God is Good

Hey everyone! Hope all is well and that you’re all doing great!

So this week was rather…. I don’t know, it’s just been really cool this last transfer. I have seen a lot of miracles and I have seen the biggest one this week. I don’t have too much to say about this week, it’s basically been the same as other weeks, so we’re going to go right to my spiritual thought and the title of my email. This week I saw a miracle. Almost a miracle of miracles, but not quite. This week we went to go help a woman paint her store and we came back to eat lunch with Hermana Roxana, when she got a phone call. Here is what she heard on the phone call “Your brother just had an accident. The gas in his house exploded and his whole face (cara) is burned. You need to come now.” And she ran crying out the door looking for a taxi (thankfully our Branch Mission Leader was there and he took her) to take her to her brother’s house. We all sat there so scared and praying so much for her and her brother and his family. It’s just him, his wife, and their baby girl. So we called our penchinista’s daughter and told her to go with her mom and help her out. Afterwards we got a call back. Everything was fine. Or better said, everyone was fine. It was his whole house (casa) not his whole face (cara) that got burned. Her brother then had nothing, not even a shirt, or a bed or anything. Nothing for his baby, literally the clothes they had on their back and in their arms. It happened in seconds and could do nothing. But that was a miracle. None of them were burned or even hurt. We thanked God I don’t even know how many times for that miracle. Yesterday they had a fund raiser kind of thing and they got all the money they need. They are now doing a lot better. They were eating with us the past few days because they had nothing. And today I was listening to a song by Nashville Tribute called “God is Good.” and I love the words. It basically says that after all the hardships the pioneers had; God still was blessing them in their trials. That is through our trials we can be blessed. There was one line that I loved and it says “We’ve come so much farther than we ever thought we could. God is good.” And I just love that!!!! So be thankful for your trials and the little miracles that God brings your way, because they mean so much! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!


Hermana Irvine


Dying? Who’s dying? It’s not me who’s dying……

HEY EVERYONE! Hope all is well with you guys, sorry I’m late, I was…. lost looking for a waterfall that really didn’t exist, but I’m here now!

Mom my legs look ugly and dead from the mosquito bites, but we’re healing them up with salt and water! All should be well, but it might take a bit!

I don’t really have a lot to say about this week, but I do need to mention something my comp did today. She asked me for my planner so she could decorate it and I said yeah cool! Do it! And I got it back. Who wants to guess what was on it? If you’re thinking temple and marriage…. wrong! If you’re thinking super missionary stuff, wrong again……… There are like 8 photos of batman on my planner. I almost cried and told her I would sleep with it at night, and I think she thinks I’m kidding……….. We’ll see what she things tonight ha-ha! This week has been great, we’re still working, Ana and Percy now have a tentative marriage date, the 17th of October (right before I go home!) And they are so ready to follow through with it! But we got to work hard, because right after we put the date, their son started having really weird medical problems and might have to travel to Cusco, HOPE NOT! That might affect a lot of things! So just keep them in your prayers please!

This week something that has been happening a lot is people saying “Hermana Irvine, you’re dying right?” and to a lot of people they think “WHAT?! DOES SHE HAVE CANCER!!??” but no, in the mission when you finish it’s called dying, and I have literally thought “ha-ha no  that’s in 9 months” but it’s a lot closer than I’ve realized (please, don’t make myself aware of this) but I’m putting in all my efforts to finish good, I’m ready to end this the way I started, STRONG! Love you all sooomuch! Thank you so much for everything!

Love Hermana Irvine, aka Chispuñawi

The Haka

Hey everyone! Love you all so so much! So glad to hear from all you and for the prayers I’ve gotten recently! They really mean so much! Before I continue, just want you to all know the strike has stopped (we ended with a total of 8 deaths and a man half beaten to death (possible by police) who is now in jail) but we are safe!

I’m writing really fast because we’re going to a waterfall today with our Zone (We’re actually going to do something this time! YES!) and we’re leaving at 2, so I’m running! But this week Hermana Tango left and I got Hermana García and its super fun!  Hermana Tango and I cried a little bit when she left, and she’s called me since and she sounds like she really likes Siquani! So I’m happy for her! Hermana García is helping heal my legs up real nice (because they are sooooooo ugly and dead) and she is helping me to stay focused! I’m the second person that’s she’s killed, so she knows what she’s doing! She’s great. Really. This week was mainly us trying to work a lot with the branch and help Vincente out a lot, but he’s doing great! All is great in Quillabamba! Now to my thought!

So first to be funny, Hermana García came with a video of an elder doing the Haka (if you don’t know what that is, go watch Forever Strong and then come back) and we all became obsessed and we do it all the time now. So it’s funny to watch, but for my thought, the Haka is…. a lot of things, but the Tongans would do it when they went to battle to call upon their ancestors to help them in the battle (Noe don’t kill me if that’s wrong!) and I’ve been thinking about that a lot. We’re working in unity with our ancestors in this work to fight this final battle, we need all the help we can get, we got to work with our ancestors if we ever want to win, there’s a scripture in D&C that says we won’t be saved without our ancestors and it’s true, we got to keep that in mind and do our family history work to have them with us in the end. So we can all be together in the end, victorious. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thank you so much for everything and for the prayers!


