I looked out the window and what do I see?…An angry mob walking towards my apartment!…um…

To start off…. Time is flying by so fast. Next week is transfers and then…. It’s my last transfer. Got to work hard! Don’t want to lose this time! Well this week was interesting enough…. It started off normal until we found out there was going to be a strike. I thought “Psh strikes. I saw a few in Puno.” But no. Strikes here are different. You are forced to close your business, no taxis or motos, and no going to the bank. I thought “Ok well…. none of that involves us. And the strike ends at 6 at night and there’s no strike Saturday or Sunday (supposedly) so you can get ready for the next week of strike if it doesn’t get resolved. Basically, they ended up walking by our house a few times yelling about what they wanted out of this strike, throwing rocks at cars and entering stores to pull out the people that are working in them. We still went out to work, they didn’t bug us much, just had to stay away from the big groups. Really, it’s not as bad as it sounds. There really isn’t anything going on in this strike. We’re just locked inside the internet place right now in front of the group striking because this place should not be open, but whatever. We’re fine. They put half of a car in our road to try and block it. I don’t know why, it’s really not that big. But it never got resolved, so we’re looking at another week of striking, and not buying food. On Saturday we had a party picnic thing in the branch and it was super fun! We had different games to play and everybody had lots of fun! I loved spending time with all of them! But that was basically it this week!


So just to close with a spiritual thought… I have no idea I just have so many. Yesterday we got to watch our cute new convert, Vicente, receive the priesthood. He had an interview and was very prepared to receive it. It was so amazing to see the blessing that will bring to their family and to watch them progress and endure to the end. It was such a cool mile mark! And I thought about how something as small as that will bring around so many things in their house. He has the priesthood, he’s showing how to continue to the end, which then shows his children his desire, and they take it heart and a seed will be planted. Our actions really do affect us and those around us and it so amazing to see! It’s liking watching dominos fall or a drop of water fall into a pond it affects everything! So don’t forget who you are and what you do can affect so many around you! So do good always! LOVE YOU TONS!




Hermana Irvine



Follow His steps

Macchu Picchu was super cool! Did you know that’s Quechua for Old Mountain and Huayna Picchu is Young Mountain? Fun fact of the day. I really liked….. I don’t really know ha-ha it was just cool overall to see it!  Oh we’re thinking I’m lactose intolerant, but…. yeah not too sure on that one either.


So my week was… cool I guess! I don’t know how else to put it! Macchu Picchu was crazy!!!! I went to bed at 11, had to put together my bed on the floor and everything, and then woke up at 1:30 in the morning, to go to the chapel at 2:30 and wait for the bus. In the freezing cold. We then traveled to Ollantaytambo and got there are….at 5 I think. Then traveled in train (yes! I traveled in train! I felt like I was going to Hogwarts!) to the other part of Ollantaytambo and got there at 8ish. Then left for our tour! Our tour guide was not my favorite, kind of ruined the magic when he started off saying “Macchu Picchu is not a sacred place. Anybody could have lived here, it’s just a world wonder because 70% of its originality is still here.” …. I still believe that that is where Nephites lived. Anyways! Lots of cool stuff there! We then had to leave at 2:30 and got back to Cusco at 7:30 and it was a super cool day! Check that off the bucket list! Got back to Quillabamba and worked and just had a cool week! I don’t know what else to say. Oh… We are on the looks for a new house. We’re kind of sick of our neighborhood. Here’s the update: We live above a bar, and there are three more bars on the street. Another night one of the sisters said that we live by prostitutes and I asked them how they knew and they said because prostitutes use blue lights outside of their building (just like red lights) and I looked out of our window to find… two prostitute houses, on both sides. Another night we’re walking when we find a club, just half a block away from our house. And last night a guy was beating up his girlfriend (we tried to call the police) and now have blood outside our house… yeah so we’re looking. We got some options and we’re going to call and tour the rooms, so planning on moving this week or the next. Wish us luck!


