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The Haka

Hey everyone! Love you all so so much! So glad to hear from all you and for the prayers I’ve gotten recently! They really mean so much! Before I continue, just want you to all know the strike has stopped (we ended with a total of 8 deaths and a man half beaten to death (possible by police) who is now in jail) but we are safe!

I’m writing really fast because we’re going to a waterfall today with our Zone (We’re actually going to do something this time! YES!) and we’re leaving at 2, so I’m running! But this week Hermana Tango left and I got Hermana García and its super fun!  Hermana Tango and I cried a little bit when she left, and she’s called me since and she sounds like she really likes Siquani! So I’m happy for her! Hermana García is helping heal my legs up real nice (because they are sooooooo ugly and dead) and she is helping me to stay focused! I’m the second person that’s she’s killed, so she knows what she’s doing! She’s great. Really. This week was mainly us trying to work a lot with the branch and help Vincente out a lot, but he’s doing great! All is great in Quillabamba! Now to my thought!

So first to be funny, Hermana García came with a video of an elder doing the Haka (if you don’t know what that is, go watch Forever Strong and then come back) and we all became obsessed and we do it all the time now. So it’s funny to watch, but for my thought, the Haka is…. a lot of things, but the Tongans would do it when they went to battle to call upon their ancestors to help them in the battle (Noe don’t kill me if that’s wrong!) and I’ve been thinking about that a lot. We’re working in unity with our ancestors in this work to fight this final battle, we need all the help we can get, we got to work with our ancestors if we ever want to win, there’s a scripture in D&C that says we won’t be saved without our ancestors and it’s true, we got to keep that in mind and do our family history work to have them with us in the end. So we can all be together in the end, victorious. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thank you so much for everything and for the prayers!


Hermana Irvine


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