Truly converted to the gospel!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish happy birthday to Emily and Braedon! Hope you guys had some great birthdays and got everything you wanted! Love you guys! So yep Candelaria is over, but now we’re to Carnival… which I shall explain shortly, but let’s just say… I love carnival! Bringing that holiday home! But yeah Candelaria is over, but there are still drunks all over, so I don’t know when that part will end but yeah ha-ha.


So as I told you guys last week, we went to the beach. And it was AWESOME! I helped make the most, epic, sand castle! It even had a field inside! I’ll send pictures… sometime… But anyways! We were there all day and I loved it! I climbed on top of this huge rock thing and I could see water, everywhere! So beautiful! The next day we went and visited a less active member, but he’s part of my spiritual message, so hold on. Wednesday, two girls (one in my ward and the other in my stake) are preparing to serve missions and they came out with us! They were so cute and we all had so much fun helping them to prepare and just showing them stuff to do in lessons! Loved it! I wish I had done that before the mission! Friday we had interviews with the President, and all the members in my ward told me to pay careful attention to how it went, because what is said can depend on whether I stay or go, and so far they’ve all decided I’ve got one more change here ha-ha so we’ll see how accurate they are, but that would be nice. Sunday, my replacement piano player came to church! His dad has been coming, but him? No. But he came this Sunday and he played beautifully! I felt a little sad, because I felt like I had just prepared myself to leave, but at the same time, he came to church, which is probably more important!  But that was basically my week, can’t think of anything out of the ordinary… OH! Carnival! So the first week of March is Carnival and I am prepared! It actually already started, but let me explain. So carnival is where they all gather, in MY sector, and they all attack each other with foa, eggs, four, water balloons, and they get EVERYONE!!! I am now a target, which is fine, but it’s hard to go to lessons looking like that ha-ha so we’ll see what happens, but my comp got attacked this week, by a car driving by, they sprayed her! She was pissed, but I thought it was pretty funny ha-ha, but we are all prepared, we got ponchos and everything. So… watch out children. You’re going to get it. But now to the spiritual thought!


First off I wanted to talk about a family in my ward (there shall be no names mentioned) and they are so cute! We went to visit them yesterday, but we found the wife crying and the husband comforting her, turns out a bottle of rubber cement exploding in her face and went in her eye. OUCH! But he just kept doing everything for her and he was just so in love with her, it was just so cute! My comp and I were just like “Yep… they are officially the cutest couple here”, but when we were talking to them, they were telling us how they had been fighting recently and how things were just hard, but… they still ALWAYS loved each other. Cute right? Just had to share that but here’s to my real spiritual thought. I’m going to talk about two different less active people that I have been visiting that have strengthened my testimony in two different ways. The first one is the one I visited this week. The Elders gave him a blessing this week, because he’s paralyzed. He was baptized, one of his friends took him to a different church and afterwards he started drinking again and a lot of other things happened and now he’s paralyzed, he can’t leave the house, so we found him using the ward directory. But as soon as we started talking to him, he told us that this was the true church and he’s trying his best every day, and he has every desire to learn more and understood that the blessing might not heal him, but that it was there to help him at this time. He is amazing! Now the next less active is a lady that served a mission. She was going to church a little over a year ago, but some stuff happened and she decided not to come back to church until next (this) April. Well we had tried to visit her for two weeks now and nothing. The other day we ran into her in the road and we asked her when we could visit her again and she said “No please don’t visit me, I’ve made my choice, I’m never coming back.” and then she told us about this crazy dream she had about the devil and hell and how before we found her, she was happy, but now she just felt like she shouldn’t go back. My comp and I told that she is a returned missionary, she knows the truth and she knows the condemnation that she would receive, and then my comp said “This will be the worst decision of your life.” and what did she respond with? “Yes I know that it will be, but it’s too late, I’ve made the choice, and I would rather suffer later than right now.” …What??? My first thought was I REFUSE to let that be me after the mission. Never will I ever turn back like that, EVER. And then I started comparing these two people, one who served a mission and turned back and one who was converted, fell away, and is coming back. All it takes is true conversion. It’s not the kind of trials we receive and they way we react towards them; it’s how much we are converted to this gospel. So my goal is to be truly converted, no matter what trials would come my way that I would never ever fall away. Like Job in the bible. He had so many trials, but he never faltered, he never fell away, but continued to trust in his God. And in the end he received double the blessings. So my message today is just stick it out, in the end you’ll be greater (spiritually and physically) than you were in the beginning. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have great weeks all of you! 


Hermana Irvine



I’m running late…but here’s a short note

Hey everyone! This one will be fast, only got a super limited amount of time, because we’re going to a beach today to play! So I am running! But first to you guys!


Yep still here! Love Puno so much! But mom I agree with you… We’ll just have to see what happens ha-ha. Yeah Wahlen left for Quillabamba to open a sector and train! Crazy! But she’ll be great! But she will be missed. Hermana Routson’s out here now, which is really fun! She’s great! I’ll send pictures next week, when I have a little bit more time and the program to send them; I don’t have it on this computer ha-ha. Canderlaria is “over” it goes from the first to the fifteenth, but people were still dancing last night and drinking beer while surround a Virgin Mary statue… So technically it’s over, but really, it’s not…. Yeah the talent show was so fun!


