This week we got to plan a baptism

HEY EVERYONE! Hope you guys are all doing great, love getting the emails! Just makes everyday so much fun! I’ll first talk about you guys and then we’ll get to me!


So awesome! Sounds like that plan would work! Will I get to have a Sunday in Puno? If not, it’s ok, I can work that out, I’ll just get phone numbers! and yes I shared all my root beer! I had one can to myself and after that, I gave it all out, but it was so good! Nice little taste from home ha-ha. and music! Just send whatever you think is appropriate! Like if there are more piano guys or Lindsey Sterling or things like that you know. I’ve been putting them all on a USB and then I have a cool little blue box (makes me think of Dr. Who) that plays all my music! It’s so nice; I want to see if I can send music through email one day. Anyways! The scribble thing makes sense! We were both confused about that ha-ha. Yeah the paddle boats were fun and we looked so funny! But we fought for our dragon boat! Mainly because I wanted it and I was the one fighting for it, I did NOT want a swan. That’s too bad about Glen 😦 that would be such a hard decision to make, but I’ll keep his family in my prayers. Same with Bill! Poor guy 😦 I’ll pray for him too….  Sounds like you guys are happy and busy like always! Keep it up! Love hearing about all your fun adventures! Send me pictures of Kake’s dress! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAKE! I hope you had so much fun! LOVE YOU!


Well this week was drunk and peed filled like usually. Monday we went to the chapel and played as a Zone, it was so fun! Then we went down the giant slide like usual and then left. But sad story! They told us that for Candelaria we might have to stay inside because of the drunks, they just don’t want us having problems because “The worms have claimed the flesh of many” meaning that sin has claimed way too many people down here! It’s crazy. They people are not very rich down here, but they save their money for the whole year to buy their stupid alcohol! And to dance! It’s so stupid! But I guess it’s the way they live, but I am here to change that! We have also decided to have a stake wide talent show! We hermanas were going to dress up as ugly pinays and dance to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, but apparently we can’t. So then I came up with the idea of having a Pinay and Wikay fashion show, where we all come out as Pinays and Wikay and we’re introduced! But the elders hated that, so I don’t think we’re participating. Anyways! Soon afterwards, the most horrid thing happened. Me and my comp are just chilling in our room when we get a message from Huascar, or the other hermanas (hermanas Wahlen and Liza) that says “I HAVE PEE IN MY HAIR”. Wahlen has been losing hair like crazy so to save it she has had to pee in a bottle for a few days and they washed her hair with pee, because that’s how all the pinays down here get their hair really long. I ALMOST DIED! I refuse to touch her hair right now! She said it smelt so bad! But I guess it’s because of the water, so I shouldn’t be surprised if it happens. The raven waits for us all I guess. It sucks. Oh this week it rained really badly, to the point where the streets were flooded once again, but that’s normal at this point right? But BIG NEWS! This Saturday… will be my first baptism!!! He’s 11 years old, his mom is a member and we’re going to baptize him! YES! So happy!


But for my spiritual thought, has to do with another big accomplishment I made this past week, which I actually made on Kake’s birthday! I was just chilling and thinking “Dang my sister is turning 18 today. I’m so old” when I get a phone call from Hermana Black, and at first I was really nervous, but then she said “HAPPY NINE MONTHS IRVINE! We’re half way!” And I died! I am over halfway now! How trunky is that! So after that I was thinking about that a bit and thinking about all the things I’d be seeing in 9 months, like carpet, driving rules, no drunks and rivers of pee in the road, when I started to think about all the things I would be missing in nine months, my new friends, only speaking Spanish, laughing as I climb up over 200 stairs that I normally would have thought impossible, and I realized how far I’ve come. I am so grateful for the next 9 months, I don’t want them to end, but I know that after them I need to apply the things that I learned. I can learn just as much or even more than I’ve learned in the past nine months, or I can go downhill, and I’ve decided to keep going up hill. it’ll be hard, because there’ll be a point when I’ll think “Why am I still trying so hard when I am going home so soon” but it’s just like the stairs, when I get to the top, I see one of the most beautiful views ever, but if I stopped before and said it was too hard, I wouldn’t have been able to see it. So here’s to the next nine months! Here’s to working to the view of a well done mission, and to all the things I have learned and will learn! Love you all and I can’t wait to see all of you in nine months!



