After a long week of striking…welcome to Quillabamba!

Hey everyone! Love to read your emails and see how you’re all doing! Love you all so much!

Sorry this one is short, but… I don’t have a lot to say right now! 

So I was in Puno until Thursday in the afternoon. Why? …freaking strike. Every day the leaders would tell me I was leaving that day, but then I wouldn’t because some guy would get pulled out of his car and stoned and it was too dangerous, but when I finally left… Dude. What strike? I literally saw nothing of a strike. So whatever… One member had a dream before I left that I died in a bus accident. Thankfully hat never happened. But Quillabamba is so pretty and green! I’m surrounded by mountains on every side and everything is so perfect! Still miss Puno, but eh I’ll go back. Promise!

Spiritual part! Long story short, I cried on the bus leaving Puno, and as many of you know, that is so weird for me. I kind of got mad t myself and said “Why did you let yourself get so attached? You knew it was temporary!” but then I realized that you can’t feel a love that deep without feeling a pain that deep. Was it worth it? YES! Don’t forget to love with all you got and give it all you’ve got! Yeah it might hurt, but it’s so worth it in the end! Love you all so much!


Hermana Irvine


“Some people enter our lives and quickly leave, leaving footprints on our hearts and we are never again the same”

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Hey everyone! It’s a new week and it’s a week with changes!


Yes. I have a change. I’m not training, but I’m leaving my beloved home, Puno. I’m going to Quillabamba, the jungle. I’m happy that I’m missing the winters here in Puno, but…. I would have loved to see it all the same haha. Can’t wait to come back! (and I’m not even gone yet… haha) Puno really is the best place, no matter what other people say. Puno is the best!!! (If any people from Puno are reading this…. ES VERDAD!! Puno es lo mejor!!!) The Lord needs me in Quillabamba, so I’ll go there. Just like that hymn “I’ll go where you want me to go dear Lord”, even though it hurts. But I will come back!!!!! Puno’s got a special place in my heart!! Ok I’ll move on about Puno’s amazingness and go on to my week haha. Sorry! So last p-day we just played monopoly in the chapel with some elders because we were dying haha, but it was really fun, we were really getting into it! This week a less active lady in our ward was suppose to have her baby (before I left), but she wasn’t feeling any pains (which has happened with each of her children), so she was going to be induced, but she had things come up and SHE’S STILL PREGNANT!!!! I’m going to go say bye to her and tell her to go have her baby already!! Haha, I love that family so much!!! That’s kind of it for my week, not a whole lot of excitement…


So my spiritual thought is going to be a quote I heard once “Same people enter our lives and quickly leave, leaving footprints on our hearts and we are never again the same”, or something like that, but you get the point. Even though I was only in Puno for seven months (a long time, but also a short amount of time), the people here and have left footprints on my heart and I have learned so much. That’s the point of the mission, to come home different, but a better person. By the end of your mission, your heart should look like a hiking trail from all the things you have learned on the mission, from your companions and members, and investigators alike. There is so much to be learned, don’t ever miss out on those opportunities!!! Even before and after the mission those changes can take place, just don’t be afraid to let them in!!!! Even though I don’t want to leave Puno, I have to let those changes take place, let those people in Quillabamba teach me too, and I am so excited for that! So look for the people that have helped you change and try to learn something every day from someone else how you can change and become the person that God wants you to be!!!!! Love you all so much!!! Next time you all hear from me, I’ll be in the jungle!!!!


Hermana Irvine!!

Happy birthday to me….in Puno!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing great and is happy about summer coming! Even though winter is coming for me, it’s ok!


Oh, Chuno…. as the Elders always says, you literally YOLO when you eat Chuno, but it’s not that bad, and you usually don’t know when it’s been mashed by old women’s feet! Harold Daw… I’m going to miss him. His family is in my prayers.


So on Monday…it was crazy! We played carnivals out in this field and it was crazy! I ended up being soaked, covered in foam, flour, and shoe polish! But I loved it so much! The next day was my birthday! I got a total of 4 cakes! That’s crazy! One was from the ward and it was a surprise, the next one we made with some elders, the third was from the sister leaders, and the last one was from my district, because we met up that night to have a district meeting, and we had a party instead (kinda) and I got to use all my batman stuff! It literally looked like a 9 year old boy’s birthday party. At this party… I had eggs smashed on my head and I bite the cake. That’s a tradition down here, its pretty fun! Also on my birthday we found a cute little old lady that we visit every day now. She’s so cute, her name is Fidela and she lives alone and is at least… 85 years old. So we visit her and wash her cloths and take her for walks. She’s so cute. She loves when we visit her. She got so nervous the other day because it was raining and I had my hood on and she didn’t recognize me and she said “And the other sister’ Where did she go?” and I took it off and said “No don’t worry it’s me!” and she’s was fine afterwards. So we’re going to try and bring her to church, and help her out the best we can. However…. on Thursday I was sick. So sick; I was throwing up.  I’m still kind of sick, but doing a lot better. We went and visited some less actives and they gave me a bunch of pills (don’t worry this will apply later) and sent me home again. Anyways we’ll now go to Sunday. My stomach hurts and my comp’s head hurts, and we had to go do divisions with our district to clean out the directory it’s called an invasion) and I had some pills that helped with pain, so we both took them. Dang, those pills kicked in so fast! It was awesome! Until an hour later when I was dying again and I was just like “Those pills suck,” and my comp was just like “I’m still good!” Well anyways we go to this family home evening with all returned missionaries (which was awesome!) and when we went to go leave, my comp goes running to the door. Apparently she got really sick. It was bad. She ran outside and threw up, but we’re all good now. We just helped each other out this week! It’s great companionship bonding!  Anyway… time for something spiritual.