Hermana Irvine

The Walking Dead

So to start off, today are transfers. Yes I am starting my last transfer of the mission. Oh. My. Gosh. Too crazy. But I now know where I’m going to die….. HERE IN QUILLABAMBA! YES! Hermana Tango got a transfer to Siquani with someone in her own group so she’s super happy and Hermana Rasmussen is going to Sacred Valley and she’s happy. But I’m super happy to die here! My wishes come true! My new companion is Hermana Garcia and I’m super excited to work with her! And for my week……… We’re still in strike. I won’t put in all the details here, my mom has them all, if we want to know, talk to me or my mom and she can send them to you, but…. it’s a little crazy. We have military here and AK-47s and everything so…. it’s been a party. But I feel like I’m in The Walking Dead. There’s the possibility of them attacking you if you walk out the door, all stores are closed unless you knock and can prove you’re not part of that group, the town square is closed down due to riots and they have threatened to burn down city hall if their demands are not met, cars are overturned the roads to block them off, people are burning tires in the road, and there have been 6 deaths. 4 of which are in connection with the strike and the others were killed due to vengeance because during a strike, if you die, there’s nothing you can do, so if you want you can rob and kill (which they’re doing) all you want and nothing will happen. Savages. The whole lot of them. Oh great… they’re screaming and yelling outside… Today someone knocked on the closed internet door and everyone jumped thinking someone was about to enter and throw us out into the street ha-ha what fun….. we’ve just been doing a lot of service inside houses and studying and just doing things we don’t really ever have time for ha-ha. But it’s all ok because we know the Lord is taking care of us and that all is in His hands we just need to trust in him. But.. prayers don’t hurt, so if you remember, please pray for us here in Quillabamba and Cusco! The strikers want to take the Airport, so it’s moving to Cusco! Thank you so much all of you for the prayers and the help you have already given! Love you all so much!


So my spiritual thought. It’s a thought I’ve had for almost a month now ever since the earthquake we had and now during the strike. And it’s something that one of my best friends has talked about before (yes, that’s you Noe!) and it’s: when the time comes and you have to grab the things you love most…. what will you grab? Do you have things you really need or is it just things you want? And I’ve been thinking about that so much. Like if Presdient decides in a moment’s notice that we need to leave Quillabamba because we don’t have food, or the strike is getting way too crazy, what would I grab? And I know what I would want: My scriptures, pictures of my family and friends, and some clothes and garments. I guess it’s easy as a missionary because you don’t have a lot, but this is something that I want to remember forever, the things that matter most to me. So remember that this week, do you have the things you love most right at hand? LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! You’re all in my prayers and I love you all so much!



 Hermana Irvine

I looked out the window and what do I see?…An angry mob walking towards my apartment!…um…

To start off…. Time is flying by so fast. Next week is transfers and then…. It’s my last transfer. Got to work hard! Don’t want to lose this time! Well this week was interesting enough…. It started off normal until we found out there was going to be a strike. I thought “Psh strikes. I saw a few in Puno.” But no. Strikes here are different. You are forced to close your business, no taxis or motos, and no going to the bank. I thought “Ok well…. none of that involves us. And the strike ends at 6 at night and there’s no strike Saturday or Sunday (supposedly) so you can get ready for the next week of strike if it doesn’t get resolved. Basically, they ended up walking by our house a few times yelling about what they wanted out of this strike, throwing rocks at cars and entering stores to pull out the people that are working in them. We still went out to work, they didn’t bug us much, just had to stay away from the big groups. Really, it’s not as bad as it sounds. There really isn’t anything going on in this strike. We’re just locked inside the internet place right now in front of the group striking because this place should not be open, but whatever. We’re fine. They put half of a car in our road to try and block it. I don’t know why, it’s really not that big. But it never got resolved, so we’re looking at another week of striking, and not buying food. On Saturday we had a party picnic thing in the branch and it was super fun! We had different games to play and everybody had lots of fun! I loved spending time with all of them! But that was basically it this week!


So just to close with a spiritual thought… I have no idea I just have so many. Yesterday we got to watch our cute new convert, Vicente, receive the priesthood. He had an interview and was very prepared to receive it. It was so amazing to see the blessing that will bring to their family and to watch them progress and endure to the end. It was such a cool mile mark! And I thought about how something as small as that will bring around so many things in their house. He has the priesthood, he’s showing how to continue to the end, which then shows his children his desire, and they take it heart and a seed will be planted. Our actions really do affect us and those around us and it so amazing to see! It’s liking watching dominos fall or a drop of water fall into a pond it affects everything! So don’t forget who you are and what you do can affect so many around you! So do good always! LOVE YOU TONS!




Hermana Irvine