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The Walking Dead

So to start off, today are transfers. Yes I am starting my last transfer of the mission. Oh. My. Gosh. Too crazy. But I now know where I’m going to die….. HERE IN QUILLABAMBA! YES! Hermana Tango got a transfer to Siquani with someone in her own group so she’s super happy and Hermana Rasmussen is going to Sacred Valley and she’s happy. But I’m super happy to die here! My wishes come true! My new companion is Hermana Garcia and I’m super excited to work with her! And for my week……… We’re still in strike. I won’t put in all the details here, my mom has them all, if we want to know, talk to me or my mom and she can send them to you, but…. it’s a little crazy. We have military here and AK-47s and everything so…. it’s been a party. But I feel like I’m in The Walking Dead. There’s the possibility of them attacking you if you walk out the door, all stores are closed unless you knock and can prove you’re not part of that group, the town square is closed down due to riots and they have threatened to burn down city hall if their demands are not met, cars are overturned the roads to block them off, people are burning tires in the road, and there have been 6 deaths. 4 of which are in connection with the strike and the others were killed due to vengeance because during a strike, if you die, there’s nothing you can do, so if you want you can rob and kill (which they’re doing) all you want and nothing will happen. Savages. The whole lot of them. Oh great… they’re screaming and yelling outside… Today someone knocked on the closed internet door and everyone jumped thinking someone was about to enter and throw us out into the street ha-ha what fun….. we’ve just been doing a lot of service inside houses and studying and just doing things we don’t really ever have time for ha-ha. But it’s all ok because we know the Lord is taking care of us and that all is in His hands we just need to trust in him. But.. prayers don’t hurt, so if you remember, please pray for us here in Quillabamba and Cusco! The strikers want to take the Airport, so it’s moving to Cusco! Thank you so much all of you for the prayers and the help you have already given! Love you all so much!


So my spiritual thought. It’s a thought I’ve had for almost a month now ever since the earthquake we had and now during the strike. And it’s something that one of my best friends has talked about before (yes, that’s you Noe!) and it’s: when the time comes and you have to grab the things you love most…. what will you grab? Do you have things you really need or is it just things you want? And I’ve been thinking about that so much. Like if Presdient decides in a moment’s notice that we need to leave Quillabamba because we don’t have food, or the strike is getting way too crazy, what would I grab? And I know what I would want: My scriptures, pictures of my family and friends, and some clothes and garments. I guess it’s easy as a missionary because you don’t have a lot, but this is something that I want to remember forever, the things that matter most to me. So remember that this week, do you have the things you love most right at hand? LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! You’re all in my prayers and I love you all so much!



 Hermana Irvine


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