, probably cause I was scrambling to find where he was ha-ha that was pretty good, so weird though ha-ha definitely not like the states. Something else that’s not like the states is the riots! We had a riot this week in Puno and we weren’t allowed to leave our room. Schools were even shut down. Our penchinista and her husband had to bring us food. It was intense. When we finally got to leave at six there was smashed glass all over in the road. So what happened was is at 11 the night before they started to smash bottles in the road to stop people from driving through and then they marched from one end of our zone, into my sector and protested for hours in my sector. Talk about exciting. But we are all good! Nobody died and we were all safe! Other than that our week was uneventful. I started reading the bible during the riots and I am now in Deuteronomy… however you spell that in English I have no idea. Also, Lady (a lady in our ward) could have her baby any day now! If you have any good names for boys let me know and keep her in your prayers she’s been really sick!


So spiritual thought….. I didn’t have one planned for today. But last week was thanksgiving and I hope you all thought of things that you’re thankful for, I know I did. Every time I get frustrated (which has been a lot lately) I try to think of things that I am so thankful for and how this moment will bless me. Just always be thankful, you will then see all the blessings that surround you every day, that you sometimes don’t realize are there 🙂 love you guys so much! Have a great week!


Hermana Irvine 🙂