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Dying? Who’s dying? It’s not me who’s dying……

HEY EVERYONE! Hope all is well with you guys, sorry I’m late, I was…. lost looking for a waterfall that really didn’t exist, but I’m here now!

Mom my legs look ugly and dead from the mosquito bites, but we’re healing them up with salt and water! All should be well, but it might take a bit!

I don’t really have a lot to say about this week, but I do need to mention something my comp did today. She asked me for my planner so she could decorate it and I said yeah cool! Do it! And I got it back. Who wants to guess what was on it? If you’re thinking temple and marriage…. wrong! If you’re thinking super missionary stuff, wrong again……… There are like 8 photos of batman on my planner. I almost cried and told her I would sleep with it at night, and I think she thinks I’m kidding……….. We’ll see what she things tonight ha-ha! This week has been great, we’re still working, Ana and Percy now have a tentative marriage date, the 17th of October (right before I go home!) And they are so ready to follow through with it! But we got to work hard, because right after we put the date, their son started having really weird medical problems and might have to travel to Cusco, HOPE NOT! That might affect a lot of things! So just keep them in your prayers please!

This week something that has been happening a lot is people saying “Hermana Irvine, you’re dying right?” and to a lot of people they think “WHAT?! DOES SHE HAVE CANCER!!??” but no, in the mission when you finish it’s called dying, and I have literally thought “ha-ha no  that’s in 9 months” but it’s a lot closer than I’ve realized (please, don’t make myself aware of this) but I’m putting in all my efforts to finish good, I’m ready to end this the way I started, STRONG! Love you all sooomuch! Thank you so much for everything!

Love Hermana Irvine, aka Chispuñawi


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