Anyways for my thought, this week I decorated my planner with a picture of Christ with the words “Follow His Steps”. It’s something I’ve really been thinking a lot about lately, because in our branch there are so many Returned Missionaries! That are less active…. And it’s so sad to me. So as a reminder to myself I put that on my planner, the mission is not the end. It’s never the end. It’s the beginning. It’s training for the rest of your life. This is the MTC for life! And we got to take this and apply it and follow the steps of Christ until the end. And it doesn’t matter if you serve a mission or not, because all of us when we’re baptized make the same promise: To take upon us the name of Christ. So don’t be afraid to follow His steps, just do it and you will see miracles and receive blessings 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!



Hermana Irvine 🙂


It’s a little late but ….

kenzie macchu picchuHEY EVERYONE! Sorry I’m so late, but I’ll explain at the end of the email, from Sunday afternoon til…. about two hours before now have been crazy! But I’m safely here in Quillabamba once again!


So my week was… chaotic! I have been trying to figure out plans to travel to Cusco and get that all planned and figured out. Super chaotic. But this week went by so fast and that’s the best part! I love those weeks when you’re working so hard the week just flies by! But I don’t have a lot to say and you’ll see why in the end and the reason why I’m so late to write, and why I had to go to Cusco, but here’s a spiritual thought for you guys!


I have so many thoughts on my mind! I don’t know what one to share! But something that really hit me this week was, you only serve a mission once. You can’t go back and serve it again. There is so much to learn in such a short time and you got one chance to do it. Stressful right? I started comparing it in my head to a cup of water in the rain and you want it to be full in five minutes. Think about how impossible that is!!!! But I then realized, if you reach out and let yourself grow, you can catch more water. And that’s what we got to do! I was thinking about that conference talk “Your Four Minutes” and in this life, we only got one chance, we got to branch out and catch those drops of rain, don’t let them pass! And at the end of your four minutes, I know you’ll have more water than you would have with your cup. So don’t be afraid of change, or trials or the things that make you stretch in ways you never wanted to or thought you could, because in the end, you will have learned so much! I know it! And that’s something I’m trying to do these next two months, catch all the rain I can, I got less than 4 minutes now, I got to get all I can before it’s too late. It’s time to grow! Love you all so much and you are all in my prayers! Love you SOOOOO MUCH!


Hermana Irvine




I love…………………………………

So update on last week. We now have a total of 27 dead rats. And we think that’s the end. But apparently the hospital here had one that was about a foot in length…. what a blessing that is NOT
to have that in the house! And you’re all thinking “Rats of unusual size? I don’t think they exist.” but PERU! Sorry I couldn’t think of a cool title so… this is what you guys get today.guess what they do… I have seen one climbing the door. Don’t underestimate rats.

Ok to my week! Really this week has been… a weird one. I had to go back to the doctor and get checked out again, and they’re giving me vitamins to help build up the good stuff that antibiotics kill. Wish me luck. This week we also had a talent show and there was a lot of singing and dancing. But my favorite was the Elders’ number. They all got up on the stage with beards and canes and stuff in their shirts to make them look all hunched over and… then Peruvian music came on. And they all took small stuff and danced like little old people. Kinda. Really pathetic. Everyone was watching like “What is the reason for this? Are you making fun of us?” And I was rather bored thinking “Ugh Elders…. Please tell me you had a plan B.” When all the sudden…. OPPA GANGUM STYLE! And they broke out dancing like old men doing oppa Gangum and everything! I started dying and begging forgiveness for underestimating them. But that’s how their number went, switching between the Peruvian music, Soldja Boy, Peruvian music, Thriller, Peruvian music, Corazón Serrano (that’s more Peruvian music… just look it up and you’ll laugh) and so on. Pretty good. It really lightened up my week. This week was a really hard one for me for many reasons. But I can’t wait to see how I’ve changed after all of this. But I really am so grateful for all of you that write me and pray for me and just for everything. It really means so much to me, all the little things you guys do for me. Even just the little thoughts. It really means SOOOO much. One day I will pay you all back for everything you have done for me. I pray for you all every night and love to read your emails I get every week. Thank you so much.