Hermana Irvine



Another week in PUNO!!!

HEY EVERYONE Gots lots of fun stories for this week so get ready, prepare yourselves, and hang on First to you guys


First off… NOE i miss your guts I see Japanese people all the time and I just think “oh my gosh… if i were to give a reference to japan, would that give me an excuse to call Noe? if so I’ll go contact all the japanese people i can find…” hahaha but I decided I’ll make you a planner and I’ll send it to you it’ll be in spanish unfortunately, but think how cool that will be i’ll print off some pictures of you there and i’ll deck it out all nice for you so prepare yourself but don’t plan on it getting there anytime too soon hahaha. Anyways moving on! Thank mom! I really like it! i might keep dying it just so it doesn’t go blond again… Not that i have anything against blonde, it’s just that I think that brown looks better but now it’s basically the same color as it was before thevmission haha. MOM! learn Spanish! i’ll talk to you and i’ll help you! YOU WON?T LOSE IT! and then maybe you and dad could serve somewhere spanish speaking in the future! and dude that is genius! i will totally copy Brayden’s plan that would help so much! i want to go back to UVU because so far that’s looking like the plan…. Yep that’s her mom hahaha she’s so funny hahaha. Her brother is in Mexico! how cool is that? And her dad is Tongan and has been a member for his whole life and her mom is Mexican and is a convert, it’s a pretty cool story. and I don’t really know, i know her dad works in a warehouse and her mom is a pharmacist (dude… spelling gas gone out the window sorry if I spell things wrong). That’s good to hear about Paul and don’t lose faith! Anything is possible, especialy when they hear that they can live with the ones they love forever! that helps out a BUNCH! So many have started out as drunks and once they heard that, they cleaned up and got baptized! Like our Bishop downhere! anyways haha and I’m glad that Grandpa’s watching that closer, that will help out alot. And my finger? No idea. not too worried though, it’s gone down alot and doesn’t hurt as much. my other finger hurts but that’s because I put a freaking needle through the top layer of skin fixing a coat… but other than that i am all good!!!! mom  you’re stalking the presient’s family??? oh my gosh i love it.  and the 206 stairs is in my sector, just up the street, not in my apartment  that would be so intense  And i will so take photos of the Beehive it’s so weird. Sorry you had a boring week, fill it up with Spanish 🙂 CONGRATS TO RACHAEL! I am so excited for her! She has to write me and I can give her some cool tips and stuff! Kake… you little brat! Yeah go buy yourself an iPhone for your birthday… geez… I’m kidding! Happy birhtday this friday you little 18 year old! Go make yourself a dry ice bomb! (you can almost legally buy dry ice). Zach, keep it up! let me know what you think of Alta por favor! Study for your permit and i’ll teach you how to drive manual when I get home ok? Ash! Keep it up! Keep having fun ok???? KEEP IT UP! Dad have fun with the magic show! when I get home can we build the magic box thing in the shed like you promised FOREVER AGO!? Anyways miss you guys! i’ll write you back about the itinerary and let you know what i think, but until then it sounds cool! Here’s my week:


