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Don’t cry because it is over; smile because it happened

Hey everyone, super crazy week, but all in all a week! But first to you guys!

Well my week was…. crazy. Let me explain. Monday: After writing our families, the ZL’s tell us that next Wednesday will be our P-day, not Monday because the President is coming. Yeah, that wasn’t too cool because we all thought our parents would freak out when we didn’t write and there was no way to tell them. But all is well! Then Tuesday was Hna Routson’s birthday! Yeah here you throw eggs and four at the birthday person. That was a party! Cake and everything! Then Wednesday was normal. Then Thursday we were told that we had a place to move. We freaked out! So we started calling people (Zl’s, landlady, etc.) to get permission to move. The ZL’s didn’t want to give us permission, even after I told them about all the stuff outside. They told us next month. We were like “…. yeah right. We’ll talk to the President on Monday.” The next few days were us helping a member to move into her new house, us moving her mother in her house, and us getting ready to move into her mother’s house. Can I say how tired I am? Way too tired. We also didn’t get to watch conference because it was Election Day in Peru and there are weird laws, and we weren’t allowed to watch it. Sad right? Then Monday it was my comp’s and another sister’s birthday. After conference with the President we got to go eat dinner and they were ready for eggs and flour. I ended up with more flour than the two of them. But it was so fun! Then yesterday we were moving and today we are unpacking. Can I sleep yet? Ha-ha it’s been crazy! But so happy, I slept so good last night. There were no drunks in the road. No parties. No music. Just silence and darkness. And I was so tired ha-ha. But to my thought!

While I was packing up I found this quote from Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” And I thought “This is way too perfect for me” because I’m getting ready to finish. And I’ve thought “I’m just going to cry when I go. I don’t want to leave” but really we should just smile. What a blessing it’s been to have this moment in my life! I would never trade it for anything in the world! I would rather remember it with a smile than with tears. It was a good time, a great time! Give it what it deserves! Don’t forget that; don’t be sad if there’s an ending, be glad that you had it for while you had it! And get ready to embrace the change that comes! I love you all so much!


Hermana Irvine, Chuspiñawi


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