This week I almost punched a drunken man in the face

HEY EVERYONE! Love you all so much! Hope you are all happy and well!


Yes it SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO busy right now! We might have 3 or 4 weddings now! I’m going crazy! I shall be a pro in the end! We are sending missionaries all over down here (yes in other missions too) getting paperwork for us! Hope this works! And yes a river baptism would be awesome!!!! DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIZ GOT HER MISSION CALL!!!!!!  To Chicago!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! September 1st!!!!! Oh my gosh! Where is Ian going to go? But I am so happy for her!!!!!!! And she gets home before Abbie??? THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!


Dude, it’s crazy down here! But I love it! This week my penchinista’s daughter leaves on a mission to MEXICO! So cool right? We also had our Mission Night (FINALLY) where we all cooked things from our own countries and who wants to guess who won… HERMANA RASSMUSSEN with PANCAKES (my recipe) I only say that so I can have a little bit of the glory with her) but now we have Family Home Evenings with a lot of members to teach them how to make them! Also I have been teaching members how to a Rain Dance. Yes they are all quite amused. And then they start greeting me by saying “HOW Hermana Irvine” and it’s rather funny ha-ha. What else…. Not really much else, just planning the baptisms and wedding like crazy, like normal ha-ha, now… to the drunk the man (ties in with my spiritual thought).


But this week I had an experience with a drunk man that was not fun. One time in Puno a drunken guy (during Candelaria) grabbed my arm, but that was easy to get out of. But on Friday, I had a different experience. As we were walking home, in front of our house, which is above a bar, a drunken man walked out and stopped in the middle of the road on my left side. My daughter was on my right, so I knew she would be safe, but then I started planning how to get out of his way, planning on him grabbing my arm like someone had before. So I had my arm moved out of the way and I walked really fast as we passed the man. He ended up reaching out and touching my side, which made me almost turn around and punch him the face and say something like “You filthy man!” but I had this strong feeling not to, so I ran for the door with my daughter quickly following me, super scared. Well anyways life went on and on Sunday a cute little grandmother in our ward was sitting next to me and she said “Tu eres una reina” or “You are a Queen” and I realized something. I really am a queen. But also that this drunken man who had been so……. UGH was also born to be a King, but was just on the wrong path. I had judged him according to his behavior and to his drinking (which isn’t bad) but I forgot to look at him as also a Son of God. Yes he shouldn’t have ever done that, but he needs help, and I shouldn’t have jumped to the conclusion in my head of “Oh one day you will suffer for that little man”, when he needs help. So I prayed for the man, in hopes of someone (NOT ME) would be able to help him remember who he is and help him! And I am not justifying that man… I’m still super pissed at him, but hey…. got to forgive and forget… hopefully next week I will have done that, but for now….. Got to pray for help. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! HAVE A GREAT WEEK ALL OF YOU AND REMEMBER I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!





Three baptisms (possibly 4), two weddings and a poor gringa that is planning it! (to the turne of the 12 days of Christmas)

HEY YOU GUYS! Love you all so-so-so much and I hope you all had great Father’s day!


First off… HAPPY ONE YEAR NOE! LOve your cute guts! The big wedding date/baptism date is the 21st of July, but one of the baptisms will be a different day, because he’s 10 years old and isn’t getting married ha-ha. But one of the couples is thinking about getting baptized in the river! I’m excited for that! The new girl is awesome super loving! Our apartment has a different spirit now, which is great!


So…. as you can tell by the title of my email… I’m just a little stressed ha-ha. So I’m going to update you really fast about what we’re doing. First, let’s talk about Percy. He’s been working in the jungle for the past month and will be here in Quillabamba in one week. For three days. With those three days we have to get him to the doctor and him to sign a bunch of papers and get him on the same page as us, and teach him lessons. But other than that, he’s taken care of. Next, let’s talk about Ana. Ana is the… how do you say that in English….. the…. other half of Percy? His couple? His… girlfriend that he lives with, that he’s going to marry? Anyways you get the point. This week we traveled in bus for an hour to the jungle to go look for her… partido? (she doesn’t have a birth certificate, so it’s something else that’s similar) that wasn’t there, so now we got to take a certain number that’s part of her Identification to the City hall and find out where that paper is, and then send the elders for it! And then we got to get her to the hospital too. And plan everything else for her wedding. Like the dress and the food and the reception, so let’s see how I do! Now Ana and Percy are thinking about getting baptized in the river, which is totally cool for me, but it’ll be the same day, so we’re trying to work that into our plans!


Now next up we have Jared. Jared is a 10 year old kid whose mom is less active, because she lives in a field that is 6 hours out and then 6 hours to walk to (there’s no other way there), so he lives with his very active grandmother. And he wants to be baptized too! So right now we’re trying to get him to church (poor kid likes to sleep in) and then we plan the baptism!


