I looked out my window and what did I see…a gringa climbing a coconut tree!

HEY EVERYONE! Welcome to another week in the strange life of HERMANA IRVINE! But first let’s talk about you guys!


Yard work… oh so fun. I am so sorry! But the house sounds great!  Ethaniel turned one? Dang I still don’t know him! That is so weird! Kake would win the reward for the best laugh! Youth academy! That sounded like it was so fun! I loved Kake’s service idea! Good job you little leader you! Oh pulled pork sandwiches… How I miss them…….. Over it. But Hank Smith sounds awesome! Zach was telling me about him and he sounds awesome! I’m glad he talked! I can’t wait to hear him! Have you found that Joseph Smith Restoration CD I don’t know what it’s called? It is so good! I love it! Let me know what you think! WOOT WOOT! Zach is an Eagle Scout! Loved the pictures! He really did look like the eagle was about to eat him. But you guys are doing great! Love you guys so much!


Ok my week. First off completed 13 months the other day… Way too fast. Don’t worry I am so not trunky, I’m more shocked at how fast it’s going. Literally feel like it’s only be 7 to 9 months at the most. SO CRAZY! Also this week, my comp had to go to Lima to do visa stuff, so I was kind of stuck inside. I studied the BoM a lot and just did chores for the people I was stuck with, which was fun and relaxing, but I at the end I got to go out and do stuff, but that was only for two days! So all good! And when my comp got back she brought me back the art book from the church (which I am now cutting up for my scriptures) and a nice box of donuts! YES! I was so happy! I also have been trying to take a photo every day, just to make memories. And I have loved it so much so far!  What else…. Eh not a whole lot. But going to tell you about the title of my email. So yesterday, I was waiting in the chapel for our ward mission leader. Just chilling there. Looking at the palm trees that had coconuts and thinking “Wow… there’s a lot up there.” but I kept waiting with our Branch President and my comp. Then the other sisters came and we were just talking and decided that he never was coming with the branch president said that tomorrow (today) they were going to take down the coconuts. And I said really? Can I do it? So I run, get this rickety old ladder, and climb up this palm tree (in a skirt none the less) and I start taking down coconuts! Yeah.. we have 13 coconuts in our room right now. But don’t worry, there are photos of this! It was quite fun! Anyways, spiritual!!!!!


So this week I have really been thinking a lot about enjoying things. We’re here to enjoy life, to love it! I have been trying to enjoy every bit of it, the hard times and the best times! Because really… you can’t live these moments ever again in this life! Once in a lifetime moments! So I try to take a photo everyday of something, try to smile at least once every day, laugh at least once every day, and try to think positively as much as I can. It’s been hard but is so worth it! I love this so much! Don’t ever let this times pass you by! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


Love Hermana Irvine!!!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey you guys!!! I LOVED talking to you guys yesterday!! The best!! But first let’s talk about you guys!!


So to my cute daughter. Her name is… Hermana TANGO (Tah-n-go) and she is amazing (as you guys saw yesterday!) I don’t think she hates me ha-ha I hope. I’m too afraid to ask that question ha-ha. The training in Cusco was good… Except for the fact I was there for 5 DAYS! But I did eat Chili’s twice (so good!!!) Ha-ha I’m getting a gift for Mother’s day!?!? Finally I get to celebrate!! And I did get that package, camera, scriptures and all (a miracle!) and it’s all nice and safe!! Missionary week sounds SO CUTE!!! I want to do it!!! ( oh wait… I am for 18 months ha-ha) but that is so cute!!! What a stud you are Zach!!! Well anyways… brief cover over of my week now!!!


So I was stuck in Cusco for 5 days eating Chili’s, being a sister leader, visiting people in my old sector, and counting the hours for my daughter!! Finally I got her and we went up to Cristo Blanco (White Christ) and that was fun. My daughter is amazing!! She and her two sisters are member, but her mom isn’t (she didn’t support her going on a mission) and her dad died 15 years ago, but all of his work is done!!!! And her sister has a disease that if anything startles her, she could die within seconds. And she still on a mission!! She’s 20 years old and an example to me!!! So amazing!!! Yesterday at church I had to give a talk (Surprise!) and it went rather well, I think. Then I talked to you guys!!!! And that’s everything! I feel really sick as I write this so… I’m going to go now, but I’ll be more spiritual next week. Love you all so much!!!!!!

Hermana Irvine

Love is the heart of patience:-)

Hey you guys! Hope you all had great weeks! Today is changes, so I’ll let you know if I have a change or not! But first to you guys!


Gabe I really am so excited! I was thinking the other day about it, and I realized that he gets into the mission when I leave and then I thought “The mission will always be in good and trustworthy hands” ha-ha. Not saying my hands are, but I was laughing pretty good. Zach! You are doing so good with running! Thoroughly impressed! I’m really happy that Kake had fun at Prom! He seems like he would have been a good date! Also good job with your talk! Now we’ll get to my week.

So this week has been interesting. My comp is going to need therapy because I have begun to surprise attack her ha-ha it’s been really fun! She thinks I’m crazy but that just makes it that much more fun right? But mostly my week has to do with my spiritual thought, so let’s do that right now!


So today we started off the morning by waking up at 5 in the morning to go hike a freaking mountain with a 65 year old man who got us lost to the point where we were lead into a pit of spiders and then had to crawl our way down the mountain in the rain. But it was super fun! Great pictures! But when we started our cute 65 year old member he told us we need to stay together as a group because some of go slower than others. We soon realized that he was the one who had to take frequent breaks and didn’t want to be left behind. I just wanted to go up the mountain and go back down and then go to my bed. But then I felt a sudden burst of love for this cute little man and I had the patience to wait for him every step of the way. And when the elders were running ahead and not waiting this cute man began to tell me stories about Peru. I realized that we need to take our time in life. And also that love is the heart of patience. What does that mean? Let me tell you! How many times have you been frustrated with someone because they’re doing something really slow that you could do faster? (Everyone should raise their hand). Ok another question, how many times have you gotten mad at your friend or someone you love because once again they were doing something slower than you normally would be? (And no hands should be raised). Now what’s the difference? You know your friend better than the other person; you have more LOVE for your friend than the other! Not saying you lack love for them, it’s just different! Now when we love someone we tend to be patient with them right? So therefore, love is the heart of patience. Cool right? Well this week I was rather short of patience.


But speaking of changes… I walked into the internet place and instantly ran over to them and said “CHANGES-CHANGES-CHANGES?” And they looked at me and said “Nope!” so then I go log in all cool and stuff and so does my comp and I wanted to see if she had a change because if she had a change I might have the chance to train and I didn’t want to get my hopes up yet. And my comp has a change… to PUNO! My wonderful home! Ah how I wanted to change places with her! But then I thought “Oh shoot. I’m going to get a new comp. Am I going to train? “So I get to my email and there’s an email from pres. that tells me I have to go to Cusco for training… FOR MY DAUGHTER! YOU READ THAT! I’m GOING TO TRAIN! I’M A MOTHER! I expect gifts for Mother’s day everyone! Ha-ha kidding, but I have a daughter! UNA HIJA! I’m just so scared that she is going to hate me so… pray for her! I’m going to love her no matter what! So, in closing to this email, I love you all and I can’t wait to Skype for Mother’s day and…. HERE I COME HIJA MIA!



Hermana Irvine!