So this week, I’m doing some bartering. Felix told me that if I gave him a big bag of Gatorade power, he’s give me a big souvenir, so I don’t know what to do about that. Also, Dave. Where the heck did he go? I hope he is reading this and knowing that I am burning him right now, for not writing me, AT ALL. So the story of the week has to do with a kid who followed us, but he was so crappy at it! He followed us, but when we went a different direction, he would run after us. At one point he was in front of us and he was trying to guess where we were going and it was hilarious, little does he know we were laughing so hard at him. But at one point we stopped around a corner to talk to him, but he didn’t follow us around the corner. So we just kept walking and he met up with us at the other corner. That was flipping creepy! But he ran away from us, because he figured out we caught onto him! But that’s it; I’ll give more details next week!


Don’t have time! Love you all so much and just know that you are all doing great! Love you all!


Love Hermana Irvine


Puno’s got half of my heart! (Think of the song by John Mayer)

Well everyone today is change day and before the end of this email we’ll find out what’s going on! But let’s just say… I almost cried ha-ha but you’ll see!


Dinner sounded like the best! I love ALICE! SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE! Way to go twin! But just like you guessed… I love Jayden’s balloon zombie! That so flippin’ cute!  love it! And happy birthday Teddy! I love you! And Ian White, happy birthday to you too! And Andrew! Dang that’s crazy, so many birthdays! Congrats, Lindsey Butts on the mission call to Kentucky! So cool! And congrats to Braylene! SO COOL!  Well sounds like everything is good with you guys, if you need anything let me know! Love you all! Now to my crazy week!


So last Monday we went to the waterfall, which was so fun! Loved it!  I’ll try and attach photos, but we’re at a weird place today because of Candelaria…. but more to that in a minute. This week was so crazy!!! Nobody was at home, there was nobody to teach and we were planning for our talent show… where it ended up HAILING like none other and we almost canceled it because nobody was coming, but our whole zone knelt down in prayer, and it stopped and people came!!! POWER OF PRAYER! But that talent show was so fun! Here are the details. First off, I got to be in a skit, where I am the mother of two terrible children and the missionaries come to visit us. The two elders come out, one in a giant diaper, which he ended up ripping off and rubbing in one of the missionaries faces, and throwing darts at one of them ha-ha it was so funny! But then me and my “husband” leave to go get tea, because that’s what everyone drinks down here, and while we’re gone… the missionaries beat up my children!!!!! And convince them to tell us to get baptized ha-ha it was so funny ha-ha. But then afterwards was our number… Miss Misionera (or miss missionary) where we had a beauty pageant and each of us was something different and we walk down the red carpet. There was Miss Angelita (little angel) who was the perfect missionary and she walked to I am a Child of God. The next was Miss Tronkaza (Miss Trunky) who walked down with bags in her hands crying and so walked to the song Lejos de Ti (Far from you). Then Miss Utah, who couldn’t speak Spanish and walked down to Barbie Girl. Then there was Miss Diva (my comp.) who had a mirror in her hand as she walked and she walked to Solo Quiero darte un Beso (I just want to give you a kiss) (which by the way is a very fun song ha-ha go look it up!!). Then there was Miss Malcriada (Miss… disobedient?) who had on regular clothes and walked to My happy ending by Avril Lavine, and then… there was me. Miss Rockera (Miss Rock), who slid down the red carpet air guitaring to Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard! It was so epic! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! We were then interviewed, and then by the sound of applause of the crowd, they voted for the winner, we had a crown and everything. First place went to … MISS UTAH! AKA Hermana Wahlen! And second went to…. MISS ROCKERA! I felt really cool ha-ha. Afterwards, we all went and changed into Pinay clothes and we rocked, I felt like a Disney princess, everyone wanted photos with us! SO COOL! Sunday, I started preparing to say bye to people, with high hopes that I would not leave, but I still didn’t know yet. That night they didn’t call us to let us know what the decision was, they told us we would find out today at 10:30! I had dreams of the slave drums beating my joy away and the color draining from my face as I beheld all the ones I loved vanishing into the cold abyss. So when the members were calling to know if I had a change, we just told them I was going to Andahualays. They were freaking out. We go to our Zone meeting, where they tell us changes. And guess what… I’m HERE TO STAY! I almost cried! So happy! I have now pronounced Puno as my second home, Utah as being the first, but Puno takes a definite second! Afterwards we watched some of Candelaria and I’m about to head back and watch it some more!  WOOT WOOT!  Spiritual thought!


Well…. this week was hard, but just like my favorite scripture says, when everything is hard for us; we are strong because Christ is with us. Don’t forget that! Everything is possible with Christ on our side, we just have to be happy and keep going forward with faith. Everything will work out in the end, and I just have to remember that this change, because my time is limited here in Puno and I got to make the best of it 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!