And next up we have Flor de Maria and her non member…. couple? Boyfriend? That one person? Yeah ok, they want to get married too, the 21st of July! So we got to talk to them and teach her boyfriend and see if baptism is a possibility too (we just got this assignment yesterday!) So I’m swamped. But I’m still finding time to enjoy the ride! Last night we painted nails and just talked (the four of us) and we’ve been cooking a bit too, which is fun, and just trying to work more in unity! So right now, everything seems possible, even though I got this headache and this urge to sometimes lay down on the sidewalk and just sleep (just SUPER tired!), but I know it can be done! And I know why… THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL OF YOU! Without you guys, I could not be doing this! I’m so grateful for you guys! But now to my spiritual thought…


How did you all do? Did you talk to three people?? How did you feel? I hope great! This week I tried to do it too (with members, not just people on the street) and I feel great! Right now I’m working with someone who was less active, but is trying to be super active but still needs an interview with the President of the Rama. (branch oops) He’s a returned missionary who helps out every missionary he can! Which is awesome! But someone recently told me that he has a 4 year old little girl that he left with her mother and won’t take care of her. So can we guess what I’m going to talk about today…Gossip. I hate gossip. I’m not saying that it’s not possible that he could have had a child, but as far as I know, he hasn’t had his interview, because they’re trying to find his records so that they can give him a calling at the same time. So my invitation for this week is to watch the words that leave your mouth. You never know when it’s true and when it’s not. I’ve gotten to the point that I only believe things if it’s coming from the person who is the closest to the situation. Even if it’s only about what day is the birthday party of a member’s child, I don’t believe it until I hear it from the mother’s mouth. Ha-ha so be careful what you say! Words hurt! And I know that, the mission is kind of gossipy and I try to stay off the charts, but I can see the way words have affected other sister in the mission, the way what those people had said have hurt them. So please please, please be careful with your words! So talk to more people and be kind with your words this week 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!


LOVE! Hermana Irvine


Let’s face the facts…I love Peru!

Hey you guys, LOVE YOU! Got some fun stories but first you guys!


Our sector is 40 minutes by car but we can’t use a car so we have to have someone with the priesthood go with us over to there and a lot of them drive those motorcycle car things. Or better, we just go in a taxi. Oh and the couple who are thinking about marriage…. are getting married! We have to plan the wedding, so if you have tips, let us know! But we’re also planning a second wedding! I still haven’t even planned my own ha-ha practice I guess right?  I’m glad Kake had fun graduating (sorry this keyboard is broken so the words might come out a little weird) and 5 in the morning? Who do you think you are? And then two more parties!? Wait until I get home! We’ll be coming home at 7 in the morning with 4 more to follow! Ha-ha just kidding! But sounds like you had fun Kake!


Well to my week. It has been so good! We have three people with a date (two of which of going to get married that day!) and the last one is a boy of 11 years (how do you say that?) and almost all of his family are members and he’s super excited! Today I went to a zoo and hugged a monkey! It was so cute! It started crying when I had to let it go, but we’re still friends! This week we had some adventures hiking in the jungle looking for people and creepy people asking us if we were married and things are going great! Today are changes and one of the other Hermana’s is leaving for Abancay! Hope she likes it there! And now spiritual thought!


So lately I’ve been thinking about judging people and how sometimes we tend to jump to conclusions in our thoughts without thinking of everything concerning a person.  The reason I think about this is because there are some different people in our ward and one particular Hermana is very specific about who she talks to and doesn’t talk too.  Some of the people she won’t even talk to are people who I take out teaching with me.  Sadly and unfortunately, they’re feelings are hurt. They sometimes ask me if I know why this Hermana won’t talk to them and every time I say “I don’t know, but don’t worry about it, I think she just has a lot to deal with right now” but I still am thinking how sad. Then I thought “…Am I doing this to anyone?” So I’m trying to be better about talking to everyone! Not just my friends, not just the people I know can help us out with our lessons, but with everyone! They don’t have to be my BFF or someone I want to talk to everyday, but just on a good enough base that they don’t feel like I hate them. So new invitation! And next week I will follow up! Here it is: Talk to at least three people you don’t usually talk to this week! I will ask you next week how it went! You don’t have to be BFFs and you don’t have to love them perfectly in the end, just try to make them feel comfortable around you! LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! Hope to hear from you all soon!


Con Amor,

Hermana Irvine


From parties, to tears….this week has been great!

Hey you guys! Love you all so much! My week has been… One of a kind, but with all of it combined… it’s been great! But to that in a minute, first you guys!