so last monday… WAS EPIC! We went out on Lake titikaka with paddle boats, and rode down the HUGE cement slide! I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Tuesday I got my stuff to do my carta de poder and helped the new elders move into their new place. Wednesday I did my carta de poder. thursday…. I GOT MY PACKAGE! i am wearing my awesome sweatshirt and i have root beer in my backpack! i also love the music! if you can send more! But if you’re like “Eh that’s too much” or if you’re worried it’ll break, don’t worry about it realy! i’ll be fine! just love new music! LOVING LIFE! i also got grandpa’s THANK YOU GRANDPA! The tights are so warm thank you! Question… Why did you guys color on everything? My comp is so very confused. Thanks for Rapunzel Braedon! Thanks for the Batman PEZ Amanda! Are the little boxes of kisses from Emily’s wedding? I LOVE IT ALL SO MUCCH! also on thrusday I bought myself a nice warm turqouise rain coat! i’ll never get lost now! and i bought it in time because the next day it hailed! SO HARD! We were outside screaming and running because it was hitting us so flipping hard! i thought i would have bruises! but we’re all good! Friday…. Who knows. Saturday was a mission night and we watched 17miracles and everyone was bawling no one had seen it before! Sunday… that is my spiritual thought. but this week… Canderlaria started, which is basically sin in the street! literally! Drunks everywhere, there were rivers of PEE! Not even exagerating. So gross. and now we get to my spiritual thought.


So early this week a less active asked us a question that went kind of like this: How can we love God in a way where there are no strings attatchd? a love as perfect as the love he has for us? And guess what?… We had no response. We sat there dumbfounded. We wanted to say that you could and it was easy, but it’s realy not. We wentandasked our penchinista’s husband and guess what?… he had an answer! he told us sevice. That is the only we can. so that was on my mind alot during this week, to do enough service to have a perfect love for god. to understand the love he has for us. so yesterday, we were in the road talk to anohterless active when i see a lady… with blood running down her face. i was like look! She’s bleeding! And everyone was like, no no she’s fine it’s just make up. a minute later she comes over to us asking for a cell phone, an guess what’… it was blood on her face. So we al started to help her, i was cleaning up her face, my comp was conforting her, turns out she was drunk and was high. She started shivering and falling asleep, so I thought she was going into shock, so we lay her down and try to keep her warm, turns out she was shivers when she gets stressed, her family came and found her and we got her on her way. Afterwards I realized that God loved that poor little lady that was as high as kite!! and we got to help her!!!! So i’m trying to develop a more perfect love for God, by having a more perfect love for te people around me. anyways that is what i have for this week and I hope that you all know that I love you guys!!!!!!!! Here come smoe photos love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana irvine

A week of two boxes of hair dye, 206 stairs, and a puddle that went up to my thigh

BUENOS DÍAS! How are you guys!? I hope you are all fantastic! You have all been in my prayers, and if you need anything specific let me know ok? Well anyways let’s get to you guys first like always and then to me!


MOM!!!!!! I’ll practice Spanish with you when I get home and then you’ll never lose it!!!! But don’t worry you don’t have to learn it right now; I’ll teach you when I get home! Yes! It sounds like Tyler described that perfectly! We even said that they put our own Independence Day to shame ha-ha. It was a little sketchy, but so fun! And to find my comp. you have to look for Jordan Tui’One, and then you’ll find her and his friends list! But she does have a Facebook. Her family is a lot like ours, but they have a different background. Her parents have only four kids, so not a ton, but she does have a lot of family. She’s 20 (we’re the same age, her birthday is in April) and she went to BYU Hawaii right before the mission, but she doesn’t know where she wants to go now. That’s good to hear about Paul! Now we just need to activate him and he’ll be great! Hopefully he’ll stop smoking that would make things so much easier. AHHHH The Hobbit! Was it as good as the first part? Can’t wait to see that when I get home! Puzzles ha-ha you guys would! Do you have new ones? I’m glad dad got new suits! I bet they look SPIFFY! And Planet Pizza it sounds lamer now, is that true? But I bet you guys still had fun wrecking havoc there. And the Package… I’m not going to send it back! That day I got my carta de poder (the thing that will help them get my package) (I was cranky too) they called me and talked to me about it, figured out what I needed to do it, and then they told me they’ll send me my identity so I can do it and they’ll send it to me as soon as they have it. So now I am happy! They’re actually working with me! And I am SO FLIPPING EXCITED FOR IT! Root beer? Really? I didn’t think that would be in there! SO HAPPY! And the carrier… Don’t trust her, Hermana Wahlen never got her stuff from her so….. yeah… I don’t know if that was just the office or if that was her, but smaller packages sound better. And a backpack, don’t worry! I can buy them down here for pretty cheap so don’t worry about that! Well I hope everything else is good, let me know if you need anything! Now to my week!