For my spiritual thought I’ve been thinking a lot about trials and the mission. I really do love trials, just not in the moment of them, that’s when I wish I never had to have it. But this week I thought for sure I could never get through it. But here I am! I did! And that’s the thing with trials, we are never given something we can’t handle, because with God, all things are possible, and I know that is true. We are given trials to help us grow and change and become the person we need to be, but also to help our faith grow and to rely more on the Lord then we ever thought possible. It brings us so much closer to him. But I have also been thinking about the mission and how we shouldn’t pass through the mission, but the mission should pass through us. That we make the changes we need to make and keep those changes, but not just in the mission, but in life too. Don’t pass through life, let it pass through you! Become better for the things you learn and the changes you need to make! And I know that through the Lord this is possible, I really do, I saw it this week, I’ve seen it before, and I hope to see it more in the future. Love you all so very much, and I hope to hear from you all next week!

Hermana Irvine

17 dead rats and 7 needles…AHHHHH!

Hey everyone! It’s so great to hear from you all and to hear how you are all doing!

Ha-ha mom. Love the Spanish. Theya willa totallya understanda youa. Ha-ha kidding, I’ll teach you! 🙂 Ok Cristina and Vicente have traveled into the jungle and are now there for…one more week, they were going to stay there for two weeks. Their farm is in the jungle (how that works…. I don’t know) so we haven’t heard anything, but they are doing great! Ana and Percy are still coming to church every week, we are still trying to fix what happened with their paperwork, and we are still looking for some papers. But everything is well with them, they want us to come over and cook tacos or something. Hey fun fact! Did you know that tacos do not exist in Peru? And the word taco in Spanish is a high heel, like for a shoe. So that sometimes gets confusing when you say “Hey do you like tacos?” and it’s a man and he looks at you like “No…. I’m a man” and they you have to explain….. Yep awkward. Anyways! Royer is great, I think, we haven’t been able to find him lately, mainly because to teach him, his parents or his grandparents (Cristina and Vicente) have to be there. But we will find him this week! That’s the goal!

I’m glad that Ashleigh doesn’t have Strep! Do you feel better? I hope so!!!!! Ha-ha sorry Zach about school shopping, I know you hate it, but it’s out of the way and you got new running shoes! YAY! Ok…. just so you know, I was about crying from laughing so hard about Pioneer day! OH MY GOSH! I wish I could have seen that! Sounds like you guys you were in a Massacre!!!! You tried to set their house on fire ha-ha! What did they say to guys afterward? Is everything ok with that? Then Shawn has a huge burn on his arm! Is he ok? Did they have to put in stitches or something? Dad, you should have been a fireman! Ha-ha you guys kill me. And your “Friday Family Fun” ha-ha of course it would turn into a comedy show, I could see it all playing out in my head. Way to go you guys, you have thoroughly entertained me for the week. 🙂 What is Studio C? I have not heard of that. But that would have been cool! Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I don’t know the Jones in our ward, but they sound really nice! That was nice of you guys to visit Bill; I think he really appreciated it even if he was grumpy. Hope things get better for him. And I hope Zach likes EFY! I want to borrow that journal of quotes from Brother Childs….. I’ll talk to him about that one day, but that is a really cool idea! Sorry the spacebar is totally broken on this keyboard…. Anyways, sounds like all is well! Love you all so much!

So this week, if you couldn’t tell by the name of my email, was…. sketchy. Totally sketchy. Our penchinista has had a few rats living in the house and has tried to get rid of them in many different ways. Well this week started off with the results of countless times of trying to kill them: 6 dead rats. We were all happy and thinking “Yay! No more rats!”…. how wrong we were. So this week they were doing a deep cleaning of the house now that there were no rats, where they find one dead in the shoe of her daughter. That’s now 7. Well they find two more still living so in a day those are dead too. Total of 9. But there was still a really weird smell in the house. So they decided to clean the house even better this time around. And they opened a box to…. 6 dead rats. Together. That is now a total of 15. And there are still two more alive in the house. So at the end of this week, we shall have a total of 17. Makes me think of 17 Miracles, but the opposite…… But hey, that’s basically normal now. Rats and bugs and stray dogs all over the place. Welcome to Peru. I love it! Not really those things as much, but I still love Peru ha-ha.