Yesterday a member was talking to me and they were asking me why I don’t talk a lot in front of lots of people (Yep… still have that problem… but I’m working on vanquishing it!) and we just talked about it and they said “When you talk you receive blessing. And you deserve those blessings. You deserve the best of those blessing! Just open your mouth and talk!” And I was thinking about that a lot. You really will receive those blessings, all of us; we just need to open our mouths! To everyone! When we do that, we’re doing the Lord’s work, and we can be blessed when we do that! Just like that member said “You all deserve the best of those blessings!” So don’t be afraid to open your mouths, don’t be afraid to say that you’re LDS, because you will be blessed so much! Don’t forget that ok? Go get those blessings! Love you all so much!


Hermana Irvine


Imagine the happiness!

Hey everyone! Happy birthday to Brett and Landon this past week! Hope everything was good and all your wishes were fulfilled! I will start with you guys and then to me!


Chuno… is kind of like a potato that is soaked in water for 2 days and then dried out. Also is distant parts of Peru, it is mashed up by the feet of older women. But not here. Lots of people hate Chuno, but I don’t think it’s that bad. It only grows here, so… YOLO! Kidding, my comp always says that. I hope Braylene is happy! Let me know how her homecoming is!  And Cute Tamara! Ok now to my week!


So Last Monday, it started… I was attacked. First a child threw a water balloon at me and then another child sprayed me. Out of EVERYONE we were with, I was picked! But that wasn’t the worst. The worst was on Friday. We went to go walk up the 200 stairs (where there’s a water fountain) and what do we find…. 20 boys with buckets, heaving them on their shoulders, yelling “TAMALES!” and then I ran, and my comp didn’t and they soaked her. I was slightly spared, but…. yeah it was fun! We also got Hermano Carlos so good! We sprayed him and threw water balloons at him, he was running so fast! I was laughing pretty hard! Also…my water bottle fell out of backpack and when I went back to find it… I found the top just laying there covered in dirt. Literally me and my comp just looked at each other and said “Masacre!” and then I found a little girl dunking it into a water fountain to go soak people! I told her it was mine and she gave it to me so that ended well, but still….I was laughing afterwards at how I was just like “Someone murdered my water bottle!” way to long in the mish. Ok Spiritual thought!!!!!!


So this week we talked to Juan Jose’s mother and she now knows these things are true, she just doesn’t feel different yet. And he was happy when we told him. Imagine that happiness! Imagine that happiness of knowing that someone you love has just accepted that message! He’s going to try and help her overcome her doubts now, but I was just thinking about that happiness. If we thought that about every person that accepted the gospel, imagine how happy we would all be!  And God has that happiness probably a thousand times that amount of happiness!!) For each one of his children who accept the gospel! It is so amazing! So I just want everyone to try and have that happiness and love for each person this week! LOVE YOU ALL!


Hermana Irvine


Let it go!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all good and happy!


Congrats to Abbie! I thought she did so god on her talk! I almost cried, she is so cute! TAMARRA! I cannot believe you’re almost home! You’ll be home tomorrow! Good job!! Congrats to Jeremy and Chyresse! FINALLY! I’ve waiting for that for MONTHS! And congrats to the Richard’s boy! Ok well… to my boring week.


Nothing much to report this week, so I thought I would tell you guys about my weird diet that I now have. First off let’s start off with the things I now eat and love… I like to eat… cheese (how many of you guys just fell out of your chairs?) and I love eating all the veggies, I love avocado sandwiches, what else… I can now eat fish without outwardly cringing (but this is fish that tastes like fish everyone, so I should be fine when I get home), oranges are pretty good, and decaffeinated coffee? Not that bad. Tea is good (without caffeine of course) and banana bread I am now learning how to eat. Chuno, something that only exists in Peru, that every missionary hates… I will probably miss when I leave and oatmeal is pretty dang good. How many of you just died when you read that??? how many of those things did I just list off that I use to just HATE? Weird right? Well… that’s basically it…. spiritual thought time!


So this week I received my birthday package from my mom (THANK YOU!) which had a batman onesi if I wasn’t on the mission, I would be in the road with that thing on. Anyways! Also inside of this package was the music for the new Disney movie Frozen…. which I still don’t understand completely, but I took my guesses at it and I’ve decided to write about one of the songs in it… “Let it go”. So from my guesses, the older sister has a secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know, so she tries to be perfect, she won’t let anyone see the other part of her, her flaws. But she sings this song that just says she just needs to let all of that go, she is who she is, and nobody can take that away. Flaws and everything. and then she says “The cold never bothered me anyways”. That’s something that’s part of her. She doesn’t have to try and hide that from anyone. So this is my message, Let all of that GO! Be yourself, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, you are you! Like Dr. Seuss said “You are you and that’s truer than true, nobody alive is as youer as you!” so those things that people might judge you for are a part of you, and don’t you forget it, those are the things that make you special and that much more loved by those who love you 🙂 LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!


Hermana Irvine