Missionary Gram… That’s pretty legit! I want to see Kake’s dress! That sounds super cute! Glad that Ash got everything she could ever want and more! That… would have been the WORST April Fool’s Day joke! I think I would have cried! Training Table can NOT go out until I get home! (Hang in there little buddy!). And I did pass the room check with flying colors! Don’t you be making fun of me! Ha-ha kidding. I would bring him home, just so Zach could have a little brother, but… I haven’t seen him for a while and I don’t know if I could. Sorry bro. ZACH! Hang in there little bro! Next year is going to be even better! This year was just a small practice of next year, it only gets better! Hope you liked Kayaking with dad, that sounds… delightful. KIDDING! I bet it was super fun! And I did know that he is a stud! I always knew that about him! ASH! Sorry about your tests… that’s never fun. But sounds like you had more fun for your birthday! Such a little teenager you are ha-ha. KAKE! Ha-ha… going to be honest… I laughed pretty good when I read that you had to write apology letters to the principal, your SBO advisor, and the custodians, AND that you had to do 10 hours of community service, just because you guys put glasses of water on all the steps! Fire hazard? Oh please, if there was a fire I would be thankful for the glasses of water because then I would just put out the fire with them! Ha-ha that’s also a pretty funny video idea! CONGRATS ON GRADUATING SCHOOL AND SEMINARY! WOOT WOOT! What a little adult you are now! Congrats to Braedon on getting engaged! I hope he’s so happy! That’s a super cute way to propose! And mom I love the Two Traveling Angels and the The Weaving, exactly what I need right now. But hope you guys are great and are happy!


So my week. I don’t ever know how to describe my week. Basically last Monday I went up to this waterfall, where the water was coming out of the walls EVERYWHERE! It was gorgeous! I would send pictures, but…. this computer is infested with viruses, so… let’s not try that one today. But after that we found out that one of the sisters here was going to have to travel to Lima for paperwork for her visa and… I was so excited. Me and this sister don’t get along very well (look at past emails for the tiny details) and I was ready to have some time without her here, I needed a break. Or so I thought. Sorry if this story is too much information for you, but you have to know so you can see what happens in the end! So Wednesday this sister left and I was left with her daughter. And we all had so much fun, we had pizza, I made a cake, we had cremoladas (just think of Jamba Juice), and we even had a little party. Funny story, I was playing with matches (We all know what’s about to happen) where you flick the match off the box and it lights up. Super fun, but don’t do it. So I was doing it and the match flew off and ended up between my finger and my thumb, burning my finger. That hurt so bad. But later on that day I decided to keep playing with my matches (how stupid can I be right?) and the same thing happens to the exact same finger, but now it’s just barely off to the side of the first one. So the next day I decide to continue… I am totally kidding about the third time ha-ha that would have been too dumb ha-ha but yeah burnt my finger twice, but it doesn’t hurt now. Looks weird, but normal ha-ha. Anyways back to my week. But anyways we all enjoyed this time, until we got the phone call that the other sister was coming in at 2 that very day (Saturday) and I thought I was ready. She actually got here at 1 that day and she was…. angry. Oh so angry. And I just thought “She just needs a break and then everything will be great!” So we leave for lunch, and then this sister came to lunch late and was still angry. So I started praying for God to give me the love I needed for this sister. And I didn’t get it. So it continues and I am so frustrated at this point. Along with all of this, she’s gossiping about everyone in the mission and is giving me nasty looks. So that night I am upset. Very upset. And I didn’t know what to do. And she knew I was upset so she starts to say the things she knows will make me more upset, and then would laugh when she could tell I was upset. I could not do it anymore. I went to church with the thought that one more week and then there would be changes and maybe she would go. Not a good idea. So then I went to go teach Sunday School to the teenagers and they would not listen to me; at all. I was so tired and worn out at this point I just wanted to give up. The elders entered my class with a box and said “Hey this is your’s” and left. At the end of the class, I grabbed this box and just left. I just wanted to see what was inside. Inside I find two boxes from my mom that had Reese’s (my favorite), some new shirts, Dr. Who socks, a Dr. Who shirt (which I have on RIGHT NOW), and some things for my daughter; and I just wanted to cry. So the rest of that day I was thinking about what I could do to fix this, I can’t be a missionary and have feeling like this. And at the end of the day… I had no idea how to fix it. I didn’t want to go back to our apartment, and I just wanted an answer. So I go to dinner and there’s one of my new friends sitting there eating dinner and he knew something was up. And he starts asking me questions until I just say what’s on my mind. And guess what. He BURNED me so bad. And I am so grateful for it. He said “Patience isn’t the problem. Love isn’t either. You need to be more humble. Then he went on to tell me before I knew about the church I was a drunk. Like one of those you see passed out in the road. And I would go home and my dad would wait until the next day and then come in and ask me ‘Oh my son, I love you so much, but why do you drink?’ Then kiss me on both cheeks and take me out to breakfast. And now I regret the way I treated him. I never told him I loved him and he never saw me change my life around. So take this time to fix it. You can help her make the changes that need to be make, and she might not take them, just like I didn’t, but you need to be there willing to help her make them. Not to sit there and think of ways to make it through or asking God to give you love for her. You have to do something about it. So do something.” And it literally felt like a slap to the face. But I needed it. Oh I needed it. 