And now to the needles. Now as many of you know, I have had a very bad fear of needles in the past, which I slightly overcame when I came on the mission, and after the cactus I had in my leg in Puno. Well….. My fear came back. Full. We had to go to the doctor this week to get some more tests done right? Well we go to this place in the Plaza de Armas that’s just this little store and we go in, and I’m sitting there all happy. When they start to tie up my arm. I literally thought “oh my gosh….. Where did she get this needle from…. And in front of the whole world to see???? I mean a dog could enter right now and bite me….. What the heck?” And they stuck a needle in me and took a blood sample. My penchinista was with me and she didn’t believe me when I told her I might cry, so when I started to tear up she came over and was like “Gringasha, calm down. It’s just a needle. I will pinch you if you don’t calm down” It was pretty funny ha-ha. But that is one needle down. We go back to the Doc and he tells me I need to have 6 INJECTIONS! WHAT?!? I was like “Nope I’m out. I think I would rather be sick for the rest of my life than to have this torture.” But I agreed. I still need 2 more (kill me) but at this place, I was really happy, they were really clean and they were nice and yeah it hurt so badly, but hey I knew it was clean. Until yesterday. When that place was closed and I had to go to some place called Virgin Maria, which is both a place to sell medicine and to sell stuff for your house, like vases and such…. it was weird (afterwards we found out they do abortions on the second floor…. sick. I will not express all my feeling on that right now), where they were taking the blood sample of a child on a chair that I think they were trying to sell. Then they took me back to this dirty filthy bathroom and stuck a needle in me that was not covered for 5minutes. So if what I have doesn’t kill me….. I think that will. I’m kidding, maybe it wasn’t that bad. But that is how it was from my point of view. This is pretty accurate. But hey you know, what else can I do? Well I’ll finish with a spiritual thought and then go and milk cows! And eat homemade Cheesecake….. ha-ha!

So this week went to go visit a less active sister that is pregnant with twins. And is suffering from severe depression during this time (I’m not going to go into details, but she really needs friends right now) and her name is Aymee (I May). The first time I saw her I just wanted to give her a big hug. She really is so cute. But right now she is just looking forward to giving birth to her twins and is counting the days. To which I shared with her a scripture. D&C 121:7-9. I love that scripture! Really these moments of trials and hardship are just a small moment. And if we endure it well, we will be exalted on high. We always have friends with us, we can do this! I just love that thought! The things that are the most hard to us, will only be there for a small moment. And every time I look back at my trials, I see a list of things I learned and I am so grateful for that time, because in that time I learned so much. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Hope to hear from all of you next week!

Pakarikaman (Quechua),
Con MUCHO Cariño,
Hermana Irvine

Ten transfers down, two to go!