So… my finger is all swollen (this started yesterday) and I don’t know why… I’ll find out soon though, just if I don’t make sense, it’s probably because it hurts to type with that finger so I might be missing letters ha-ha. ANYWAYS! Monday, we went and played soccer with our zone and the other zone which was so fun! Tuesday…. I don’t remember…. Wednesday, we went and taught this less active and her boyfriend and he’s been coming to church! He still doesn’t have a testimony but I firmly believe that he will get baptized! Thursday, was a big night, but I can’t tell you or you’ll just skip to the end to look at photos, so hold on for a minute you crazies! And don’t you skip! Friday, the President came and visited us and we had a meeting from 10 in the morning until 7 at night! But that’s because we’re ten hours away from Cusco, so they have to tell us everything in one day and then they leave! But he gave the trunkiest talk!!!!! FOR REAL! He kept talking about when we get home, us as girls need to remember our value and how we’re like the windows of Notre Dame and all this stuff and then told the guys how they should treat us as girls and translated the words of Sarabeth by Rascal Flatts into Spanish and read it and it was so trunky!!!! But so good at the same time. Saturday I started teaching kids piano again and it’s 5 million times better! They are actually learning now! Yesterday it rained a freaking ton! This is where I explain the title of my email. So Yesterday I’m walking with Tui’One in the rain, in rain boots. We see this puddle and she says “Dude. You should walk through that puddle.” And I’m just like “Yeah I’ll do it!!!!! I can walk through any rain puddle with these rain boots on!” Stupid me. Anyways I go to step into this puddle and my foot never hits the bottom, at my thigh I’m finally able to pull myself out (this happened in 2 seconds) and my companion is just crying from laughing so hard and all these bystanders are just losing it ha-ha some stupid gringa just about fell into a puddle that my foot never hit the bottom of! We’re going back today to see how deep it is, it was hilarious! Sorry I don’t have a video of it but I’ll go take a picture of the hole. We have also decided to up our exercising to running up 206 STAIRS! We are beasts! We plan on being ripped for our wedding after the mission ha-ha at least, that’s Tui’One’s goal! I just want to be able to run a marathon. And finally, the hair dye. You are all probably expecting to hear another story about how I dyed my hands black again using hair dye. WRONG! The story to this is… I DYED MY HAIR THIS WEEK! It’s chocolate now! I think it looks good, but before you go looking at least finish the email because here comes my spiritual thought and an explanation of the photos! So spiritual thought!


Yesterday when we went to dinner at our penchinista’s she had cake on the table, when we asked her what it was for, she said it was for her child’s birthday! When we asked which, she said it was for her little angel who would be completing 4 that day. A lot of things that have happened in the past week have strengthened my testimony of the Plan of Salvation. When I should have been freaking out about things, I stepped back, took a breath, and knew it was in the Lord’s hands. The lord loves us and would never let anything happen that would hurt us, he has a plan and we can’t understand it. So we need to love each other more, help each other more, and be more than we are, so we can have that peace more in our lives! It makes me think of that quote by C.S. Lewis where it talks about all of us being potential Gods and Goddesses, helping each other to be better or worse. We should help each other to be better, become better ourselves, and understand this is the Lord’s plan for us. LOVE YOU ALL!