So my spiritual thought. You can ask God to give you the things you want, but we need to put in our part and show that it’s really something we want. And other times God is going to make us work for it and not just give it to us. That’s what it’s all about! Progress! So this week I invite you all to work for the things you have been asking God for and to remember that it’s going to be hard, but oh so worth it! I know that is so true, because that’s what I’m going through right now!


So quick update on Quillabamba and training. Quillabamba is great, we are trying to get a couple married on the 21 of July so that they can be baptized (the 21st is a big wedding thing and only costs 30 soles (10 to 15 dollars), but her husband is a little hesitant. We also trying to push for her best friend to do it too because she has an answer, but still need to talk to her boyfriend…… Our recent convert has dropped off the face of planet and is not doing good…. Keep her in your prayers! Her name is Nayruth, she needs a lot of help right now! We are activating people right now, we’re using a lot of members out here to help us find some of the oldest members out her, and it’s going great! My sector is about…. 40 minutes to an hour from one side to the next in car, but we don’t usually go out that far, but lots of work to be done! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! YOU ARE ALL IN MY PRAYERS!


Love Hermana Irvine


A week of craziness, sadness and everything else in-between!

Hey everyone! Just like the title says, this week was CRAZY! And had a bit of sadness, but we shall talk about that in a minute! First you guys! Oh and mom, SUPER CUTE EMAIL! Love that idea! Super cute way to group everything!



Dude. This week was weird. This week I was thinking about “How is my mission different than others?” and I got an answer. Both weird and funny ones and also sad and different ones too. But let’s go in order.


Monday one the sisters in La Granja (a sector) came out with us, because her comp (Wahlen) had to go to Equador to do visa stuff.


Tuesday President came, to check out our rooms (with the assistants, his wife and our Zone leaders). Our room passed, besides the living above a bar thing. They checked out our scriptures, our area books, and our planners too! Quite an adventure but we passed it all! Then they went over English with the Latinas and I had my interview with President and talked about faith and how we need to ask ourselves inspired questions. Wow. That changed a lot for me. I’ll keep you updated on that. Then we had to go do the same thing with the sister that was with us.


Then Wednesday the sister leaders went out to teach with us. This is when it got weird. We first went to a lesson with some investigators where their son… pooped spaghetti sauce. How or why I have no idea, but it really happened. Saw it with my own eyes. But we just went on, like normal. Then we went to visit more people and everything was fine.


The next day (this is when it got sad) we went to visit our lady that has cancer. We went to talk to her and turns out she has decided to move back out to her field which is hours away. But it’s because she hasn’t been getting better and she doesn’t know what to do for her three kids under the age of 18, and just figures it would be best if she died. So we tried to help, but she’s angry with God and feels like He wasn’t listening to her and she wouldn’t listen to us. So we had to leave eventually. Praying a lot for her, but I know that one day she’ll know and understand the plan God has for her. Then Hermana Wahlen came back so that all got worked out.


The next day we went to go visit a member that makes scripture cases, when an 11 year old boy walked in looking for work. Turns out he was baptized and has run away from home (which is hours away) because of his drunk stepfather. He had been robbed and had robbed, and has even smoked marijuana and had been sleeping in a motor taxi for a good few weeks. I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything will be ok and that we would help take care of him, but then he disappeared and I haven’t seen him yet. Still looking and praying for him too. We also visited another family, their father is less active and we have no idea where the mother is. They’re two kids who are just looking for friends. They don’t really fit in everyone at church, but they are great. They didn’t want us to leave; they were showing us all this stuff, watching Mormon messages with us, just trying to do everything to keep us with them there. It was so hard to leave. I didn’t want to. But we eventually did.


That’s when I realized how different my mission was from everyone else’s in the whole world! Everyone’s mission is unique and different in its own way, and mine has been very different! And I love it so much with all its weirdness and hardships! So I invite you all to take a step back, look at all the little differences in your life and you’ll be so grateful for the things that have, the bad and the good, and you will literally learn so much! I love you all so much! STAY HAPPY! 


Love Hermana Irvine!