Hey everyone! Hope all is well with you guys and that everything is great! You guys are all in my prayers! Ok first to you guys, and then I’ll tell you about changes!
First I want to start off and say thanks to my family for praying and fasting for my health 🙂 I think that is the only reason I can still work! Thank you so much, and don’t worry, all will be fine in the end! 🙂 Ok… Christina and Vicente are TOO CUTE! I really hope you liked those photos, I want to send photos to you guys (maybe I’ll try today) but it’s kind of hard because it’s so slow here to send photos, but I’ll try! I really think that Royer will get baptized; I just want to baptize his parents too! And I really like that thought about the Mormon life, because it’s so TRUE! But sounds like everything is great with you guys and I am so grateful for all you guys do! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
So… today is transfer day. I was nervous for this day. If you can’t tell by the title of my email, but I only have two transfers left, so if I don’t have a change I’m most likely going to finish my mission in Quilla, but if not, I just get to finish in another place. And to be honest, I really don’t want to leave at all. I love Quillabamba just as much as I love Puno and I really want to finish my mission here. So I came to the internet, with fear waiting to see that email that says where I go. I opened up to find…. NOTHING! I’m staying here! I’m here til the end! I almost want to cry for joy! Quillabamba, we’re in this till the end! AH! Sorry I’m just so happy! I’m staying another change with my daughter, Hermana Tango, and I can’t wait to see what happens next with us together! WOOT WOOT!
But now to our week. So yeah I’m still sick, but that will not keep me down! I’m in it until the end! The members are concerned so they bought me this weird drink (Zrii) that is made in Utah (You have no idea how surprised I was to look at that bottle and think “A little piece of home to help me!” I was so happy ha-ha) that is supposed to help me feel better, so we’ll see how that goes! I’m willing to try anything now! But anyways, this week Kristina and Vicente got baptized! They were too cute! They bore their testimonies (Kristina’s was in Quechua!) and they are so strong! We had a little party for them afterwards and they were dancing together and it was so cute! Kristina went up to one of the members that helps out a lot here and asked him to dance and he was so embarrassed but he went and danced with her. I took a photo and every time I see it I just laugh and laugh ha-ha. The sister leaders came this week and it was super fun, I love it when they come, they always give me something that I need to do to help our companionship, which I’ll come to in a minute. But we had a scary experience this week… Are you ready? So we’re the new seminary teachers and one night, me and my comp were waiting in the chapel for the jovenes (kids?) to come and there was a member with us in the chapel and he had passed by the room we were in and started talking with us when someone walked by the window. Now let me explain a bit of the background story. So there’s this guy. Let’s call him… Phil, that’s crazy. His friends overdosed him and he hasn’t been the same since. But he started coming to our branch, without us knowing his story. Well…. he grew fond of a certain sister (we won’t say which) and started to follow her. Well before we went to the chapel we ran into Phil and just said ‘hi’ and quickly walked away. He’s always following the sisters, looking for the one sister he’s fond of. So we left fast, thinking he wouldn’t be able to follow us. So we’re seated there, in the chapel and someone walks by. As a half joke the three of us are like “Ha-ha it’s Phil, he’s looking for his favorite sister ha-ha” but the member we were with knew that we were slightly scared of him, so after laughing he said “Ok, I’m going to go look and see who it is” and as he walked by the window I opened it said “Who is it?” and the member said “It’s Phil, shut the window” and we got so scared. We got to the point of shutting the window, turning off the lights, shutting the door, and then barring it shut with our hands. Yeah, we got a little freaked out ha-ha. But then the member came back and knocked on the door, told us to grab our stuff and go the District President’s office. Because Phil was waiting outside that very window for us (Yeah I had the music from Psycho playing in my head ha-ha) so we ran down to the office. Then he started waiting outside that window for us. The member got so sick of this that he went outside to go kick him out. Literally. But Phil had luck and left before that happened ha-ha. So it all ended well. Until yesterday, when he came to the branch. And the one sister he looks for was so scared. She was grabbing on to this cute old lady at her side ha-ha. But anyways, after the meeting, something happened (we don’t know details) all we know is that something happened to a child where they ended up screaming and running away from Phil. The zone leaders go to the same chapel as us so they were there and I went up to them and told them everything about Phil and what had just happened with the kid. To which they then went and talk to Phil, which then ended with him trying to run out of the chapel, with members wanting to call police, and him almost fighting with members and the elders on his way out. The elders then called the assistants to the president and told them what had happened, to which one elder said (to the poor sister that Phil was following) that she needs to buy Mace ha-ha. So it all ended ok, everyone is still alive and we’re all going to live! But that was an adventure! Literally! But all is well, don’t you worry! Now for my thought!
So this week the sister leaders talked to us about unity in our companionships, and it was so good! And I could tell you everything about how to help our companionships, but I’m going to change it. Because this just doesn’t apply to missionaries, but to all of us in our different companionships (like marriage…), but they talked about the fact that we need to do all things in unity, we can’t have one person saying one thing and the other person saying another thing. We also need to divide the time when teaching, it should never be just one person, but there should be equality. Then they did a test to see how well we knew our companions and how we need to talk and listen equally with our companions. And I was thinking a lot how the mission helps us to be prepared to be married and to work in jobs where you have companions, because really that is all so true! And I just loved everything that they shared with us! Anyways, love you all so much! I’ll be writing you guys next week from… QUILLABAMBA! WOOT WOOT!
Hermana Irvine

La Senorita de los Anilos

After a long and crazy day/week, here I am to tell you all about the fun we had this week 🙂 But first to you guys!

