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God is Good

Hey everyone! Hope all is well and that you’re all doing great!

So this week was rather…. I don’t know, it’s just been really cool this last transfer. I have seen a lot of miracles and I have seen the biggest one this week. I don’t have too much to say about this week, it’s basically been the same as other weeks, so we’re going to go right to my spiritual thought and the title of my email. This week I saw a miracle. Almost a miracle of miracles, but not quite. This week we went to go help a woman paint her store and we came back to eat lunch with Hermana Roxana, when she got a phone call. Here is what she heard on the phone call “Your brother just had an accident. The gas in his house exploded and his whole face (cara) is burned. You need to come now.” And she ran crying out the door looking for a taxi (thankfully our Branch Mission Leader was there and he took her) to take her to her brother’s house. We all sat there so scared and praying so much for her and her brother and his family. It’s just him, his wife, and their baby girl. So we called our penchinista’s daughter and told her to go with her mom and help her out. Afterwards we got a call back. Everything was fine. Or better said, everyone was fine. It was his whole house (casa) not his whole face (cara) that got burned. Her brother then had nothing, not even a shirt, or a bed or anything. Nothing for his baby, literally the clothes they had on their back and in their arms. It happened in seconds and could do nothing. But that was a miracle. None of them were burned or even hurt. We thanked God I don’t even know how many times for that miracle. Yesterday they had a fund raiser kind of thing and they got all the money they need. They are now doing a lot better. They were eating with us the past few days because they had nothing. And today I was listening to a song by Nashville Tribute called “God is Good.” and I love the words. It basically says that after all the hardships the pioneers had; God still was blessing them in their trials. That is through our trials we can be blessed. There was one line that I loved and it says “We’ve come so much farther than we ever thought we could. God is good.” And I just love that!!!! So be thankful for your trials and the little miracles that God brings your way, because they mean so much! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!


Hermana Irvine


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