Feliz Ano Nuevo

HEY EVERYONE! How are ya’ll doing? Hope you guys have started the year off AMAZING! Like always I’ll start with you guys and then go to me!


First off… Sorry about the giant spiders Noe! Just squish them and they’ll realize that you’re a killer and they’ll leave you alone! Ok moving on ha-ha mom are you still learning Spanish? If not, you better start up again or I’ll only speak to you in Spanish! Kidding! I loved how you went and looked that up! And I love Skype too!  We should find the guy and give him a present for creating Skype ha-ha. Also just the streets flooded, but it was crazy! My backpack also got flooded so that sucked but it’s all good! And I was so happy about the snow! Felt like I was just right back at home! Kind of there wasn’t a whole lot ha-ha but it sufficed! My companion is from Gilbert, Arizona and she’s super funny! She doesn’t care what people think she just does it and she a really hard worker so we’re going to do a lot of hard work here! Her name is Mercedes Vanessa Tui’One if you’re wanting to Facebook stalk ha-ha. Sorry you got sick on Christmas Eve!!!! But sounds like you had a pretty good Christmas!!! Sounds like you all had fun!!!!! And Grandpa! What day will he most likely go into surgery? I’ll keep him in my prayers. He’s the third person since I’ve been out to have that problem!  SO CRAZY! But I hope he’ll be fine. Also I got the Gillian’s Christmas card tell them I said thanks! Sounds like an interesting movie. Would it be worth seeing when I get home? If so, write that one on the list! And Marissa! Oh my gosh! Is there any way you can send me photos?  She’ll be in my prayers too!  Wow! (oh my gosh… Summer lovin’ from Grease just came on… just thought of you Noe ha-ha).


So to my week! So Tuesday, went and dropped off my companion at the bus terminal and hung out with Hermana Black all day and at four we went and picked up my companion at the bus terminal and it was so crazy! We had so much fun! We celebrated the New Year at my apartment and woke up at midnight to go watch the fireworks. Dude. PUNO WAS EXPLODING! With fireworks! It was so pretty! Got videos of it and got a video of us almost getting hit with a Firework! It was crazy we had to run and dodge it exploded premature! So freaky! But we bought these glasses for the New Year and we took photos with them. There was a song that came out that is SUPER popular and the song is called ‘Soy soltera’ and that’s what our glasses said along with 2014! And for all you who don’t understand, that means I am Single, ha-ha so we kept showing off our nametags along with it. Wednesday was our first real day and I introduced to the bishop and to the presidents in our ward and we are going to work a lot with less actives, which is what I want, because I have a directory with 339 names and only 42 are coming to church. So we’re going to kick this and fix it! We’ve dropped allot of our investigators because none of them were progressing at all (like they weren’t even praying) and so here comes some progress! We’ve done that a lot this week and putting to rest a lot of gossip that is being passed around and we’re really whipping this ward into shape. We laugh all the time and just have fun while really trying to fix this ward. They all love her, so if I have a change I know I would be leaving this ward in good hands. So I’ll keep you updated on that. I scared her so bad the other day! I put a clown mask and got all up her face and she freaked out ha-ha so this is going to be one good change! Really excited! 


So my spiritual thought is about obedience. One time a leader of mine said “Obedience is important, but it’s not everything” which I didn’t really like, because we should be obedient as missionaries, so it kind of plays a big role. So I’m going to change it “obedience is important, but you can’t be perfect” because guess what? We can’t be! What would be the purpose of us coming to earth if we were going to perfect?? So every day we should try to be a little better, and sometimes we’ll fall, but as long as we are going in the right direction, it doesn’t matter where we are on the path. So don’t forget that! Don’t ever compare yourself to someone else, because they have flaw just like you and remember to have fun!!! We shouldn’t be unhappily obedient and not happily disobedient, but rather, happily obedient, because we were sent here to be happy! So don’t forget that this week! And sorry no photos this week, I forgot my camera, but next week for sure! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!


Hermana Irvine