Oh mom those comments about the Health of my Penchinista KILLED ME!!!!! I’m going to tell her ha-ha. Trek sounded so cute and fun! Sorry about the flat tire, but at least it didn’t turn out like last time. I was so scared of that. Literally. But all is well! And it doesn’t sound like your trek was quite as hard as it was before where we got lost and walked a million more miles to get to where we needed to! And the women’s pull, it wasn’t up that hill again was it? THAT WAS THE DEATH! Or in Spanish, la muerte. But no we didn’t do Square dancing. Teach me? You took the carts through the water? CHEVERE! Trek sounds awesome! I want to go again! I shall anxiously await the snail mail letter! Super excited about the zip line! And mom I’m sorry but… I actually feel relived knowing that you weren’t on a four wheeler ha-ha sorry, but you can get on one when I get home ha-ha. But that’s not cool about the zip line accident. But I’m glad she’s ok. Dude Zach… please gain some weight/fat? Please? Do you want to know what would happen to you down here in Peru? They would give you a meal that is all fried in oil and then they’d probably fry it a second time just for the extra fat. So, get some fat! (Why is Adele playing right now? We could have had it all, rolling in the deep! Sorry that is a distraction…) Amanda, just wanted to tell you I love you guys so much and I pray for you guys all the time! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Ok mom, that story about Martin’s Cove kills me. I really wish I could have been there for that. Zach told me that story too and I almost died. Wow. That is truly amazing! But sounds like all is well with you guys, LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! (Oh my gosh, would someone just turn off the music?!?!?!) Sorry… this place is way too distracting. BACK TO THIS!

So for those of you who didn’t understand the title of my email, it means “The Little Lady of the Rings” You know, like “The Lord of the Rings”? And it’s because…. I bought wedding rings 🙂 YES! But I got some bad news. Only one couple got married, but that is OK! The other couple (Ana and Percy) had a few more problems with their paperwork, but they still have a goal to get married, once we have all the papers in our hands again, so give it two weeks! I’m just scared, because next week is transfers and… I don’t want to leave. At all. But it’s in the hands of the Lord so we’ll see. But yes, this morning, cute little Kristina and Vicente got married! They are so cute! And small! They were so happy! Last night I had terrible dreams of all the things that could happen between yesterday and today, and none of them came true! WOOT WOOT! I’m still sick, we don’t really know what we’re going to do, but I think I might make a secret doctor visit without the elders knowing, because when they took me to a doctor, the pills made me worse. And I almost passed out. So….. Yeah top secret doctor visit. We’ll see what happens with that. Tomorrow our cute couple that got married today will get baptized 🙂 This week their cute grandson admitted to us, crying, that he wanted to get baptized with them, but… he can’t be yet. He’s 8 but he needs more time, lessons, and permission from his parents, but he is super smart and reads the Book of Mormon all the time. But we talked to him and got him all calmed down for a different day, his name is Royer, and is super cute. He comes every week. But yeah, that was my week briefly, but to my thought!

So this week I was still really sick, I got to the point where I called the elders crying telling them I needed to go the doctor, and in my head I was thinking “Yep I’m sick of this. I hate my life right now; just get me out of this.” Normal, right? Well a few days later, we went to go visit some people and we had some members with us and in the end I was laughing in the road watching one of them try to jump on the back of an old guy’s motorcycle, which was really funny. Really, it was ha-ha. But in that moment I took a step back and I really looked at my life. I looked at it as if I was watching a movie and I thought “Dang. I want a life like this…. Oh. It is mine.” And I started laughing even more in that moment. At myself. But I realized that, we can’t know the ups if we don’t know the downs. A few days before I was saying I hated life, and now I was saying I loved life. And I thought “I think I would rather to love life, with all its downs, than to hate life with all its ups.” So after that, I made the goal to always love life. Even when I’m crying over the phone to elders saying “Do something, NOW!” or when I’m laughing at the smallest things, because “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy” right? So chose today to have joy, don’t wait for the little things to come along and only have joy in those moments, but have it in EVERY moment and I can promise there will be so much more happiness in your life 🙂 LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Hope you all have a great week!


Hermana Earbean