LOVE! Hermana Irvine!

My first baptism and we had 60 peole come to sacrament meeting!

Hello everyone! Yesterday as I was leaving the church there were drunks all outside the chapel and this one drunk man who was close to me looked at me and laughed like a pirate… and I just laughed in his face ha-ha it was so funny. But anyways! To you guys then me!


The trip, it’s fine if I don’t have a Sunday here, that’s just if things can work out like that so don’t worry about it too much! I will look out for those packages and I think I got that letter! Thanks! I need to write back! I actually haven’t been locked up inside… yet…. after yesterday I think we should be locked up after 5 or 6 at night ha-ha. And…. THE BAPTISM WENT THROUGH! But more details on that later. Sorry about your birthday Kake. But don’t you worry, when I get home, we’ll throw you AN EPIC ONE! Promise! We’ll go pay it forward all the day long, we’ll get so many people to honk, and we’ll go see a play too!  Dang.  What are you guys talking about?? You guys did have KAKE! Ha-ha how funny am I? I love your spiritual thought; I can’t wait to look for that blog when I get home. Well sounds like you are all happy and good! Here’s to my… week…


So how to start… I’ll explain the drinking problem that exists. To start off, let me ask you a question: Have you ever been chased down by a drunk? My answer to that question would now be… yes. Three times. So help me, why do people drink that much down here! The first time I got chased down, we were walking home and it was night, when this drunken guy saw we were gringas. Next thing we know is he’s behind us saying “Señoritas! Wait for me!” so we booking it down the street. Afterwards there was a knock at the door, but we still don’t know if that was him or if someone else. The second time was when a drunk guy watched us go into our house and then he started to follow us, but that was it, that was relatively calm. The last one was the scariest; which happened this week. We were walking and two drunks were behind us then they started making inappropriate comments and trying to catch up to us, then we started to speed up, then they said “Look, they’re escaping us, come back señoritas, come back!” and we went even faster and my comp turned around and said “GO HOME!” and they responded with “with you!” so we ran for our penchinista’s door and got in, but they saw us and said “until next time”. Yep-I am sick of drunks. But on the bright side, that’s not all I’ve seen! I have now seen a pinay… that was a man. Pinays can only be women, but this man had on this pink skirt and this blouse and this hat and he had a moustache! I hope he was drunk and not just being stupid! I have also seen more mullets here than anywhere else in my life. I have seen a woman with a mullet and… A man with a mullet… of DREDS! I’m serious! I guess canderlaria brings out the weirdness in all of us right? Ha-ha. Other funny things that have happened this week are—We went to teach this family and this kid who is four goes to pray and here’s what he asked for in the prayer… “… Please bless my dad… He’s fat…” I was dying good thing that the dad wasn’t there, but I just love when kids pray! We have also been practicing for the talent show this Friday and we’re going to have a sister missionary beauty pageant, and I will be the gothic missionary ha-ha. But there are some other really funny skits we’re going to do too, like David and Goliath but I will make videos and send them! Cool accomplishments we made this week…. We had 60 people in sacrament! That is the highest we’ve had in a while! WOOT WOOT! And I had my first baptism!  But that will be part of my spiritual message! What else…. OH SHOOT! Story! So on Fridays we have mission nights, where people bring their friends and we have fun and we get references. So we’ve been doing it with the other ward and this past Friday night we were going to watch War Horse. So we show up and nothing is ready. So we go find the Elders to find out what happened and one of them is throwing up. When we ask what happened, he says… He got bit by a dog. And he hadn’t called the zone leaders yet.  Turns out he should be fine, nothing too much to worry about, but we went to make popcorn but we were missing a key to the kitchen and we needed it. So while we’re trying to find someone to help, the elder that got bit (elder Campbell) goes into the next room, climbs into the ceiling, and drops down into the bishops office, gets the key, and walks out. We were all shocked it was so funny, but that elder is so great ha-ha. Anyways… that’s about it. SPIRITUAL THOUGHT!


So Saturday was the baptism and it went really well and the kid was so excited. Before his baptism, he was so scared that the water would be cold and so we went and made sure it was all nice and warm for him, but I guess it got warm faster than expected, so someone turned off the heat. Well when we went back to do it, we started it like normal, but turns out this person had shut everything down and we didn’t know it. So when the poor kid got baptized, it was so cold! It was so so so sad! But he trooped it out and everything was fine, I’ll send pictures. But my favorite part was the next day when he got the Holy Ghost. He didn’t have any nice clothes (oh the kid in 11 sorry!) and he was walking down from the stand in his jeans right after, and he saw us smiling at him, and he got the biggest smile and went running down the aisle to come sit by us! It was so cute! I loved it so much! It just goes to show that as long as you have the right desires, it doesn’t matter what you look like, because we can all feel the spirit and do what is right 🙂 Well that’s it for this week! I’ll try to send pictures! LOVE YOU ALL!




Well love you all! Until next week!

Love Hermana Irvine